Abstracts. No. 5, 2019 year
Ostroverkhov V.V., Achkinadze E.M (e-mail: osvadvas@mail.ru)
Some issues of building state control and technical diagnostics of asynchronous electric motors based on the method of signature analysis of current consumption

The article discusses two structures for constructing means for monitoring the status and stationary type based on a signature analysis of the current consumed by an electric motor.

On the basis of the basic structure devices and systems for monitoring and diagnostics are built using a simple analysis of the spectrograms of current consumed.

On the basis of the remote control structure large complexes of contralized control and diagnostics of any number and type of remotely located three-phase electric motors can be built.

Keywords: signature analysis, diagnostic frequencies, converter-sampler, spectral components of current, defect detection thresholds.

Lukashkin V.G., Vishnekov A.V. (e-mail: lukashkin@mirea.ru)
Working standards of constant electric voltage

The issues of modern standards of constant voltage of domestic and foreign production, which are necessary when carrying out calibration work and determining the accuracy of wide range of working measuring instruments, are considered.

As part of the considered working standards: normal elements, solid-state Zener diodes, high-precision voltage calibrators and precision digital voltmeters.

Metrological and comparative characteristics of the working standards reviewed and given.

Keywords: standards, normal elements, precision Zenner diodes, calibrators, comparators, calibration schemes.

Zarichnyak Y.P., Kompan T.A., Khodunkov V.P., Kulagin V.I. (e-mail: walkerearth@mail.ru)
About the Possibility of Implementation of Multi-Dimensional Measures in Calorimetry

The analysis of the advertised new class of measurements, based on the use of many-valued measure of specific heat of solids. The errors made in the theoretical derivation of the basic equation of measurement have been discovered and theoretically justified. It is concluded that it is necessary to revise the positions for this class of measurements.

Keywords: measure, specific heat, standard, measurement, polysemy, heat balance.

Iliesh D.V., Sorokin V.S., Kudasov S.V., Akilin V.I. (e-mail: dragon_263rus@mail.ru)
Development and research of a 2-circuit vibration protection system for free-of-charge inertial navigation systems

The article outlines the issues of development and research of a dual-circuit system of vibration protection of a strapdown inertial navigation system. The amplitude-frequency characteristics of the depreciation contours are given. The method of selection of shock absorbers and the choice of configuration of depreciation systems are considered. Recommendations are made that should be considered when creating such systems.

Keywords: strapdown inertial navigation system, dual-circuit vibration protection system, amplitude-frequency response.

Balabanov P.V., Divin A.G., Mozgova G.V., Prilipuhov V.V. (e-mail: pav-balabanov@yandex.ru)
Automated system for potatoes quality thermal control

The article describes an automated system of thermal quality control of potato tubers. Potato tubers are moved on a roller conveyor. They are exposed to short-term thermal effects from IR radiation sources. The temperature field of healthy and damaged potatoes are different. This allows us to use IR vision system to detect damaged tubers. The article presents potatoes defects detecting algorithm, which is based on the analysis of potatoes IR images.

Keywords: thermal control, technical vision, IR range, surface and subsurface defects, potato tubers.

Skurikhin A.V., Kostanovsky A.V. (e-mail: SkurikhinAV@mpei.ru)
Determination of Exfoliated Vermiculite Absorption Coefficient

The results of the study of the spectral absorption coefficient of high-temperature insulating material, namely, thermal (or exfoliated) vermiculite in the range of wavelength from 3 to 10 μm, are presented. It is shown that the characteristic photon absorption length is about 75 μm.

Keywords: thermal insulating materials, exfoliated vermiculite, research, spectral absorption coefficient.

Karandin O., Ivchenko V. (e-mail: karandin.oleg@gmail.com)
Fault detection in rotary machines based on the wavelet-analysis and local discriminant basis algorithm

In this paper we consider an application of the algorithm for automatic detection of the informative regions in the wavelet-spectrum for the diagnostics of an electric drive. The results of the diagnostics of an electric drive with a faulty bearing are given for a number of wavelet functions and variations of the algorithm.

Keywords: diagnostics, wavelet analysis, faulty bearing.

Shkatov P.N., Kuzub I.G., Ermolaev A.A. (e-mail: petr_shkatov@mail.ru)
Computer simulation of interaction electropotential probe with surface cracking when using alternating current

The paper describes a computational model for determining the change in the distribution of the electric potential on the surface of a flat electrically conducting object with a surface crack when an alternating current flows through it. For the first time, the model takes into account the effect on the potential distribution of the alternating electromagnetic field of conductors connected to current electrodes. To implement the model, the finite element method was used. The dependences of the electropotential signal recorded by the 4-electrode electropotential probe on the parameters of the crack, the electrophysical properties of the metal, and the distance of the current-carrying conductors from the surface of the object under control are obtained.

Keywords: electropotential method, alternating current, measurement of the depth of surface cracks, finite element method.

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