Abstracts. No. 6, 2019 year
Kirillov I.A., Root S.V., Mokeev A.S., Firstov V.G. (e-mail: kirillov@rosenergoatom.ru)
Mobile high-voltage laboratory for verification of measuring transformers at nuclear power plants

The experience of creation and practical application of mobile high-voltage laboratory for verification of measuring transformers at nuclear power plants equipped with unique equipment is considered. It is shown that the use of such a laboratory made it possible to proceed to the verification of measuring transformers of current and voltage of all classes by the metrological service of the organization operating nuclear power plants of Russia (JSC Rosenergoatom Concern) with increased levels of safety, including when working with high-voltage transformers on open distribution devices and without the need to open busbars for checking transformers built into turbogenerators. Moreover, the economic and organizational efficiency calibration of measuring transformers of current and voltage from the systems of commercial and technical accounting of the electric power by own forces of the metrological service of JSC Concern Rosenergoatom.

Keywords: measuring transformer, mobile laboratory, electricity metering.

Ulanovskiy A.A., Maletskiy R.R., Khlevnoy B.B., Otryaskin D.A. (e-mail: otc-director@otc-obninsk.ru)
Calibration unit for ultra-high temperature thermocouples

This work is an attempt to provide tungsten-rhenium thermocouples with reliable and relatively simple means of calibration in the ultra-high temperature range from 1700 to 2500 . A sensor is calibrated in a furnace with a graphite heater. The working junction of thermocouple is placed into the space with uniform temperature. The space temperature is measured by a pyrometer focused at an element located near working junction. For industrial sensor, it is enough to calibrate thermocouple by comparing its electromotive force (EMF) with the temperature measured by a radiation pyrometer. The main problem of the method is carbon impact on construction materials of the probe during calibration process. The problem was solved by the use of insulators made of sapphire, hafnia, oxygen-free ceramics (BN) and protective tubes made of refractory materials. The work is carried out within the framework of the state contract with the Russian Foundation for innovations.

Keywords: tungsten-rhenium thermocouple, insulator, ultra-high temperature, calibration.

Krushnyak N., Ivanina I. (e-mail: krushnyk@bmstu.ru)
Application of the method of testing statistical hypotheses to assess the adequacy of the model and the object of measurement

The article presents an approach to assessing the adequacy of the model and the measurement object, which allows one of the methodological components of the errors to be determined in an accuracy analysis of measurement technologies, caused by the inadequacy of the adopted mathematical model and the measurement object. The requirements that must be met by the selected model are described. To evaluate the adequacy of the model and the object of measurement, it is proposed to use one of the methods for testing statistical hypotheses analysis of variance. An analysis of the measurement uncertainty estimation is given on the example of measuring the height of a prismatic part.

Keywords: object of measurement, mathematical model, adequacy, evaluation, testing of statistical hypotheses, analysis of variance, methodological error, uncertainty of measurement, analysis of the uncertainty estimation.

Goncharov V.B., Ivchenko V.D. (e-mail: prosto-vlad@rambler.ru)
Determining the level of liquid using an algorithm based on continuous wavelet transform

The article discusses the use of continuous wavelet transform to determine the level of specific liquids, such as propellant components with a bubbling surface. The proposed algorithm combines the advantages of the selection of wavelet for each case using the theorem of ordinaries the flow of failures. Found the discrepancy during the processing of the signal waveguide of the sensor-level noise components for the different wavelets and the reference value. With the choice of a wavelet more effectively implemented cleaner function of the frequency of the signal from the noise components.

Keywords: : continuous wavelet transform, filtering, wavelet matching algorithm, level calculation, wavelet spectrum.

Pautkin V.E. (e-mail: inercial@niifi.ru)
Effect of contamination on Silicon MEMS

The influence of contamination of various nature on the parameters of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is considered. Such contamination can include the presence of mechanical particles on the surface of the processed MEMS plates, as well as atomic and ionic contamination, which in varying degrees affect the characteristics of the instruments produced. Careful selection of parameters for the chemical treatment of plates during the formation of MEMS can be an effective measure to increase the yield of products.

Keywords: microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), liquid etching, chemical treatment, silicon wafer.

Kondratenko V.S., Kobysh A.N., Rogov A.Yu., Lu Hung-Tu (e-mail: ray40@yandex.ru)
New applications of high-alkaline water in industry and in life

The work is devoted to further research of the properties of high-alkaline ionized water, its application in industry and in everyday life. The spheres of application of high-alkaline ionized water as an effective cleaning agent in the equipment for cleaning exhaust gases from harmful impurities and optical-electronic production are considered. It is shown that the use of this agent can reduce the time of preparation of products for subsequent technological operations and reduce the level of marriage. In the domestic sphere shows the use of nano-ionized water as a disinfectant and sterilizing agent.

Keywords: high alkaline ionized water, Nano Super Ion Water NSIW, exhaust gas cleaning, cleaning agent, disinfectant, sterilizing agent.

Timofeev B.P., Dang N.T. (e-mail: timofeev@mail.ifmo.ru)
Minimization of kinematic error of elementary gears at selective assembly

The principle of assembly of cylindrical gears is considered according to the condition of minimizing the kinematic error according to GOST 164381 and 917881. A method for calculating and minimizing the kinematic error of gears consisting of wheels with errors taken equal to the maximum permissible values of the GOST standards is proposed. Estimates of the kinematic error and recommendations for the assembly of gears to minimize them are given.

Keywords: kinematic error, GOST 164381, GOST 917881, effect of alignment, minimization, initial phases, degree of accuracy, harmonic components.

Kondratenko V.S., Kobysh A.N., Borovik T.N. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)
Using microcapsules of silicon for adsorption and delivery of reagents

In this paper, a review of existing systems of targeted transport of drugs to target organs was carried out, data on the use of nanoparticles, artificial and natural containers for targeted delivery of drugs of various groups was presented. A description of new types of microcapsules of silica with a given shape, structure and geometrical dimensions, with a number of unique properties, including adsorption, which can be used for effective adsorption and delivery of reagents.

Keywords: microcapsules, silica, fine powders, adsorbents, porosity, drug delivery system.

Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

The article provides a brief description of the equipment presented at the Expo Control exhibition held in April 2019 on the territory of the Expocentre exhibition center in Moscow. For the first time, a series of stands dedicated to aviation, military-technical and automotive tests was merged into a thematic exhibition Testing Days. Moscow. About 40 companies from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan took part in the exhibition. The exhibition area was 2500 m2. Visitors were shown instruments and equipment from more than 300 well-known global manufacturers. The main sections of the exhibition were: 3D-printing and scanning technology, image analysis and processing, analytical control, contactless measuring devices, video measuring systems, laser measuring systems, metallography and sample preparation, microscopy, non-destructive testing, reverse engineering, optical metrology, hardness testing, testing machines, strain gauge tomographs.

Keywords: exhibition, participants, vibrodiagnostics, advanced solutions, integrated systems, NDT technologies, measurements.

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