No. 7

Abstracts. No. 7, 2021 year
Prokhorov N.L., Kim A.K., Egorov G.A., Feldman V.M. (e-mail:
I.S. Brook Institute of Electronic Control Machines-recent history

The article describes the most important research and development in the field of domestic computer technology carried out at the INEUM named after I. S. Brook in recent years.

Keywords: microprocessor, automated workplace (AWP), servers, unified computing modules, cluster systems, scalable computer system, embedded computing systems, computing modules, controllers, programmable logic controller, module for embedded solutions, control computing systems, industrial computers.

Bocharov N.A., Kirilyuk M.A., Paramonov N.B. (e-mail:
Quantum computing and some problems of its implementation

The paper analyzes the difficulties arising in the development of quantum programs. It is shown how the probabilistic nature of calculations affects the reliability of results. Peculiarities of debugging programs for quantum computers are shown. Weakly developed field of quantum algorithms is shown and examples of typical quantum algorithms are shown. Existing programming languages for quantum computers are reviewed and absence of high-level programming languages is shown.

Keywords: quantum computer, quantum computing, qubit.

Feldman V.M., Volin V.S., Cherepanov S.A. (e-mail:
Modern Russian microprocessors with SPARC architecture

The research and development of SPARC's domestic microprocessors, created by MCST and INEUM I.S. Brook, is outlined. The implementation of the superscalar architecture of the microprocessor instruction set system with out of order execution is considered in detail.

Keywords: microprocessor, instruction set, computational pipeline, reorder buffer, performance, register file.

Davlatov R.A. (e-mail:
Research of advanced space measurement system for generating navigation gravity maps

The analysis of the known space gravimetric means is carried out, their shortcomings are indicated. The possibilities of using the developments of gravitational wave detectors to determine the parameters of the gravitational field are indicated. The analysis of the parameters was carried out and the methods of processing the measuring information of the space gravimetric means of a new type were developed: laser gradiometer along the navigation satellite-navigation satellite line of the GLONASS system, gradiometer along the line low satellite low satellite using onboard navigation receiver on board a cluster of small spacecraft.

Keywords: space gravity gradiometer, gravity field, navigation, gravimetric map.

Tkachuk G.N., Egorov A.I., Gluhovskiy E.M. (e-mail:
Features of the use of permanent magnets in cochlear implantation

This article reflects part of the work done in creating a utility model for the RU 193952 U1 patent. The authors have considered aspects of using permanent magnets of different shapes and sizes in cochlear implantation.

In order to create a new composite magnet, an analysis of the international market for permanent magnet patents for CI was conducted, some of them were modeled [CN 107308543 A, US 2018296826, WO 2018199936 (A1), RU 193952 U1] with the analysis of their characteristics. Authors present the results of modeling for these patents. The calculation repeated the general geometry of the utility models and built the distribution of the magnetic field in space, as well as calculated the force of the impact on the body under study. At the end of the article, the parameters of the calculated models have been compared.

Keywords: magnetic resonance imaging, permanent magnet, cochlear implantation, compatibility.

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