No. 2

Abstracts. No. 2, 2020 year
Lyubimov V.V. (e-mail:
Marine gradientrometer on the basis of one towed gondola

The method of measuring the gradient of the Earth's magnetic field (EMF) at sea with the use of only one towed gondola with a magnetometer has been proposed. To implement the idea created a device – a towed magnetometer, which is made on the basis of fluxgate sensors. The proposed method of measuring the gradient of the magnetic field at sea allows to implement an increase in the accuracy of the measurements carried out by the EMF by excluding errors caused and related to variable towing conditions.

Keywords: magnetic field, magnetometer, gradientometer, component measurements, hydromagnetic survey, towed gondola.

Magdeev V. Sh. (e-mail:
Explosion proof security magnetic contact detectors in a tubular housing with a removable cable gland

Proposed new designs of low-cost explosion-proof security magnetic contact detectors with replaceable standard cable glands in a tubular housing with an asymmetric reed switch, not removed from the housing when installed on the object of operation, with a more reliable internal grounding and increased reliability.

Keywords: security magnetic contact detector, cylindrical housing, standard replaceable cable gland, explosion protection, installation on site.

Fedosov S.V., Fedoseev V.N., Zaytseva I.A., Emelin V.A. (e-mail:
High-tech three-in-one air heat pump system for low-rise and cottage buildings

Along with traditional methods of solving the problems of heating and the use of alternative energy sources by upgrading equipment, switching to more environmentally friendly fuel, automation, etc., non-traditional schemes are increasingly used. One of the devices that can make a significant contribution to the management of economic energy resources is a universal heat pump unit (HPU) with the possibility of wide use (climate control) in heating, hot water supply and air conditioning, dehumidification and humidification of the air in the room, while providing comfortable conditions.

In this article, the authors have identified a number of significant advantages of both the universal heat pump installation (HPU) and the advantages for the consumer when using it. The approximate scheme of introduction of the universal combined air heat pump with the built-in solar collector, a warm plinth, a warm floor, hot water supply, a fan coil is presented. The authors describe the process of transfer of ASHP from the heat supply mode to the cold supply mode.

In the conclusion of the article the authors give arguments of expediency in favor of energy saving in the implementation of HPU – reducing the use of non-renewable fossil fuel resources, improving the environment and obtaining the same economic effect.

Keywords: universal combined heat pump unit, heat supply, air conditioning, hot water supply, energy saving, efficiency.

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