Abstracts. No. 9, 2018 year
Kalugin V.V., Anchutin S.A., Kochurina E.S., Golovimskiy M.S., Shalimov A.S. (e-mail: viktor118@mail.ru)
Evaluation of the performance of the sensor element of the linear acceleration converter and calculation of the main parameters

The article evaluates the efficiency of the construction of the sensor element of the linear acceleration converter by the finite element analysis method. The results of the modal analysis of the construction are presented; results of static analysis of the design. The calculated values of the range of the measured capacitances, the scale factor and the nonlinearity of the conversion measured linear acceleration electrical capacitance are also given. The results of calculations show that the design is promising.

Keywords: sensor, transducer,linear acceleration, finite element analysis, modal analysis, static analysis.

Tyrtyshnyy V., Chebykina S. (e-mail: kb@kb-abris.ru)
New designs of explosion-proof security magnetic contact detectors

The analysis of the structures of explosion-proof security magnetic contact detectors with its own cable entry was made. New designs of detectors which are more convenient for installation at the facility were proposed.

Keywords: security magnetic contact detector, explosion protection, cable entry, installation on facility.

Shitikov V.S., Kadosov A.D., Pavlova T.D., Lednev I.S. (e-mail: pavlova.td@mail.ru)
Modernization of the steel phase composition control device

Methods of steel phase composition control in the smelting process were considered. The operating principle of the currently used device for the steel phase composition control was described. The advantages and disadvantages of the existing device were identified and the primary goals of the modernization were set. Methods of realization of the device with application of modern electrotechnical base for automation of measurement and adjustment of the device were considered. Method of optimizing the primary transducer in order to reduce its weight and dimensions was described.

Keywords: phase composition, steel, material properties evaluation, magnetic phase, magnetic control, induction transducer.

Mironchenko V.I. (e-mail: mirv2010@rambler.ru)
Control system for quality assurance at manufacturing of instrumentation products

Based on the system approach, the structure of the control system for quality assurance in the manufacture of instrumentation products is proposed. The system contains eight segments located on four levels and covers all types of control used in production. The introduction of a quality control system led to a significant reduction in the defective products. The system is proposed to be used at instrumentation productions.

Keywords: a control, a quality, a system, a product, a technological process.

Zhovannik I.E., Zmievskoy G.N., Los L.A. (e-mail: zmievskoy@mail.ru)
Hardware-software complex for the low-intensity laser radiation effect on central nervous system evaluation

A hardware-software complex for the evaluation of the response of the central nervous system to the effect of low-intensity laser radiation of the visible range by means of a combination of electroencephalography and simple visual-motor reaction is proposed. Experimental evaluation of low-intensity laser exposure to the central nervous system with the participation of volunteers was carried out. Statistically significant differences in beta-2-rhythm of electroencephalogram between background, a priori and posteriori states were revealed.

Keywords: low-intensity laser radiation, combination of electroencephalography and simple visual-motor reaction, beta-2 rhythm of the encephalogram.

Diakonov A.V., Shelestov D.A., Dolonov I.A., Artemiev B.V. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)
Interrogating Bragg peaks algorithm hardware implementation based on centroid method

The mathematical model implementation of centroid method using to find fiber Bragg gratings peak of reflection is describing through the article. With the help of different Bragg gratings their real reflection spectrum is received, also it`s common features are highlighted. Due to analysis of finding Bragg peaks coordinate mean error dependency from critical parameters of using algorithm, optimal requirements for interrogator designing are formed. Hardware test implementations of resulting algorithm based on microcontroller and FPGA were compared and FPGA variant have been substantiated as a final one.

Keywords: interrogator, Bragg sensor, fiber-optic systems, FPGA, centroid method, spectral analysis.

Kutaykin V.G., Gorbachev P.A., Mironov D.E. (e-mail: asms-nn@mail.ru)
Risk assessment in the activities of metrological services in the verification of measuring instruments

The article is devoted to risk assessment in the activity of metrological services of organizations. The topic of the article is relevant in connection with the requirements of new standards for quality management systems that provide risk-based approach for the processes management. A variant of the approach to assessing the risks and opportunities of metrological services, in particular, in the verification of measuring instruments, is described.

Keywords: risk, quality management system, measurements, accreditation..

Lukin E.V. (e-mail: ghost_06_87@mail.ru)
Research and development of methods for reducing the effect on the measurement results of changes in the relative position of the object and the primary measuring transducer of the vector measuring instrument

In this article, we consider methods to reduce the effect of the Earth's magnetic field on the results of measuring the values of the components of the magnetic induction vector of a marine technical object in the orthogonal coordinate system of the MTO, focusing on reducing the effect of a possible change in the position of the MTO in the Earth's coordinate system.

Keywords: measuring instruments, orthogonal coordinate system, methods for reducing measurement errors.

Mingaleev A.V., Gorchev A.I., Kalinin O.V., Yakovlev A.B. (e-mail: dobryh@yandex.ru)
Bell gas prover at the national primary standard for the units of volumetric and mass gas flow rates GET 1182017

The description of the bell gas prover used as the initial reference installation at the National Primary Standard for the units of volumetric and mass gas flow rates GET 118 -2017 is presented. The technique of reproducing and transfer the units of volumetric and mass gas flow from a bell gas prover to the working standards is considered. The uncertainty budget of gas flow rate measurements by means of the bell prover is estimated.

Keywords: bell gas prover, standard, gas flow rate, calibration test.

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