Abstracts. No. 7, 2018 year
Semchuk I.P., Zmievskoy G.N., Muravskaya N.P., Samorodov A.V. (e-mail: zmievskoy@mail.ru)
Noncontact photoplethysmography for research vitally important functions of organism

A hard warily-programmatic complex for the noncontact photoplethysmographic monitoring of vitally important functions of organism had been worked out. For the metrology providing of the worked out complex the pin photoplethysmography and web cam certificated and mastered in medical practice are used. It is shown that the offered methodology of measuring of frequency of heart-throbs and other vitally important parameters of the organism state, related to cardiovascular activity, possesses certain advantages in part of producibility of results and perspective for future medical applications.

Keywords: noncontact photoplethysmography; video registration; pulse curves; cross-correlation coefficients.

Sukhanov A.V. (e-mail: aksernar@yandex.ru)
Wireless gas analyzer for automated toxic and flammable gases monitoring systems

The article describes the solution of the actual existing problem of automated control for toxic and flammable gases leaks at industrial facilities. The article presents the developed wireless gas analyzer that can function in IEEE 802.15.4 standard sensor network and can be a replacement for existing portable devices. The constructive-circuit solution of the wireless gas analyzer is considered which includes a digital gas sensor, a microcontroller, an integrated power supply, and a transceiver micro-assembly. The approbation result of the transceiver micro-assembly manufactured using 3D-SiP technology is presented, it allows the device to function in ZigBee networks. The operation algorithm of the control microcontroller built-in software is described in detail, which realizes a cyclic operation mode. An energy consumption analysis is also performed.

Keywords: gas analyzer; monitoring system; toxic gas; micro-assembly; 3D module; 3D-SiP.

Ermolkin .V., Gavshin M.A., Popova Ya.D., Lotosh A.N. (e-mail: ove@gubkin.ru)
Information and measuring system of operational control of wells multiphase production

The article is devoted to the solution of the problem of operational control of the parameters of multiphase flow of gas, gas condensate and oil wells production. The article shows the importance of integrated monitoring of a number of parameters affecting the operating mode of the well, such as production rate, wellhead pressure, component composition and production temperature. This information is necessary to make informed decisions on the management and optimization of the operating mode of the well. To obtain up-to-date and reliable information, a low-energy information-measuring system (IIS) of the new generation Potok-6, developed by scientists from the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NIU) Gubkin. In the article the generalized structural scheme of the developed IIS and the scheme of well development by an information-measuring system are presented. It is noted that the application of ITS Potok-6 is an example of the introduction of low-technology technologies for control and management of field development.

Keywords: information measuring systems; multiphase flows; multiphase flow meters; measuring the production rate; control of inclusions.

A.V. Sandulyak, A.A. Sandulyak, D.O. Kiselev, M.N. Polismakova, D.A. Sandulyak (e-mail: anna.sandulyak@mail.ru)
An approach of positioning sensor and specimen at Faraday balance (with spheric pole pieces) by using optical mechanical system

Solution of the question about fine positioning of Hole sensor and specimen is shown by the example of new variant of Faraday balance (with spheric pole pieces which make available necessary zone of almost stable gradient at generated inhomogeneity magnetic field). The variant of optical mechanical system including laser module with cross-shaped ray, Web-camera and coordinate stage is offered. Moreover electronic weigher with piezoelectric elements is used at measuring ponderomotive force (at permanent placing) for more precise positioning of specimen.

Keywords: Faraday balance; spheric pole pieces; zone of stable gradient; optical mechanical system of positioning.

Pirog V., Kondratyev I., Nosenko L. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)
Measurement of concentration and partial pressure of oxygen

In order to improve the accuracy of measurements in conditions of changing the partial pressure of oxygen in the environment, the two-cell solid electrolyte cell has a working chamber with a gas permeable porous platinum measuring electrode that contacts the gas being analyzed and a sealed comparative chamber with a reference electrode made of gas permeable porous platinum deposited on the opposite side of the solid electrolyte a measuring electrode in a comparative chamber with a reference medium with a known partial pressure of oxygen yes; results of the carried out researches are resulted.

Keywords: oxygen concentration; oxygen partial pressure; solid electrolyte; two-chamber solid electrolyte cell; reference electrode; measuring electrode; reference atmosphere.

Scherbakov G.N., Motashenko S.V., Sakhnov E.N., Dunchevskaya S.V., Protsenko O.P., Prohorkin A.G. (e-mail: scherbakovgn@mail.ru)
Energy aspects functioning of integrated means detection and impact on military swimming pools

In the article, the issue of improving the existing non-lethal effect on the underwater violator SKAT by reducing energy consumption is considered. This is achieved by introducing the inclusion of a means of detecting the intruder.

Keywords: protection of water areas; means of non-lethal influence on underwater violator SKAT; hydroacoustic detection means (GAS); methods of detection of underwater violator.

Molodnitsky V.I., Fedotikova M.V. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)
Vibroabrasive technologies of finishing processing of aircraft instrument parts

The article describes the modern methods of finishing parts. The main method is hydro-vibro-abrasive treatment. The equipment is considered, examples of processing are given.

Keywords: hydro-vibro-abrasive treatment; smoothing of sharp edges on details; reducing surface roughness; vibroabrasive machine; tumbling materials.

Matveev V.I., Artemiev B.V. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)
Precise measurements the basis of quality and safety

The article gives a brief description of the events and equipment presented at the XIV Moscow International Innovation Forum EXACT MEASUREMENTS THE BASIS OF QUALITY AND SAFETY (exhibition MetrolExpo-2018 and the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Metrologists and Instrument-Making) held on May 1517 at the exhibition of achievements of the people's economy (VDNH) of Moscow. Within the framework of the Forum, specialized exhibitions of measuring instruments, testing equipment and metrological support, non-destructive testing and diagnostics, energy resources and laboratory equipment were held. About 80 regional Centers for Standardization and Metrology took part in the Forum. Over 300 companies from 11 countries presented their stands in the exhibition. The main goal of the Forum is the discussion by manufacturers and consumers of measuring instruments and ways of solving the main tasks of ensuring accuracy, quality and safety through the use of modern instruments, technologies and standards with the participation of state regulatory bodies and state companies.

Nowadays the value of exact measurements multiply increases. The exhibition and the Forum as a whole showed a significant increase in the increase of metrological accuracy of domestic instrument making and developing links with foreign metrology organizations.

Keywords: metrology, non-destructive testing, measurements, testing laboratories, control and measuring equipment.

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