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Abstracts. No. 8, 2021 year
Getz A.Yu., Metalnikov A.Yu. (e-mail:
Tomsk manometer Plant of JSC Manotom is 80 years old!

The main achievements of Tomsk manometer plant JSC Manotom for the last 10 years are outlined. The advantages of cooperation of domestic industrial enterprises with Tomsk Manometer Plant within the framework of procurement for state and municipal needs, as well as for vertically integrated corporations in accordance with the Russian Federation Government Decree of 03.12.2020 2013 On the minimum share of procurement of goods of Russian origin and 2014 On the minimum mandatory share of procurement of Russian goods and its achievement by the customer, on the enterprise participation in scientific and technical cluster of dual use, and also provides characteristics of new devices.

Keywords: pressure gauge, cluster, technical characteristics, instrument-making enterprise, error of measurement, measuring range, modernization.

Bakhadirkhanov M.K., Ibodullaev Sh.N., Zikrillaev H.F., Tachilin S.A. (e-mail:
Temperature and light sensor based single crystal silicon

A multifunctional sensor based on one single silicon crystal with nanoclusters of manganese atoms has been developed for simultaneous measurement of temperature and illumination. It was found that for the developed multifunctional sensors with nanoclusters of manganese atoms, a sufficiently high thermal and photosensitivity is observed, which is significantly higher than that existing for conventional thermal and photosensors based on silicon with β = 8 600 and a range of λ = 0,54 μm.

Keywords: semiconductor, silicon, manganese, diffusion, nanocluster, sensor, temperature, lighting.

Nekrasov S.G. (e-mail:
Acoustic sensor for assessing the state of production equipment

The article discusses an acoustic sensor model for assessing the state of equipment in the workshop space. The distributed model of the sensor is obtained based on the oscillation equations of round plates, but can also be combined with membranes or gentle spherical shells, while taking into account elastic hysteresis and change in influencing external conditions. A universal discrete model was developed for use as a digital double both in radiation and in reception. It is shown that on the basis of the model it is possible to synthesize narrow-directional radiation diagrams and thereby obtain the necessary spatial selectivity and noise protection during measurements.

Keywords: sensor, transducer, vibration, model, piezoelectric effect, distributed system, convolution, vibration mode, directional diagram, acoustics.

Antonyuk E.M., Antonyuk P.E., Varshavskiy I.E. (e-mail:
Algorithmic support for quasi-optimal synthesis of automatic control systems

The solution to the problem of timely control of the flow of measuring information coming from a variety of sources of high-tech facilities is possible with the use of adaptive automatic control systems. When constructing such systems, it becomes necessary to choose the optimal structure. This paper shows a structure synthesis for a multichannel automatic control system.

Keywords: automatic control system, adaptive system, quasi-optimal synthesis, algorithmic support.

Ryabyshenkov A.S., Kharlamov N.R., Karakeyan V.I. (e-mail:
Monitoring of Occupational risks an industrial enterprise

The process of professional risk management and assessment includes the use of logical and systematic methods of risk identification, monitoring and analysis, recording of the results obtained, their interpretation, and reporting. In the work, risk processing was carried out and corrective organizational measures were developed to change the probability of a hazard. The risk can be assessed for the entire enterprise, as well as for its main structural divisions, individual projects, or a specific dangerous event. Different risk assessment methods can be applied for different situations. In this work, the Fine-Kinney method was used, on the basis of which the identification of professional risks was carried out and practical measures were developed to reduce them at the enterprise.

Keywords: occupational risks, occupational risk monitoring, hazard identification, Fine-Kinney method, risk level.

Levenets A.V., Chye En Un (e-mail:
Changing the data word length as a way to improve the efficiency of compression subsystems in information-measuring systems

The article discusses issues related to increasing the efficiency of the functioning of data compression subsystems of information and measuring systems. A procedure for changing the measurement data word length is proposed, which is carried out before the compression operation and leads to an increase in the compression ratio. One of the variant for the implementation of the block of selecting the bit width is considered. The results of the study of the procedure for choosing the word length are given, showing the fundamental possibility of its application, and the main directions of further research are outlined.

Keywords: measurement data, data compression, data preprocessing, geometrical approach, information and measurement system, data compression subsystem, word length.

Nikitaev V.G., Pronichev A.N., Tamrazova O.B., Sergeev V.Yu., Sergeev Yu.Yu., Lim A.O., Kozlov V.S. (e-mail:
Model for detecting hypopigmented structureless areas in oncodermatology

The article is devoted to the development of a model for recognizing structureless hypopigmented areas on digital images of skin neoplasms in the diagnosis of melanoma. A model of image processing of neoplasms is proposed, which allows to identify structureless areas of hypopigmentation without performing dialogical parameter adjustment. The diagnostic algorithm developed by the authors will allow for a more objective assessment of dermatoscopic images of melanocytic neoplasms and provide support in making medical decisions in the diagnosis of melanomas. The results of the experiment confirming the adequacy of the presented model. The accuracy of structureless hypopigmented areas recognition was 81 %. As the initial data, an image database of 3 000 dermatoscopic images described by specialists was used.

Keywords: recognition, segmentation, digital image processing, dermatoscopy, melanoma diagnosis, oncodermatology, computer vision, structureless areas.

Shchepetov .G., Khrabrov I.Y., Snedkov A.B., Frolov S.A., Bayandina A.O. (e-mail:
Olympiad Instrument Engineering-2021

The results of the XVI All-Russian Student Olympiad Instrument Engineering-2021 are considered.

Keywords: instrument engineering, student Olympiad, innovative environment, creative potential.

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