Abstracts. No. 7, 2019 year
Avezova N.I., Ismatullaev P.R., Azimov R.K., Matyakubova P.M., Babayev G.G. (e-mail: g-boboyev@yandex.ru)
Development of a device to control the moisture content of liquid materials

The article describes the task of developing devices to improve the accuracy and speed of thermal devices for monitoring the moisture content of liquid materials and expanding the functionality of these devices by controlling the moisture content of liquid materials in the liquid range of moisture content measurement.

Keywords: humidity, heater, moisture content, thermal conductivity, accuracy, thermistor, thyristor, converter, measurement, error.

Pirog V.P., Kuznetsov B.F., Kondratyev I.A., Nosenko L.F. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)
Modernization of an oxygen gas analyzer with an amperometric diffusion solid electrolyte cell

The article discusses the direction of modernization of the gas analyzer with an amperometric diffusion solid electrolyte cell. The possibility of extending the measurement range from 10 to 98 % by volume of oxygen is shown, and an analysis of the measurement error in these ranges is performed.

Keywords: diffusion solid electrolyte cell, oxygen gas analyzer, diffusion amperometric oxygen sensor.

Obukhov D.O., Obukhov I.V. (e-mail: danyaobuhov@mail.ru)
Artificial intelligence system as a measuring instrument in a competitive selection

Approach to formalization of assessment procedure of quality of an ordered set of the competitive works devoted to topical scientific and practical issues is presented. Assessment procedure of the importance of works is considered from the point of view of the solution of a measuring task.

Keywords: formalization, quality assessment, scientific work, measuring task.

Sokolov N.A., Sokolov A.N. (e-mail: N.A.Sokolov@mail.ru)
The reference adiabatic calorimeter based on single and multivalued measures of specific heat of solids

Predetermined adiabatic calorimeter based on single and multivalued measures of specific heat of solids. Computer simulation performed. It is concluded that the developed calorimeter, which implements a patented method of measurement, is a reference installation, by means of which it is possible to reproduce and transmit a unit of specific heat at any point in the range from 50 to 2850 J/(kg·K) at a temperature from 300 to 800 K.

Keywords: multivalued measures, heat capacity, standard, measurement.

Zmievskoy G.N., Burgaev K.D., Semchuk I.P. (e-mail: zmievskoy@mail.ru)
Development of a biotechnical system for monitoring blood pressure without using occlusive cuff

The possibilities of non-invasive measurement of parameters of the human cardiovascular system are investigated. Analyzed the main existing methods of a cuff-less assessment of blood pressure. Solved the problem of measuring blood pressure with precision temperature measurement. A compact design of the device has been developed, which allows for continuous monitoring of blood pressure without the use of an occlusive cuff. The results of experimental studies are given.

Keywords: biotechnical system, cuff-less measurement of arterial pressure, pulse wave, pulse transit time, temperature sensor.

Schepetov A.G., Pidkovich A.A., Tsukerman M.A. (e-mail: a-shchepetov@mail.ru)
The calculation of the duration of the transition process means Mathcad software

The method for calculating the duration of the transition process by means of the computer mathematics system Mathcad is considered. The features of the solution of this problem are shown for two cases: 1) when the purpose of the calculations is to determine the duration of the transition process in a measuring device having known values of parameters; 2) when it is necessary to determine the dependence of the duration of the transition process on one or more parameters of the device.

Keywords: duration of the transition process, Mathcad.

Shkatov P.N., Myakushev K.V., Didin G.A., Yermolaev A.A. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)
Mathematical modeling of the interaction of a eddy current probe and a multi-layer carbon plastic object with stripment

The paper describes several types of developed mathematical models for calculating the interaction of a eddy current probe and a multilayer carbon fiber object with delamination. The features of finite-dimensional computational models associated with the pronounced layer-by-layer anisotropy of electrical conductivity in multilayer carbon plastic objects are shown. A hybrid mathematical model is proposed, based on the joint use of rigorous numerical methods for preliminary obtaining initial data and simplified subsequent calculations that take into account the specifics of the problem being solved. The developed hybrid model can be used to interpret the recorded signals in eddy current control of carbon plastics in real time.

Keywords: eddy current control, multilayer carbon fiber materials, delamination, mathematical modeling.

Lukashkin V.G., Vishnekov A.V. (e-mail: lukashkin@mirea.ru)
New benchmarks for basic SI units

This work is devoted to a brief study of the principles of constructing a reference base in the transition to new definitions of basic quantities, expressed in terms of fundamental physical constants (FPC). Such a transition in the coming years will be the basic direction of improving the reference base of Russia. The development, implementation and application of quantum standards for units of basic physical quantities, instead of primary standards of artificial origin, will significantly increase the accuracy and stability of the transmission of sizes unit of quantities.

Keywords: kilogram, kelvin, ampere, mole, primary standard scales, unit transfer, comparison, calibration schemes, fundamental physical constants.

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