No. 3

Abstracts. No. 3, 2020 year
Shestakov A.L. (e-mail:
Measuring Instruments in the Digital Industry

The survey attempts to systematically consider the requirements for measuring instruments and the tasks of measurement information processing within the implementation of the digital industry concept in relation to the operation of the sheet rolling shop.

Keywords: digital industry, industrial sensors, rolling mill, electric and electro-hydraulic drives, self-validation, metrological self-check, self-calibration.

Savchenko E.G., Stuchebnikov V.M. (e-mail:
Influence of the structural state of the titanium membrane on the characteristics of pressure transducers based on SOS structures

The article considers the influence of the structural state of the titanium membrane of the pressure transducer on its metrological characteristics. Differences in characteristics are shown for transducers that differ in microstructure and in the method of manufacturing of elastic Ti membrane. The possibility of manufacturing of membranes for pressure transducers by SLM (selective laser melting) method on 3D-printer is demonstrated.

Keywords: pressure transducer, structure silicon-on-sapphire (SOS).

Yusupbekov N.R., Gulyamov Sh.M., Mukhamedkhanov U.T., Eshmatova B.I. (e-mail:
Instrumental implementation of culonometric gas analysis

The results of the development and research of the instrument implementation of the coulometric method of gas analysis of toxic substances in industrial technological environments, which provide high efficiency and reliability of the results of continuous monitoring of the content of mercaptans in natural gas, are presented. The device and operation of gas diffusion hydrophobizated electrochemical measuring cells of automatic gas analyzers are described.

Keywords: electrochemical gas analyzer, coulometric method of gas analysis, gas diffusion water-repellent electrodes, water repellent.

Velt I.D., Mikhailova Yu.V., Sudarikov V.K., Terekhina N.V. (e-mail:
Large diameter magnetic flow meters for liquid sodium

Materials on the development of magnetic flowmeters of large diameter for liquid sodium are presented. In the adopted technical solution, the sum of potentials of several pairs of electrodes located on an extended section of the pipe is used as a flow measure. The method is based on a known foundation that the average value of the secondary magnetic field along the pipe axe (i.e., of the field induced by the motion of liquid sodium) is always zero, and the signal from the electrodes of the flowmeter does not depend on the Reynolds magnetic number.

Keywords: magnetic flowmeter, electrode, inductor, magnetic field, electric potential, liquid sodium, flow rate, magnetic Reynolds number.

Usmanova Kh.A., Parpiev M.P., Abdurakhmanov O.Kh., Turgunbaev A. (e-mail:
High-frequency converter of humidity of bulk and fibrous materials

The article discusses the results of theoretical and experimental studies of a microwave transducer of moisture content of bulk and fibrous materials. The theoretical foundations of the interaction of a microwave electromagnetic field with wet material are given. The block diagram and experimental results of the developed converter are presented. It is concluded that the metrological characteristics of the microwave converter for measuring the moisture content of bulk and fibrous materials are met.

Keywords: : humidity measurements, microwave method, humidity converter, dielectric parameters, transmitting and receiving antennas, attenuation, phase shift of the microwave wave.

Malashin V.V., Vorobushkov V.V., Gladkih A.S. (e-mail:
Designing a cooling system for a tablet computer based on the Elbrus processor

The work is devoted to the problem of heat dissipation that appeared during the design of a tablet computer based on a processor with the Elbrus architecture. Existing methods of heat removal and cooling of computer technology are considered. Two prototypes of cooling systems were developed, and after that modeling of their functioning was conducted in the SolidWorks environment. Prototypes of cooling systems have tested to evaluate efficiency of cooling. The result of work is design of cooling system which provides effective processor cooling of tablet computer.

Keywords: cooling system, Elbrus architecture, processor with Elbrus architecture, Elbrus microprocessor, tablet computer, tablet PC.

Gleyzer V.I., Korolev E.N., Volkov A.B. (e-mail:
The practice of metrological assurance modern geodetic measuring instruments

The article deals with the practical activities of the service center LLC Geodetic instruments, aimed at technical and metrological maintenance of modern geodetic measuring instruments. The volume, structure and nature of the work performed by the center are estimated.

Keywords: geodetic measuring instruments, electronic total stations, satellite receivers, maintenance, verification and calibration services, the modern stage of development of geodetic measuring instruments.

Korneev R.A., Kraev M.V., Fedorova J.M. (e-mail:
Features of liquid meter calibration of chamber counters

The article deals with calibration rigs with a weight(s) device(s) and a measuring device (s) used for calibration of measuring instruments verified according GOST 8.451, requirements for their composition, metrological and technical characteristics.

Keywords: testing installation, reference metal measuring device, weight device, chamber fluid meter.

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