No. 5

Abstracts. No. 5, 2022 year
Borodyansky Y.M., Maiorov E.E., Petrova E.A., Popova E.V., Kurlov V.V., Udakhina S.V. (e-mail:
Measurement of geometric parameters of surfaces of complex shape by a low-coherence optical system

The article a low-coherence optical system for measuring the parameters of rough surfaces of objects is considered. Identification of reliable and high-precision data on the parameters of the surface relief of objects is an important task for metrology, therefore, the work is relevant and promising. The object of the study was the surface of a metal plate of the first roughness class (Ra = 50 microns). The paper proposes a method for eliminating decorrelation of speckle fields. Experimental data on the dependence of the standard deviation of measurements of the distance to the surface of the object on the relative transverse displacement of the light spot during one measurement are obtained. Measurements were carried out for various angles of incidence of the light beam on the surface, and the measurement discreteness was determined, that is, with which measurement step the experiment should be carried out so that the measurements were independent.

Keywords: low-coherence optical system, decorrelation of speckle fields, surface relief, transverse displacement, correlation function, angle of incidence, measurement step.

Parfenov N.M., Chemodanov V.B., Ermilina O.V. (e-mail:
Fiber optical sensors on the bragg lattices

The issues of measuring the parameters of the physical quantities of aerospace technology and various industrial facilities are considered. Measurements and control of parameters are carried out with the help of modern methods of fiber-optic sensors based on optical Bragg gratings, which are currently the most promising. This is due to the undeniable advantages in terms of small size, light weight, immunity to electromagnetic radiation, radiation safety, fire safety and the possibility of multiplexing. Fiber-optic sensors on Bragg gratings allow two parameters of deformation and temperature to be measured simultaneously.

The principle of operation of the sensor on the basis of Bragg gratings is reading of the information reflected from a lattice of radiation. For this purpose, special interrogator devices are used, which, after measuring the displacement of the reflected wave, convert it into an electrical signal.

The main most characteristic mechanisms of radiation power loss associated with the presence of optical fiber bends and possible defects in the structure of fiber optics are determined. By optimizing the technological processes of manufacturing optical fibers, it is possible to significantly reduce the power loss of radiation.

Keywords: fiber-optic sensors, Bragg gratings with chirping and tilting.

Molotkov A.A., Saprykin D.L., Tretiyakova O.N., Tuzhilin D.N. (e-mail:
Development of a set of programs for the creation of industrial laser technological equipment

This article describes development of a software package for laser technological equipment of selective laser melting (SLM). The Lasers and Apparatus TM company has developed lineup of laser equipment for the implementation of the developed software. The article describes the structure of the developed software package. The developed software package has a modular structure and can be further scaled, some parts of mentioned software package can be used not only for SLM-technology, but also for other laser technologies.

Keywords: selective laser melting, software package, laser.

Tkachev O.A. (e-mail:
Reliability analysis of wireless sensor network

An analytical expression is proposed to determine the average operating time to failure of a wireless sensor network. It is assumed that the nodes, that are sensors, are unrecoverable, identical in reliability, fail independently of each other and have an exponential distribution of time to failure, and the node, that is a sink, is absolutely reliable.

Keywords: wireless sensor network, reliability analysis, mean time to failure, Monte Carlo method.

Pirog V.P., Kuznetsov B.F., Nosenko L.F. (e-mail:
Solid electrolytes in devices for analytical control of OKBA

Methods for measuring oxygen concentration are given and a brief description of devices using these measurement methods is given.

Keywords: gas analyzer, oxygen, potentiometric and coulometric solid electrolyte cell, coulometric electrolytic cell.

Matveev V.V., Likhosherst V.V., Kalikanov A.V., Streltsov D.S. (e-mail:
Implementation of a bank angle sensor based on a wave solid-state gyroscope with parametric excitation

The construction of a roll angle sensor for a moving object based on a wave solid-state gyroscope (SHG) operating in a free wave mode is considered. In the resonator, a standing wave is excited at the initial moment of time with the help of actuators, and in the future, the operation of the WTG is carried out in the mode of damped oscillations. Estimates of the quality factor of the resonator are given to ensure the required operating time of the WTG.

Keywords: bank angle sensor, wave solid-state gyroscope, free wave, positional excitation, quality factor.

Karakeyan V.I., Riabyshenkov A.S., Kiryanova A.D., Dzhuzha A.Yu. (e-mail:
Ecological and economic assessment of increasing the safety of high-purity gallium production

The results of an environmental and economic assessment of a method for improving the safety of high-purity gallium production as a subsystem of the man enterprise environment system are presented. The theoretical basis of the work is the energy-entropy concept of incidents and structural-target modeling of system analysis. Emissions from production under various schemes of their organization are considered as a source of potential danger to the environment and the population. Calculation based on instrumental measurements shows the economic and environmental feasibility of using recirculation of exhaust ventilation air as a way to improve production safety.

Keywords: environmental and economic assessment, energy-entropy concept, structural-target model, production safety, high-purity gallium, air environment.

Shilin A.N., Mustafa M.N., Konovalova L.A. (e-mail:
Problems of Developing Measurement Transducers Based on the Levitation Effect (Review article)

Existing measuring transducers with electromagnetic suspension have limited metrological characteristics, namely the sensitivity threshold and a limited and low-frequency limit of the frequency range. These limitations are due to the presence of dry friction in the guide transducers. The solution to this problem is possible by using the levitation effect. From the analysis of literary sources, it follows that there are relatively few publications in this area. This is due to the fact that externally the devices, the principle of operation of which is based on the effect of levitation, are relatively simple, but their design is based on knowledge of the physical foundations of their work. It should be noted that some scientific and technical problems of designing these devices have not yet been solved. The analysis of the theoretical foundations of the design of measuring transducers based on the levitation effect was carried out, which will accelerate the development and implementation of modern and promising measuring transducers, as well as identify the tasks of research directions in the field of measuring device design using the physical principle of levitation.

Keywords: electromagnetism, electromagnetic suspension, vibration transducers, seismic sensors, vibration transducer sensors, levitation effect.

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