Abstracts. No. 6, 2018 year
Ivanov V.E., Chye En Un (e-mail: 001149@pnu.edu.ru)
Low noise programmable voltage reference based on supercapacitor

The paper discusses the circuit design of a programmable voltage reference with a low level of intrinsic noise based supercapacitor. The article describes the concept of using an supercapacitor as an element of a low-pass filter, presents experimental noise spectral densities, results of transient studies and long-term stability of output voltage.

Keywords: measuring systems, supercapacitor, flicker-noise, low-noise preamplifier, reference voltage source.

Vykhristyuk I.A., Kulikov R.V., Sysoev E.V. (e-mail: uic@ngs.ru)
Automated nanoprofilometer based on microinterferometer MII-4

The paper presents the structure and functional capabilities of the opto-electronic system of surface nanoreleif measurement based on the microinterferometer MII-4. The described modernization of the microinterferometer is characterized by subnanometric resolution in depth and also the minimum of changes in the device construction that retains all original adjustments. Technical features of the system were given and measurement results of surface relief were presented.

Keywords: microinterferometer, white light interferometer, phase shifting interferometry, 3D relief, profilometry, surface quality control, roughness.

Kryukov A.V., Okladnikov V.M., Polunin S.P. (e-mail: ak56@yandex.ru)
The temperature calibrator ELEMER-KT-650К in the thermostat mode for fixed points

The impact of the calibrator ELEMER-КT-650К parameters on the specifications of indium, tin and zinc fixed points is investigated. It is shown that the calibrator with an additional external zone does not affect the plateau temperature. It is revealed that the setpoint calibrator temperature does not shift the plateau temperature, but changes the duration of the plateau. The freezing and melting temperatures difference is shown to be within of ± 0,0005 °С. The special freezing-melting mode was implemented. The fixed points mode of ELEMER-КT-650К is automated.

Ключевые слова: fixed points, freezing-melting temperature, temperature calibrator.

Alekseev V.V., Minina A.A., Orlova N.V. (e-mail: VVAlekseyev@mail.ru)
Information-measuring systems. solving tasks of assessing the state and identifying situations based on the results of environmental control

The creation of a reference model of a territorial object for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing the current state of a territorial object, assessing the development trend of situations, mutual influence of territorial objects.

Keywords: information-measuring systems, territorial subsystem, model of a territorial object, zoning of territories, condition assessment, identification of the situation, control results.

Kostanovskiy A.V., Pronkin A.A., Zeodinov M.G., Kostanovskaya M.E. (e-mail: pronkin.a.a@gmail.com)
Features of ohmic heating of silicified silicium carbide when measuring the resistivity at high temperatures

The features of ohmic heating of silicified silicium carbide, which arise when measuring the resistivity at temperatures above 1600 K, are studied.

Keywords: PID control, silicified silicium carbide, ohmic heating of the sample.

Pautkin V.E., Kraynova K.Y. (e-mail: info@niifi.ru)
Peculiarities of etching of high-doped p+-silicon in the technology of microelectromechanical systems

Singularities of etching high-doped p+-silicon in the technology of microelectromechanical systems are considered. Sensitive elements of micromechanical sensors of pressure and accelerometers incorporate various layers with very different concentration of an impurity that makes a question of a choice of suitable etchant by the actual problem at formation of silicon microstructures. Various models of etching of high-doped silicon are analyzed. It is shown that application of anisotropic etchant – a solution ethilenediamine allows to receive silicon microstructures – diaphragms, beams in the thickness to 3...5 microns without destruction of their structure during etching.

Keywords: silicon, doping boron, thermal oxidation, liquid etching, passivation, ethilenediamine solution, a solution potassium hydroxide, crystallographic plane.

Chankaev S.K., Inkin A.I., Tsukerman M.A. (e-mail: piro@piro-ross.ru)
The main problems of reliability of fireworks complexes at volley fire

In the article the computer simulation model of the shooting of the fireworks complexes. The modes of operation under which the construction of the fireworks complex undergoes the maximum stress-strain state are revealed.

Keywords: : stress-strain state, fireworks complex, distributed load, recoil force, double volley, triple volley, equivalent stress.

Titov A.A., Baharev M.M., Sandulyak A.V., Sandulyak A.A. (e-mail: dor7338@mail.ru)
An updating heterodyne interferometry for measuring of cross and longitudinal relocation of objects

The skeleton diagram of the device is developed for measurement of cross and longitudinal relocation of objects by the heterodyne method. Analytical expressions for calculation of capacities of signals on the photo-sensor element, the periods of interference figures, phase displacement depending on cross and longitudinal relocation, the range of measurement, measuring accuracy are received.

Keywords: laser, acousto-optic modulator, collimator, reflector, plane-parallel plate, photo-sensor element, phase meter, filter, microprocessor.

Zmievskoy G.N., Los L.A., Minaeva U.A., Semchuk I.P. (e-mail: vip-u@yandex.ru)
ТБ Hardwarily-programmatic complex for external low-intensity optical radiation hemolysis dynamics research

A hardwarily-programmatic complex offers for research of parameters of blood stream, consisting of reflecting spectrophotometer and automated measuring microscope on the base of Linnik micro-interferometer. Red blood cells hemolysis dynamics at low-intensive coherent optical radiation influence has been investigated. Correlation dependence between spectrophotometer response parameters and red blood cells hemolysis dynamics under the influence of laser radiation at process supervision through the automated measuring microscope on base has been established.

Keywords: hemolysis, centrifugation, spectrophotometry, automated measuring microscope, low-intensive laser radiation.

Penaloza Ovalles D.I., Lynkou L.M., Boiprav O.V., Tumilovich M.V. (e-mail: deivis28@hotmail.com)
Non-combustible composite coating based on electrocorundum powder for electromagnetic shields

A non-combustible composite coating based on powdered electrocorundum mixed with paint was obtained. It is experimentally justified that in the case of using this coating as a surface layer of electromagnetic shields based on conductive materials, it is possible to reduce reflection coefficient of electromagnetic radiation these shields and provide their incombustibility or hardness.

Keywords: electrocorundum, composite coating, incombustibility, reflection coefficient, electromagnetic shield.

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