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Abstracts. No. 2, 2021 year
Kartsev I.S., Plaksin G.M., Inozemtsev K.O., Shurshakov V.A., Kodaira S. (e-mail:
Progress in development of modern portable dosimeters with semiconductor silicon detectors

The paper describes principles of operation and general features of the serial Russian portable dosimeters. The instruments are made with domestic silicone detectors of “D” series by the SNIIP-Plus Co., Ltd. Preliminary results of testing with high-energy protons and heavy ions are considered. The prospect of using these instruments is the dosimetric control in the fields of mixed ionizing radiation.

Keywords: PIPS, dosimeter, semiconductor detector, individual indicating dosimeter IRD-023M.

Brago Y.N., Martynov D.V. (e-mail:
Digital measurement of moisture and salt content of petroleum products by a complex method

The article presents the results of computer simulation of the simulation model of the process of measuring the moisture and salt content of oil-water emulsion with a digital measuring device. Ways to reduce measurement errors and increase the dynamic range are proposed. The proposed methodological and circuit solutions provide reliable in-line information about the quality of oil products at each stage of its preparation and at the same time contribute to a deeper automation of the technological process of crude oil preparation, will allow you to configure equipment efficiently, save chemicals, reduce energy consumption and, ultimately, increase production efficiency.

Keywords: moisture and salt content, relative measurement errors, simulation modeling.

Nasyrov I.N., Nasyrov I.I., Nasyrov R.I. (e-mail:
Method for hdd reliability multiparametric assessment

A method for multiparametric assessment of information storage devices reliability based on the dependence from operating time of SMART parameter values characterizing the state of hard magnetic disks in data storage systems is presented. The parameters, with an increase in the values of which the failure probability of disk storage devices increases, are considered. The scientific objective of the study is to establish the importance of these parameters in failed hard drives from the standpoint of developing a method for assessing the reliability of information storage devices of various manufacturers. In the course of the research, the drives of such brands as HGST, Hitachi, Samsung, ST, Toshiba, WDC, operated in the largest commercial data centre Backblaze, were analysed. The analysis revealed the following set of the most important parameters: 5 Reallocated sectors count (number of reallocated sectors), 196 Reallocation event count (number of successful and unsuccessful reallocation attempts), 197 Current pending sector count (number of sectors that are candidates for replacement), 1 Read error rate (the frequency of errors when reading data from the disk), 9 Power-on hours (the number of hours spent in the on state), 7 Seek error rate (the frequency of errors when positioning the magnetic head unit), 3 Spin-up time (the time to spin up the packet disks from rest to operating speed), 10 Spin-up retry count (the number of retries to spin up disks to operating speed if the first attempt was unsuccessful). It is taken into account that the very existence of the considered parameters values depends on the hard drives manufacturer.

Keywords: information, storage, hard disk drive, reliability, parameter, method.

Tsygankova G.A., Maiorov E.E., Chernyak T.A., Konstantinova A.A., Mashek A.C., Pisareva E.A. (e-mail:
The study of the transverse shear interferometer for the setup of interference fringes in the processing of interferograms

In the present work the relevance and urgency of application of the transverse shear interferometer to adjust the spacing of the interference fringes are shown. The effect of cross-interference of light rays on the output of the cross-shift interferometer is considered. The paper the elements of a physical system, for explaining the principle configuration of interference fringes during the interpretation of holographic interferograms are presented. Calculations for various values of the aperture of the 2 αН photodetector and for the case of a tuned interferometer, with du = d, Δd = 0 are performed. The dependence of the phase error on the value of the measured displacement vector is obtained. When analyzing the tuning of interference bands using a cross-shift interferometer, an error in measuring the phase of the bands due to the presence of cross-interference is obtained. This error does not exceed 0,015 rad, which is 0,002 percent of the interference band.

Keywords: interferometer, the aperture angle, the phase difference between the beams, the intensity of the light flux, the wave vector, the amplitude of the output signal.

Minin P.V., Dyumin M.V. (e-mail:
Applications of a rotary tooth roller capacitive sensor

A novel rotary tooth roller capacitive sensor is described. It is used to measure properties of thin object passed through narrow gap between roller surface and stationary electrode. This sensor could be employed to measure thickness or dielectric constant of the object as well as its electric charge density. For both of these measurements the formulae and calculated parameter plots are presented. It is shown that under certain circumstances the measurement result is almost independent on object position inside the gap.

An experimental setup was built to explore sensor operation using a stationary object. While measuring thickness of polyethyleneterephthalate film the experimental results were close to calculated ones. In the case of paper thickness measurements, a screening effect was discovered that caused sensor output signal to cease. It was explained by residual conductance of paper and could be overcome by quick transportation of the object. When there is a sliding contact between the object and the roller, the sensor output signal is defined by density of electric charge created by friction between them. In a qualitative experiment it was shown that the materials of object surface could thus be distinguished by their triboelectric properties.

Keywords: vibrating reed capacitor, vibrating condenser, thickness measurement, surface charge density, electret, contact electrification, triboelectric properties.

Ushakov O.K., Petrov P.V., Nikulin D.M. (e-mail:
Development of a small-sized hydrographic lens with an extended entrance pupil

The article deals with the optical system of a small-sized hydrographic lens developed on the basis of the method of Professor M.M. Rusinov. The Lens can be used for research of the World ocean.

Keywords: small-sized hydrographic lens, extended entrance pupil, base component, compensating component, optical aberrations, lens characteristics.

Nikitaev V.G., Pronichev A.N., Tamrazov O.B., Sergeev V.Yu., Medvedeva O.A., Solomatin M.A. (e-mail:
Visualization of images of skin neoplasms for expert systems for the diagnosis of melanoma

The article is devoted to the development of methods for visualization of dermatoscopic images recorded using an optical device – a dermatoscope. The methods are designed to improve the quality of visual perception in expert systems for supporting medical decision-making in the diagnosis of melanoma. The generalized structure of the image visualization system, models of image preprocessing for the visualization system (piecewise linear contrast, gamma correction, logarithmic correction, normalization of the histogram of color components) are presented. As a result of the work, a software system was created that allows applying image correction methods when comparing the studied image obtained from a dermatoscope and the described reference images from the knowledge base. Confirmatory experimental studies were conducted. The claimed system can be used for diagnostic, research, and educational purposes.

Keywords: image visualization, digital processing, contrast enhancement, dermatoscopy, melanoma of the skin.

Gurevich M.L. (e-mail:
Methods for extending the frequency range of electric thermal modules sets of voltage measuring thermocomparators

The possibilities of expanding the frequency range of electric thermal modules of sets of measuring Comparators of AC and DC voltage, built on the basis of an integrated chip of a film differential thermal Converter, are evaluated.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Bryukhovetskaya E.B., Zakharenko Yu.G., Kononova N.A., Mosckalev A.A., Ivkin A.E. (e-mail:
Coating properties gauges for metrological assurance of electromagnetic thickness measuring instruments

The current state of the metrological assurance of measuring instruments for coating parameters is described. The significance of the development and improvement of the National reference base in this branch is shown. Brief results of the development and research of a prototype of a distributed reference complex of coating properties are presented.

Keywords: thickness measurement, coatings, metrological assurance.

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