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Abstracts. No. 7, 2020 year
Zolotareva L.V., Kondratiev I.A., Pirog V.P. (e-mail:
Analytical Instrumentation and Control Systems at the Angarsk Automation Bureau (OKBA)

Over the 60 years of the existence of the OKBA, more than two hundred types of devices and software and hardware systems have been developed, more than forty thousand hygrometers, more than three thousand gas analyzers, about two thousand meters of the electrical properties of substances, more than two hundred control panels and software and hardware complexes have been manufactured and sold. Our products have been exported to more than ten countries of the world.

Keywords: coulometric and piezosorption hygrometers, oxygen gas analyzers, software and hardware systems, meters of the electrical properties of substances.

Pirog V.P., Kuznetsov B.F., Kondratiev I.A., Nosenko L.F. (e-mail:
Some questions of modernization of culonometric instruments for measuring humidity of gases and liquids

In this paper, we consider the issues of ongoing modernization of devices using a coulometric electrolytic cell for gas analysis. In particular, directions are considered, including the use of auxiliary power sources, the use of additional temperature sensors and cell heaters. The possibilities of automatically setting the flow rate of the analyzed gas through the measuring cell and expanding the measurement range are considered.

Keywords: hygrometer, gas analyzer, moisture meter, coulometric electrolytic cell, modernization of devices.

Bychkov I.N., Lobanov I.N., Somov I.O. (e-mail:
Processes and metadata as a basis of technical documentation management system

The paper describes effective processes and metadata as an example of practical implementation in the PJSC INEUM I.S. Brook technical documentation management system (TDMS). The considered data in this system belongs to the next types: design, software, technological or other auxiliary documentation. Metadata with links to the storage of technical documentation are introduced as the results of project, production and intellectual activity. The introduction of an original metadata classification for technical documentation makes TDMS an important part of a perspective enterprise management system.

Keywords: technical documentation management system, documentation control process, metadata classification, storage, archive, data navigation.

Avezova N.I., Ismatullaev P.R., Matyakubova P.M., Babayev G.G. (e-mail:
Experimental studies of thermal probe humidity converters of liquid materials

The paper describes the improvement of the thermal method and the development on this basis of a multifunctional intelligent device for controlling the humidity of liquid materials with a simple design and low cost. The main characteristics of thermal probe moisture converters of liquid materials in stationary and non-stationary operating modes are studied.

Keywords: humidity, thermal method, converter, thermo sensitive element, accuracy, measurement, error, experiment, method.

Dorofeeva S.S. (e-mail:
SAW sensory for extreme operation

The results of studies on the development of sensitive elements (sensors) for surface acoustic waves based on halogermanate crystals (langasite and catangasite) for autonomous pressure sensors operating in extreme operating conditions are presented.

Keywords: SAW sensor, sensitive element, pressure sensor, catangasite, langasite, piezoelectric materials, TCF.

Zelikovskiy Z.I. (e-mail:
Binary Balanced DC ridge

The article is devoted to the balanced bridge proposed by the author, called binary. The bridge contains two 2-terminal legs and two adjacent four-terminal legs. The free current leads of the 4-terminal legs are connected by a jumper, and the free potential current leads are connected to the indicator one-by-one the bridge has two equilibrium conditions for a single potential lead and for two potential leads, respectively. Binary balanced bridge allows to measure the resistance of 4-terminal, low-resistance resistors. The task of measuring the resistance of 4-terminal resistors with a single balanced bridge is also considered.

Keywords: Wheatstone bridge, binary balanced bridge, indicator, bridge balance, bridge node, bridge terminal, bridge leg, 2-terminal, 4-terminal, resistor, current lead, potential lead, jumper.

Batrameev N.V., Milenin P.N. (e-mail:
Research and development of a technology of manufacturing of quartz pressure sensor for use in hydrodynamical study in the production of oil and gas

During the research and development of technology of manufacturing of a quartz pressure sensor, the optimal combination of topology of electrode coatings, material and thickness of the electrodes were obtained. The firm conclusion was made that usage of silver electrode or gold electrode permits to decrease the unwanted resonances for more than 5 dB comparative to the main resonance in the frequency range ± 500 KHz of the nominal frequency. The thickness of the round gold electrode should be 25 microns with a diameter of 4.5 mm, the thickness of the round silver electrode should be 60 microns with a diameter of 4.5 mm. This research allows us to develop more efficient and cost-effective pressure sensor in comparison with another existing commercially available analogues.

Keywords: submersible telemetry, quartz pressure sensor, spectral characteristic, electrode.

Zolotarev A.A. (e-mail:
Research of quality of soldering of elements of semiconductor package alsic-based metal matrix composites

Results of defectoscopy and the analysis of porosity of solder connection of elements of the case of the semiconductor device manufactured of a metalmatrix composite on the basis of aluminum and carbide of silicon (AlSiC) in which the GaN microwave oven the transistor is mounted are presented in article. Researches were conducted by means of a tomography with use of a microfocal source of radiation.

Keywords: GaN gallium nitride, metal matrix composite, AlSiC.

Skvortsova Y.V., Skripka V.L. (e-mail:
Engineering evaluation of climate camera parameters during certification

A methodology for evaluating the test parameters of climate chambers during their certification is proposed. The possibility of determining an estimate of the functional accuracy of parameter reproduction is substantiated. The experimental results of processing the outputs of certification of the climate chamber according to a specific method are presented.

Keywords: certification of climate chambers, methodology for assessing functional accuracy, mutual influence of certified parameters.

Lapin A.P., Potapova D.V., Shparov A.V. (e-mail:
On the study for the intrinsic error distribution of Metran-150 pressure sensors

For modern measuring instruments, such a parameter as the calibration interval is extremely important. The procedure for its reasonable adjustment (for the purpose of increasing) begins with determining of the distribution law for main metrological characteristics. The paper analyzes two verifications results of six models for Metran-150 pressure sensors, when the intrinsic error values were determined. By means of the Grubbs criterion outliers are excluded from original samples. Then the Pierson χ2-test is used for the normal distribution testing of the pressure sensors intrinsic error. The presented results can be used to justify the calibration interval of Metran-150 pressure sensors.

Keywords: pressure sensor, verification procedure, metrological characteristics, intrinsic error, distribution law, hypothesis testing, consent criterion.

Orlov A.E., Kim A.A., Luginya V.S., Levin A.Y., Sergeev P.K. (e-mail:
Confirmation of metrological characteristics of doppler pulse wind lidars

The scheme of determination of metrological characteristics of pulse wind lidar on the state special standard of air flow speed unit is described, test results are given along with the description of the test bench and the results of the experiment on measuring the radial velocity of the pulsed wind lidar at different distances simulated with the help of delay fiber lines and with the help of verification stand for the lidar meteorological system in the infrared range.

Keywords: type approval tests, coherent Doppler lidar, pulse wind lidar, measuring instrument, radial velocity, maximum measurement distance, measurement error, state primary standard.

Nurmukhametov R.R., Sidorova A.S. (e-mail:
Component composition changing when receiving a batch of liquefied natural gas in a cryogenic storage tank

The effect of LNG mixing of different compositions on the total composition of the mixture when receiving a batch in a cryogenic tank is considered. The method for calculating the component composition and density by the component composition of LNG base mixtures of the finished composition is given. The estimated total standard uncertainty of the results of calculating the component composition and density of LNG finished composition is given.

Keywords: liquefied natural gas, density of LNG, component composition of LNG, physicochemical properties of LNG, LNG mixing.

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