No. 6

Abstracts. No. 6, 2020 year
Druzhkov A.M., Petrov N.Y., ShestakovA.L. (e-mail:
Verifications procedure Issues in the 4.0 industry based on remote verification procedure for flowmeters

The technological revolution affects all areas of human lives, measurement is not an exception. The Strategy of measurements traceability till 2025 introduced by Russian Government setups priority for digital transformation in the metrology and articulates new goals. According to the strategy, achievement of these goals will improve competitiveness of the Russian economy. One of those goal is the development of remote verification procedure.

The article provides an overview of the existing remote verification procedures, highlights main features and introduces a concept of a remote verification procedure. The advantages of implementing this type of measurement are shown. Authors propose an algorithm for developing a remote verification procedure and describes its implementation using modern flow calibration stands capabilities. Suggested approach was tested for a big size vortex flowmeter. Benefits of implementation of remote measurements are identified as well as challenges need to be addressed for full scale implementation of remote verifications.

Keywords: remote verification procedure, remote measurements, Industry 4.0, vortex meter, calibration stand.

Klimova A.M., Selifanov V.V. (e-mail:
Creating and installing an alternative measuring platform before performing measurements

This article provides an analysis of the problems of designing an alternative measuring site, a detailed description of the installation of the site in the process of preparing it for certification and operation in compliance with the requirements for radio screening, radio absorption, power supply, grounding, sound absorption, and also provides a brief analysis of the requirements of state standards and other regulatory-legal documents on the installation of windows and doors of the room and the placement of measuring equipment.

Keywords: alternative measuring platform, side electromagnetic radiation, certification, radio screening, radio absorption, noise immunity, interference, shielding, sound absorption, anechoic chamber, measuring laboratory, grounding.

Sulaberidze V.Sh., Mikheev V.A., Mushenko V.D. (e-mail:
Studies of the thermal conductivity of liquid compositions and mastics based on organic binders and finely divided fillers

The results of testing the methodology for measuring the thermal conductivity of liquid media by the probe method using the MIT-1 device are presented. Modes of pulsed heating are determined in which the convective component of heat transfer in the sample is not affected by the measurement result. The results of measurements of compositions based on polymer binders and fillers from fine powders of Al (OH)3, AlN, BN are presented. The thermal conductivity of liquid compositions is lower than the thermal conductivity of similar compositions in the cured state, which is explained by the influence on the thermal conductivity of the degree of crystallization of the polymer binder.

Keywords: thermal conductivity, non-hardening compound, pulsed probe method, polymer binder, powder filler.

Magdeev V.Sh. (e-mail:
Security magnetic contact detectors in explosion-proof design for particularly important objects

The article deals with security explosion-proof detectors with additional options that ensure the prevention of sabotage by intruders.

Keywords: security magnetic contact detector, prevention of sabotage, unauthorized access.

Shkatov P.N, Sandulyak A.A., Kuzub I.G, Ermolaev A.A. (e-mail:
Effect of changes in parameters of ferromagnetic objects with a crack on signal measurements of alternating current electropotential probe

We study regularities of changes in signal measurements of the alternating current electropotential probe when interacting with ferromagnetic objects. We present regularities in changes in signal measurements in a range of frequencies in defective and defect-free areas while changing electromagnetics properties of the metal, the parameters of the cracks, and of the interelectrode distances in the probe.

Keywords: alternating current electropotential measurement, signal measurements, ferromagnetic object, crack-type defects.

Akhmedova S.K., Kachanov B.O., Kulabukhov V.S., Tuktaryov N.A. (e-mail:
SINS attitude correction using single antenna satellite receiver

The paper offers new algorithm of attitude correction of strapdown inercial navigation system (SINS) using a satellite navigation system receiver with single antenna. In absense of yaw manuvering the yaw correction using vectors of air velocity and ground velocity of the aircraft is considered.

Keywords: attitude, yaw correction, satellite receiver with single antenna, inercial navigation system, Kalman filter, observability.

Penaloza Ovalles D.I., Boiprav O.V., Tumilovich M.V., Gusinsky A.V., Pasrobka G.S., Lynkou L.M. (e-mail:
Non-combustible composite coating based on electrocorundum powder for electromagnetic shields

The non-combustible composite coating the filler of which was alumina, and the binder was a water-emulsion composition has been obtained. It was established experimentally that such coating, being applied to the surface of the cellulose plate with a layer thickness of 3 mm, was characterized by the values of electromagnetic radiation reflection and transmission coefficients in the frequency range 0.717.0 GHz, varying accordingly within from 1.0 to 35.0 dB and from 0.5 to 5.0 dB. It was substantiated experimentally that if such coating was a surface layer of the electromagnetic shield construction in the form of a cellulose plate, on the reverse side of which (relative to the electromagnetic radiation propagation front) a metallized lavsan film is fixed, then the electromagnetic radiation reflection coefficient value in the frequency range of 0.717.0 GHz of this construction varied from 1.0 to 33.0 dB with values of its electromagnetic radiation transmission coefficient from 20.0 to 40.0 dB. Based on the experiments results, it was established that the obtained composite coating appears to be promising for producing of radioabsorbing structures intended for cladding the walls of rooms in which electronic devices was located, in order to protect the latter from external microwave electromagnetic interference.

Keywords: alumina, composite coating, electromagnetic radiation reflection coefficient, incombustibility.

Bakhadirkhanov M.K., Ismaylov B.K. (e-mail:
Gettering properties of nickel atoms clusters in the silicon lattice

In this paper, it is shown that by forming clusters of nickel atoms in the silicon lattice, one can carry out to getterings various (existing in the lattice, as well as introduced) fast diffusing impurities, as well as oxygen atoms, which stimulate the generation of recombination centers and thermaldefects.

Keywords: silicon, nickel, diffusion, recombination centers, cluster formation, lifetime, gettering.

Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I., Galkin D.I. (e-mail:

A brief overview of the exhibition of the VII International Industrial Forum NDT Territory. Unbrakable control. Tests Diagnostics. All forum events were held at the Expocenter Central Exhibition Complex in Moscow. The exhibition of instruments and tools of NK and TD was accompanied by a business program. Within the framework of the forum, round tables were held on topical issues of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics. The exhibition was attended by more than 57 companies, and information support was provided by a number of news agencies, including the Spectrum Publishing House and the Standards and Quality Agency (World of Measurements magazine). In addition to equipment for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, modern control and measuring and testing equipment begins to appear on the stands of exhibitors. This year, the exposition was focused on high-tech solutions for engineering, metallurgy, oil and gas industry. For the first time, the Salon of Innovations and Startups 2020 was organized at this Forum, in which representatives of 20 organizations took part. The forum demonstrated a decent level of non-destructive testing, their metrological support, as well as certification and standardization.

Keywords: non-destructive testing, technical diagnostics, acoustic emission, X-ray control, magnetic control, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, optical monitoring, thermal monitoring, radio wave monitoring.

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