No. 5

Abstracts. No. 5, 2020 year
Krivov A.S. (e-mail:
Metrological service as a subject of measurement management at the machine factory

New regulatory documents practically do not mention the metrological services of enterprises. So, there is a need to confirm the mandatory existence, assess the role and place of the metrological service. The subject area of metrological activity is a set of tasks on metrological support of the enterprise. Most metrological services focus on the management of metrological support resources without due attention to measurement and control processes. A methodological approach to the assessment of the state of measurement and control is proposed. Its implementation allows us to consider the metrological service as the main link of the measurement management system at the enterprise.

Keywords: metrological support, measurement, control, measurement management, metrological service.

Sychev V.V., Klem A.I. (e-mail:
Information-metrological optimization of errors of the radiation wavefront recorded by the telescope

On the example of modeling and aberration calculation of the optical system of the space telescope of the Millimetron observatory, a solution is given to the information-metrological problem of minimizing the errors of the radiation wavefront recorded by the telescope. With the increase in the size of the receiving aperture of telescopes, the influence of factors distorting the wavefront (WF) of the radiation detected by the telescope on the quality of the received image increases significantly. The paper considers ways to reduce the influence of distorting factors caused by aberrations of the optical system (OS). As the object of study, the OS of the Millimetron space telescope was selected.

Keywords: aberration calculation, optical system, Millimetron space telescope, wavefront, image quality.

Lavrushin M.Yu. (e-mail:
Measurement sensors based on the generator effect in ferromagnets

In examining the possibility of using sensors dynamic loads created on the basis of magnetoanisotropic (IAP) converters, was discovered a new effect, which consists in the generation of secondary electromotive force (EMF) in the winding map in dynamic deformation of its magnetic. This additional EMF. proportional to the magnitude of the dynamic deformation of the magnetic circuit b does not depend on its current magnetic state. The author suggested that this effect is caused by the eddy current form of piezoelectric polarization occurring in ferromagnets. The author suggested that this effect is caused by the eddy current form of piezoelectric polarization occurring in ferromagnets. The article presents the materials of experimental studies of this effect, gives its phenomenological description and gives a General solution that allows the use of sensors such as map for quantitative research of dynamic processes.

Keywords: dynamic deformation of ferromagnet, generation of eddy current fields, contact shock load sensor.

Goncharov Y.A., Borisov A.V., Uskov E.O., Korneev I.V., Akilin V.I. (e-mail:
On-board digital computing system implemented in accordance with the concept of integrated modular avionics

The basic principles of building on-board equipment complexes of new-generation aircraft are based on the concept of integrated modular avionics. The results of the development of an on-board computer system that implements this concept are presented.

Keywords: on-board digital computer system, a complex of aviation on-board equipment, the concept of integrated modular avionics.

Kulabukhov V.S., Bulgakov V.V., Saiganov M.A. (e-mail:
Synthesis of a Regulator for a Gas Drive based on Analysis of Experimental Data

The solution of the practical problem of synthesis of a regulator for a gas drive based on the frequency characteristics obtained experimentally is considered. Parametric identification of the drive transfer function is performed using approximating dependencies that take into account the influence of the input signal level on the function parameters. Based on the analysis of the frequency characteristics and the transfer function of the drive, a parametric synthesis of the filter-regulator is performed using the least squares method, which improves the stability reserves of the closed system in terms of amplitude and phase. Taking into account the heuristic nature of the synthesis method, the possibility of using a formalized synthesis procedure based on the theory of an isomorphic regulator for solving the same problem was demonstrated. At the same time, the requirements for the quality of regulation in the tracking system were set in the form of a reference model.

Keywords: gas drive, identification, transfer function, reference model, isomorphic regulator, tracking system.

Baburin A.C., Panfilov Y.V., Rodionov I.A., Tsvetkov Y.B. (e-mail:
Application of plasmon effects in devices

Peculiarity of plasmon effects using on calculation devices and nanosize light sources and biosensors and optic metamaterials, as well, were described. The main demands to materials and surface characteristics of apparatus on plasmon effects were analysed. The experimental research results of plasmon effects at nanosize light sources and biosensors were adduced.

Keywords: plasmon, photonics, thin films, biosensors, metamaterials.

Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail:
International Forum Security Technologies

The article provides a brief overview of the exposition at the 25th international forum Security Technologies held in Moscow on February 11-13, 2020 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Complex. The forum was attended by 93 companies. Along with the exhibition of devices and security systems, an extensive business program and 14 industry conferences took place. The exposition of special instruments and equipment was located in Pavilion 3. The main goal of the Forum is to present one of the most prestigious international platforms for business communications, to unite industry and civil society representatives, as well as security experts from Russia and foreign countries around common goals and objectives. The Forum Security Technologies provides a unique opportunity for representatives of civil society and the business community to check the clock on the entire spectrum of issues of legal support for the security of citizens, territories, and business entities. TB Forum is the central event of the Security Month program, supported by governors and enterprises of 63 regions of Russia.

Keywords: exhibition, participants, inspection systems, nonlinear locators, metal detectors, biometric video analytics, X-ray television.

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