Abstracts. No. 8, 2018 year
Prokhorov N.L., Kim A.K., Egorov G.A. (e-mail: prokhorov_n@ineum.ru)
60 years in the domestic computer technology

The main stages in development of the Institute of Electronic Control Computers during sixty years of its existence are considered in this paper. The basic models of controlling computer sys-tems, developed at the institute are presented. Creating and large-scale industrial production of small-computer system SM EVM have founded the technological base of automation control and information processing in varies branches of industry of the country.

Keywords: INEUM Institute of Electronic Control Computers, the concept of the controlling computer, control computers, small-computer system (SM EVM), software of the SM EVM, real-time control.

Glukhov A.V., Prilipko V.A., Krasovsky V.E. (e-mail: glukhov_a@ineum.ru)
Development of control computing equipment at PJSC Brook INEUM on the basis of microprocessors designed in Russia

The article discusses new technical and software tools developed at the PJSC Brook INEUM using the domestic element base such as industrial computers, programmable logic controllers, means of programming in the languages of IEC 61131-3 standard, control computing systems, computer based workstations and servers. The development of these tools represents a substantial step towards import substitution in the field of electronics for automated process control systems.

Keywords: electronics for automated process control systems, industrial automation, programmable logic controller, industrial computer, microprocessor Elbrus, control computer complex SM1820.

Bychkov I.N., Lobanov I.N., Molchanov I.A. (e-mail: bychkov_i@ineum.ru)
Computer equipment based on Elbrus architecture platform for advanced information systems

Servers and user personal computers based on Elbrus-8C CPU are presented in this paper. Various features are discussed, technical and assembly-related. Different application examples are given and key features related to such applications are shown, including, but not limited to networking (intrusion detection systems), data storage (RAID, remote management), operator training and education.

Keywords: computers, Elbrus computing platform, platform management, network and data storage.

Neiman-zade M.I., Volkonsky V.Yu. (e-mail: muradnz@mcst.ru)
Programming kits and optimizing compilers for computers with the Elbrus series microprocessors

Several programming kits and compilers, presented in Operating System for the Elbrus series computers are considered. Supported programming languages are listed, compatibility with wide spread systems is demonstrated. Hardware-supported Elbrus architecture specific compiler techniques of code optimization and its implementation in mentioned programming kits are considered.

Keywords: programming kits, optimizing compilation, VLIW architecture, Elbrus microprocessors.

Prokhorov N.L., Znaiko G.G., Stulin I.D., Yarigin N.V., Balovnev D.A., Krasovsky V.E. (e-mail: prokhorov_n@ineum.ru)
The development of digital medical equipment of PJSC Brook INEUM

Discusses digital medical equipment developed in PJSC Brook INEUM ultrasonic digital multifunction devices for Doppler and echoencephalography surveys Kompleksmed, as well as intelligent technical means of rehabilitation of people with disabilities: the Bionic Intelligent lower limb, Bionic knee and elbow modules, neural headset, device of alternative and augmented communication, etc.

Keywords: digital medical equipment, ultrasound diagnostics, eye tracker, brain-computer interface, means rehabilitation, neural headset, alternative and augmented communication.

Sokolov N.A., Sokolov A.N. (e-mail: N.A.Sokolov@vniim.ru)
A new class of instruments: multivalued measures of heat capacity

New multivalued measures of heat capacity are described, which, depending on the control signal, can reproduce a unit of heat capacity over a wide range with a reference accuracy.

Keywords: multivalued measures, heat capacity.

Lavrukhin A.A., Lysenko V.G., Maslov P.V., Semin V.I., Iskenderzadeh E., Shukufa A. (e-mail: komshin_as@mail.ru)
Condition of providing unity of measurements of geometric parameters of oil and gas samples thread

The report presents the results of studies on the possibility of using a 6-axis coordinate measuring machine with parallel kinematics (of the type Hexapod) for precise measurement of the geometric parameters of calibers for tapered threads of the oil assortment within their nomenclature and in accordance with international standards (ISO, API) and national standards. As a result of the research it was established that in terms of accuracy and nomenclature of measured parameters, the coordinate measuring machines used fully ensure the performance of all metrological requirements of the specified standards.

Keywords: tapered threads of the oil assortment, coordinate measuring machines, ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

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