Abstracts. No. 3, 2018 year
Bakhadirkhanov M.K., Isamov S.B., Zikrillaev N.F., Kamalov Kh.U., Koveshnikov S.V., Anniyazov K.A. (e-mail: sobir-i@rambler.ru)
Solid-state generator with controllable parameters for the infra-low frequencies

It was shown that on the basis of silicon with multiply charged clusters possibility to design a solid-state generator, parameters that can be controlled by external influences in a wide range. The patterns of changes in the parameters of a solid-state generator were determined.

Keywords: silicon, solid-state generator, multiply-charged cluster, auto-excited oscillations.

Danilov A.A., Sputnova D.V. (e-mail: aa-dan@mail.ru)
Analysis of models descriptions of instability of measuring instruments

Questions of an assessment of instability of the measuring instruments applied in case of calibration are considered. The analysis of suitability of mathematical models for introduction of corrections on instability of measuring instruments throughout the following interval of time yes of approach of the moment of its next calibration is carried out.

The comparative analysis is carried out for the following models: the average rate of drift averaged on several counting, the average rate of drift estimated by a regression method and also the drift speed evaluated by methods simple, the linear weighed or exponential moving average. Comparison is carried out not only simulation, but also on the basis of processing of results of the pilot studies.

Keywords: calibration, correction, forecast, instability, model, measuring instruments.

Matyakubova P.M., Ismatullayev P.R., Kuluyev R.R. (e-mail: ruslan.kuluev@mail.ru)
The comparative analysis of amplitude and phase methods for the case of measurement of humidity of materials in the technological stream

In work the microwave oven of a vlagometriya amplitude and phase methods of the passing wave in free space is considered, the error of an amplitude method is less, than phase, at inconstancy of mass of controlled material.

As a result research a technological stream for control of humidity of materials the amplitude method of measurements is recommended.

Keywords: vlagometriya, measurements, humidity, error, amplitude, phase, method, device, weight, material, frequency, wave.

Shogleva N.G. (e-mail: reklama@elpribor.ru)
Power quality control devices JSC Electropribor

The quality of electrical energy is the most important indicator affecting the energy efficiency and reliability of the technological equipment and power system. In this article, JSC Elektropribor presents its own latest developments lines of devices for monitoring the quality of electricity.

Keywords: power quality control devices, power quality analysis, measurement of electrical network parameters, power quality.

Mulev M.J., Nenasheva E.A., Mulev J.V. (e-mail: mulev@mail.ru)
Mechanical pressure gauge instruments in the conditions of negative temperatures

Work of elastic sensitive elements of pressure is experimentally investigated at negative temperatures (to 83 C). Metrological reliability of work of naporomer with elements from beryllium bronze is defined, temperature coefficients for different classes of accuracy are calculated.

Keywords: manometer for low pressure, beryllium bronze, negative temperatures, metrological reliability, temperature coefficients.

Motylev D.A. (e-mail: d.motylev@mdengy.ru)
How to prevent galling in stainless threaded fittings?

High requirements for corrosion resistance are imposed on construction materials in the energy, oil and gas sectors and instrument making, which causes the use of high-alloy steels (stainless steels) and alloys. These materials have a number of advantages and a number of limitations that affect the assembly and installation of threaded connections made of stainless steels. In this article, we are considering ways to solve the problems of galling and seizing stainless fasteners during installation. We offer modern methods of increasing reliability in the manufacture and assembly of threaded connections.

Keywords: stainless fasteners, fastners welding, stainless steel fittings, cable glands.

Batrameev N.V., Kurochka S.P. (e-mail: batrameev1989@mail.ru)
The study and optimization of mesa-structures shaping process on quartz crystal elements by plasma-chemical etching method for high-frequency quartz resonators in metal-to-ceramic SMD packages

As a part of study of shaping process of mesa-structure on quartz crystal elements using plasma-chemical etching method the most optimal technology process parameters were chosen. Mentioned above parameters make possible the mass production of mesa-structures on quartz crystal elements with surface area less than 8 mm2, used for manufacturing of high-frequency and high-precision resonators in metal-to-ceramic SMD packages with working frequency above 150 MHz (fundamental). Besides this, the particular polishing etching method was developed, it can be used as final etching in the process of production of different types of quartz resonators. This process allow to get final surface roughness which not exceeds Ra = 0,002 mkm.

Keywords: mesa-structure, plasma-chemical etching, high-frequency quartz resonator.

Mogilnay T.Yu., Bobkov P.V. (e-mail: Mogilnay@mail.ru)
Research of dependence of the spectral distributions of the E-coli from concentration, for the creation of an automated complex for monitoring the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the stream of water

The company SRERVET together with the department TPPIISULA MATI RSTU K.E. Tsiolkovsky was developed a new method based on coherent spectroscopy and was created an automated line for the control of pathogenic microorganisms in the flow of water. However, the method developed by us allows us only to determine the presence of a given microorganism, because the automatic determination of the concentration of a dissolved object is difficult because of the complexity of the processes that occur when the coherent radiation interacts with the DNA structure. To construct a reliable algorithm for determining the concentration of a given microorganism from the spectral distribution, statistical processing of the spectra and modeling of the physical processes of DNA interaction of the pathogenic organism with propagating coherent radiation were carried out.

Keywords: coherent spectroscopy, statistical treatment of spectra, DNA, laser.

Gaysin A.A., Kondakov A.V., Gabitov R.I., Antsigin S.D. (e-mail: prog.art.116@yandex.ru)
Change of the relative error the mass of oil products when measuring by an indirect method of static measurements

Calculation of the relative error in measuring the mass of the oil product for various filling levels of a tank when measuring the mass of oil products by an indirect method of static measurements.

Keywords: tank, mass, error, oil product, filling level.

Sadriev D.R. (e-mail: dinar.sadriev@nppgks.com)
Automation of verification protocols

This article presents a proposal for the automation of verification protocols, the relevance of the topic.

Keywords: verification, verification protocol, verification officer, verification procedure, center for standardization and metrology.

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