Abstracts. No. 4, 2018 year
Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)
Solution of the problem of measurement of humidity of gas based on the multichannelity principle

The paper proposes a method of invariant natural gas moisture measurement and discusses the development of hygrometers based on it. The proposed method is based on the multi-channel principle. On the basis of this principle derived transformation function of hygrometer, author performed evaluation of the uncertainty of natural gas moisture measurement. This paper is intended for specialists involved in the development of analytical instruments and systems, also gas industry employees, who are engaged in the operation of devices and control systems of main gas pipeline parameters.

Keywords: moisture, natural gas, the system hygrometer.

Vasyukov S.A., Miseyuk O.I., Murzin I.A. (e-mail: sa_vasyukov@mail.ru)
The use of 3-axis MEMS accelerometers for impact measurements in automotive access control systems

Automatic access in automotive systems use a 125 kHz radio frequency exchange, a set of active antennas and sensors built into car door handles. This requires large material costs and therefore, as a relatively cheap alternative often use the radio channel of car alarm. During operation, the main alarm unit interacts with the radio label of the owner, and the automatic disarming occurs as the result of the radio exchange. The disarming distance is extremely unstable due to the noisiness of the radio channel and the non-circular antenna diagram of the label. Stabilization of distance may be solved by installing buttons or sensors on the surface of the car body, when disarming occurs after the label is detected when the button is pressed. However, their installation is difficult and spoils the appearance of the car. It is proposed to use a signal from a microprocessor shock-sensor when autodisarm occurs when the radio label is detected and an easy impact occurred on the car body. An experimental verification of the possibility of using MEMS-accelerometers for recording weak shocks was carried out.

Keywords: MEMS-accelerometer, car alarm, radio channel, transceiver.

Pirog V.P., Kondratyev I.A., Nosenko L.F., Sukhov A.A. (e-mail: 507748@okba.ru)
Measuring the parameters of the protective atmosphere in the welding chamber of argon-arc

The quality and reliability of welded joints increase by measurement devices, methods and also instrumental inspection of welding chamber sealing.

Keywords: aluminium and titanium alloys, gas-analyzer, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, moisture, air.

Shiganova M.V., Ponachugin A.V. (e-mail: marysik-13@yandex.ru)
Routing in a wireless sensor network with the use of geometry of electric field power lines

In this article, one of the methods is suggested in modeling the routing of a wireless ultra-large sensor network with the group behavior of nodes that are equipped with antennas with controlled radiation patterns. The description, principles of the device, specificity and the basic areas of use of wireless networks with cellular topology are presented. A mathematical model is described that describes the routing in a wireless network through the macroscopic characteristics of information translation, in the absence of discrete parameters, when describing the state of nodes separately.

Keywords: information, sensor-sensor, network node, Sound Surveillance System, distributed sensor networks, ultra-large sensor network, modeling, routing, modification.

Sulaberidze V.Sh., Mishura T.P. (e-mail: sula_vlad@mail.ru)
Internal contradictions of the uncertainty concept, impeding teaching it in high school

In the paper given there are indicated inconsistencies contained in the JCGM documents, which concern the declared advantages of the concept of measurement uncertainty over the theory of measurement result error.

This relates, in the main, to the problems of improving the accuracy evaluation and transforming the probability density function. It is noted that some inconsistencies and internal contradictions of the concept make it more difficult to teach it in universities.

The authors emphasize the importance of competent application of the methods and rules for checking the agreement of a sample distribution of measurand values with theoretical, including parametric and nonparametric methods, developed and indicated in Recommendations on metrology P 50.01.033 and P 50.01.037, and propose, in conclusion, the logic of highlighting the problem in the relevant academic disciplines.

Keywords: measurement uncertainty, internal contradictions, measurement error, applied statistics, high school.

Gorokhova O.I., Hirn Attila, Apathy Istvan, Shurshakov V.A., Ivanova O.A., Kartsev I.S., Shmatov G.A., Nikolaev I.V. (e-mail: oigorokhova@yandex.ru)
Pille-ISS dosimeter modernization for dose control at extravehicular activity

The description and technical characteristics of Pille-ISS dosimeter are presented. Pille-ISS is developed by Centre for Energy Research Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA EK) and Institute of Biomedical Problems Russian Academy of Sciences (IBMP RAS). The dosimeter is used for dose mapping in Russian segment in International Space Station (RS ISS) and personal dosimetry, including extravehicular activity (EVA). The modernization of the dosimeter sensor is proposed, which allows more fully to take into account the contribution of electrons to the total dose, and also to directly measure the normalized doses to the skin and lens of the astronaut's eye at EVA.

Keywords: Pille-ISS, extravehicular activity, radiation safety, dose loads, modernization

Alekseev V.V., Gavrilenko S.I., Ramkulov O.R. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)
Technique of determination of acceptable risk for the information and measuring and operating systems of linear telemechanics

The technique of quantitative risk analysis for a linear part of a main gas pipeline is considered, the algorithm of achievement of level of acceptable risk for the information and measuring and managing systems of a linear part of main gas pipelines is offered. Examples of practical application of the design decisions that provided risk minimization at implementation of system are given.

Keywords: information and measuring and managing system, corrective action, risk assessment, telemechanics, gas pipelines.

Kondratenko V.S., Vysokanov A.A., Sakunenko Yu.I. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)
Metal hybride thermal interface for heat removal from fuel elements

This paper describes a new class of metal hybride thermal interface (MHTI), superior in parameters to the most effective thermal interface, so-called liquid metal [14]. The new metal hybride thermal interface is a frame of two thin metal perforated plates or nets, the space between them is filled with a thin layer of heat-conducting paste. Comparative results of tests of heat removal from the heat dissipated to radiators (heat sinks) are given when using a new MHTI and widely used heat conducting pastes and liquid metal.

Keywords: thermal interface, liquid metal, thermal conductivity, heat conducting paste, cooling, heat removal.

Artemiev B.V., Kovalev A.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)
International Forum Security Technologies

The article gives a brief description of the events and provides an overview of the exposition equipment at the international forum Security Technologies held in Moscow on February 1315, 2018 in the Crocus Expo. Within the framework of the Forum one of the pavilions at more than 65 stands housed an exposition of special instruments and equipment. The main goal of the Forum is to present one of the most prestigious international venues for business communications, unite around common goals and objectives of representatives of the industry and civil society, as well as security specialists from Russia and foreign countries. The forum Security technologies gives a unique opportunity for representatives of civil society and business community to check the clock on the entire spectrum of issues of legal security for citizens, territories, business entities.

Keywords: exhibition, participants, examination equipment, nonlinear locators, metal detectors, biometric video analytics.

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