Abstracts. No. 3, 2019 year
Volkov A.V., Kaminsky J.D., Proskurnnev S.Y., Proskurnnev I.S., Danielyan G.R. (e-mail: kaminjd@mail.ru)
On-Board laser to measure the speed of subway train on the Doppler effect

The article presents the results of research and development carried out in Join-Stock Company (JSC) Research Institute For Heart Power Engineering Instruments to create a new class of on-Board non-contact high-precision speed meters and the way of subway trains on the basis of laser Doppler anemometry, as well as the prospects of creating a fiber-optic model of speed meter for extreme operating conditions.

Keywords: speed, way, subway train, laser module.

Khazanov M.L. (e-mail: muxaul_x@mail.ru)
Thickness measurement of asphalt pavement structures by the method of spectral seismic

Measuring the thickness of the asphalt pavement is usually associated with drilling the core and measuring its height with a ruler. Such a method is destructive. For non-destructive measurement, there are special devices, which, however, work only on coatings created by special technology. The article describes the method and results of experimental measurement using seismic-acoustic pile length meter Spectrum-2.0 and special software.

Keywords: the seismo-acoustics, spectral analysis, the asphalt coating.

Kondratenko V.S., Rogov A.Yu., Titkov M.V. (e-mail: ray40@yandex.ru)
Multi-level wireless automated control system of leaks for residential and hotel complexes

The work is devoted to the development of the structure of wireless automated leak control system for housing complexes, providing information about leaks by interested consumers of different levels: apartment, duty service, management company. The use of 3D sorption cable sensor allows to realize the ceiling contours of leakage control and to ensure the adoption of timely collective measures to prevent the development of damage when leaking from the top floor. With the help of sorption cable sensor may detect the leakage of roofs and in other areas of the building: technical the attic, pumping, basements, riser porches, etc. Wireless automatic control system leakage can effectively solve the problem of control of emergency situations not only in apartment buildings, housing complexes, but also in hotel complexes and other facilities of housing, distributed over the area.

Keywords: wireless control system, leaks, sorption cable sensor, housing complex, hotel complex, housing and communal facilities, LoRa technology

Scherbakov G.N., Kravtsov A.V., Protsenko O.P., Sakhnov E.N., Prohorkin A.G. Dunchevskaya S.V, Efremov I.A. (e-mail: scherbakovgn@mail.ru)
Experimental research of hydroacoustic compatibility of the SKAT system exposure on combat swimmers with the hydrolocator

The article presents the results of experiment on the effect of pulsed hydrodynamic pressure in water from impact system of the SKAT combat swimmer on a side-scan sonar. Recommendations given on the mutual arrangement of the two means in the water with a view to include interference effect.

Keywords: protection of water areas, means of non-lethal influence on underwater violator SKAT, hydroacoustic detection means (GAS), methods of detection of underwater violator.

Molodnitskii V.I., Matyukhin D.I., Borisova I.A. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)
Experimental estimation of micro creep of adhesive joints in precision devices

Describes the main factors that determine the strength of adhesive joints, as well as the causes of the formation of residual stresses and microcreep. Shows the equipment and the results of the experimental evaluation of the micro creep of adhesive joints.

Keywords: adhesive joints, residual stress, microcreep, agregately.

Milyaev I.M., Abashev D.M., Alymov M.I., Yusupov V.S., Bouriakov I.N., Zelensky V.A. (e-mail: imilyaev@mail.ru)
Magnetic hysteresis properties of powder hard magnetic Fe-27Cr-10Co-0,5Mo alloy

Conducted study of magnetic hysteresis properties of powder of a deformable hard magnetic Fe-27Cr-10Co-0,5Mo alloy depending on the heat treatment and optimization of modes thermal processing using the software package Statgraphics Centurion XVI. After optimal heat treatment on the investigated alloy, the residual induction of Br up to 1,35 T (13,5 kG), the coercive force of HcB up to 45,6 kA/m (570 Oe) and the maximum energy product (BH)max up to 41 kJ/m3 (5,1 MGOe) were obtained.

Keywords: magnetic properties, coercive force, residual induction, maximum energy product, powder metallurgy, sintering, planning factor.

Kirpichev A.A., Simchuk A.A., Shukov O.V., Toporov E.V., Afanasjev I.A. (e-mail: kirpichev@globaltest.ru)
Features of using the HART protocol for calibrating piezoelectric sensors

The article tells about the features of sensor calibration vibration velocity AV02 and vibrovelocity SV02 with the application of HART Protocol in the enterprise GlobalTest, Sarov.

Keywords: HART protocol, vibration velocity sensor, calibration.

Kadirova Sh.A., Zhabborov H.Sh., Urakov E.E. (e-mail: eldor.raov.96@bk.ru)
Estimation of a confidence interval and confidence margin of error

In article the dispersion (scope) of results of a number of measurements and based on which it is revealed that for exact assessment of an error it is necessary to establish borders of required parameter is considered. In case of a certain known distribution law of accidental errors the probability of emergence of errors, not overstepping some accepted bounds, i.e. the upper and lower bounds of a confidential interval is determined. Often in case of a small amount of measurements for determination and assessment of a confidential interval and confidential border it is necessary to use Styyudent's coefficient, corresponding to values of confidential probability P and to number of degrees of freedom.

Keywords: uniformally precise measurements, arithmetic average value, confidential interval, confidential probability, scope of a variation, mean square error, confidential border, Styyudent's coefficient, quantile of distribution of Styyudent, number of degrees of freedom, significance value.

Marinko S.V. (e-mail: marinko66@mail.ru)
About the redundancy of the measuring system for certification of the chambers of heat and cold

On the example of certification of test chambers of heat and cold the subjective and objective redundancy of measuring system at performance of complex measurements of temperature is considered.

Keywords: temperature, temperature difference, complex measurements, measuring system, redundancy.

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