No. 9

Abstracts. No. 9, 2020 year
Khrabrov I.Yu., Dadayian Yu.A., Ermolkin .V. (e-mail:
To the 50th anniversary departments of information-measuring systems of the National University of Oil and Gas Gubkin University

The article presents the history of the Department of Information and Measuring Systems of the National University of Oil and Gas Gubkin University).

Keywords: instrument making, information and measuring systems.

Khrabrov I.Yu., Dadayian Yu.A., Melik-Shakhnazarova I.A. (e-mail:
To the 100th Anniversary from Birthday Alexander Mikhailovich Melik-Shakhnazarov (10.09.1920-23.12.1986)

The article provides information about the life and work of Professor Alexander Mikhailovich Melik-Shakhnazarov.

Keywords: instrument making, information and measuring systems.

Schepetov A.G., Pidkovich A.A., Popova Ya.D., Shimereva L.V. (e-mail:
On the choice of a method for processing experimental data in determining the calibration static characteristics of a device

The determination of the parameters of the calibration static characteristics of the device by processing experimental data is considered. It is shown that the accuracy of the calculation of these parameters depends on the data processing method and the law of distribution of errors in the measurement results. Examples of calculations are given.

Keywords: processing of experimental data, calibration static characteristic of the device, accuracy.

Schepetov A.G., Khrabrov I.Yu. (e-mail:
Olympiad Instrument Making

The history, organization and forms of the All-Russian Student Olympiad Instrument Making are considered.

Keywords: instrument making, student olympiad, innovative engineering, creative potential.

Schepetov A.G., Pidkovich A.A. (e-mail:
Research and development of IMS based on frequency sensors with a cylindrical resonator

The principles of constructing frequency sensors with a cylindrical resonator are considered. The possibility of their use in the creation of new IMS for the oil and gas industry is analyzed, schemes of two-channel invariant measuring systems with increased accuracy are proposed.

Keywords: frequency sensor, cylindrical resonator, invariance.

Kanev D.V., Krotov A.V., Ermolkin .V., Velikanov D.N., Gavshin M.A. (e-mail:
The study of metrological characteristics of the control system Potok-6 when measuring the flow of natural gas

The article is devoted to solving the problem of measuring the flow rate of gas well products and assessing the prospects for using the Potok-6 control system for this. For this purpose, the Potok-6 system was tested at the Ural Regional Metrological Center (URM) using a calibration test facility for gas meters, certified as a standard unit for volumetric gas flow. General organizational and technical preparation for the tests was carried out jointly by the employees of the SovTIGaz LLC, Gazprom Automation PJSC and NGA LLC (Research and Production Center at the National University of Oil and Gas Gubkin University), Moscow.

Keywords: information measuring systems, natural gas flow measuring, metrological characteristics, measuring systems Potok.

Stupak I.S., Marinichev N.G. (e-mail:
Modelling of information-measuring system in the SimInTech environment

The article discusses the general issues of measuring systems modeling. A model of an information-measuring system with time dividing channeling have been developed using SimInTech software, which can be used to study and predict the characteristics of the system. A detailed description of all blocks of the developed model is given.

Keywords: information and measuring system, modeling, time dividing channeling, programming.

Gorokhov A.V., Vasilenko P.A. (e-mail:
Portable IR spectrometer for oil and gas companies and environmental pollution control

The aim of the development was to create a prototype of an infrared spectrometer and software and methodological support for the quantitative analysis of multicomponent solutions and for monitoring environmental pollution with various organic substances.

Keywords: infrared spectrometer, spectrum, analyzer.

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