Abstracts. No. 2, 2019 year
Yashin A.V. (e-mail: yashin@vniims.ru)
Digital Metrology as a basis for innovative development of industry

The article considers the directions of development of the system of ensuring the unity of measurements of the Russian Federation, taking into account the challenges that arise in connection with the solution of the problem of transition to the digital economy.

Keywords: digital economy, ensuring the unity of measurements, metrology.

Yanshin V.N., Krug O.V. (e-mail: vyanshin@vniims.ru)
Topical issues of import substitution and measuring equipment

The current foreign policy situation in the market of measuring equipment contributed to the development of import substitution and the adoption of effective measures to meet the demand of large target consumers through the proposals of domestic producers. In the current situation, import substitution of measuring equipment is necessary to ensure the national security of the country. Implementation of import substitution of measuring equipment will have a significant impact on reducing the cost of production of the main industries.

Keywords: import substitution, measuring equipment, the import substitution program, the Federal information Fund for ensuring the uniformity of measurements, types of measurements.

Krivov A.S., Smirnova E.A. (e-mail: mapip@bk.ru)
Quality control of metrological activity on the basis of interlaboratory comparisons

The main tasks solved at interlaboratory comparisons of metrological laboratories by current standards are considered. Taking into account the results of two pilot rounds of comparisons of calibration results of electrical measuring instruments, the prospects for the development of work on comparisons of metrological laboratories of industrial enterprises were evaluated. The role of interlaboratory comparisons in modern applied metrology is shown.

Keywords: interlaboratory comparisons, uncertainty of the calibration result, statistical evaluation of the participant, provider, reference laboratory.

Chikmarev A.D., Obukhov I.V. (e-mail: chikmarev87@mail.ru)
The use of dual-channel measuring scheme for evaluation of statistical characteristics of measuring instruments of electrical quantities

The article presents an approach to the evaluation of the statistical characteristics of measuring instruments without the use of high accuracy devices on the example of measuring electrical quantities. The material of the article can be useful for specialists involved in the processing of measurement results, metrological research of measuring instruments.

Материал статьи может быть полезен специалистам, занимающихся обработкой результатов измерений, метрологическим исследованием средств измерений.

Keywords: structural function, statistical characteristics, random process.

Petrov V.N., Shabalina O.K., Shabalin A.S. (e-mail: petr_vl_n@mail.ru)
Vortex flow meters and multi-phase flow

The paper analyzes the principle of operation of a vortex flow meter. The results of studies of the metrological characteristics of vortex flowmeters are presented when measuring the flow rate of two-component liquid and gas-liquid mixtures. Analysis of the research results showed that vortex flowmeters can be used to measure two-component liquid and gas-liquid mixtures. The necessary conditions for the use of vortex flow meters to determine the flow rate of multiphase mixtures have been determined.

Keywords: vortex flow meter, multiphase flow, relative error.

Moiseeva N.P., Grigoriev S.V. (e-mail: n.p.moiseeva@vniim.ru)
New standard digital thermometer LTA. The study of accuracy and stability during operation

TERMEX Ltd. has developed a new compact electronic thermometer LTA that can be used as a standard instrument for calibrating industrial temperature instruments, as well as an accurate laboratory thermometer that can replace most of the mercury-glass thermometers used in the oil and gas industry. This article focuses on the study of the metrological characteristics of LTA, in particular the instability of its characteristics during the time interval between calibrations. According to the results of the tests conducted in D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology, the thermometer meets the requirements on accuracy and stability for the 3-level standards.

Keywords: standard thermometer, electronic thermometer, digital thermometer, calibration of temperature instruments, instability of thermometer.

Dakhin M.V., Proskuryakov V.B. (e-mail: Proskuryakovvb@mail.ru)
Application of RF mixers with differential input for construction of vector network analyzers

The paper describes the method of using differential input mixers for building vector network analyzers, which allows to reduce the cost and reduce the number of winding nodes in the design and manufacture of directional coupler.

Keywords: directional coupler, mixer, balun, microcontroller, analog-to-digital converter, differential input.

Evdokimov Yu., Gruzdev R. (e-mail: riit.riit@kstu-kai.ru)
About calibration curves of the Corioils flow meters within crude oil and petroleum metering systems and correction of the flow meters as result of their validation process

Coriolis mass flow meters installed in crude oil and petroleum metering systems may have various types of calibration curves, as well as there are different ways to perform correction of mass flow meters based on flow meters verification results.

Keywords: Coriolis mass flow meter, mass flow meter, crude oil and petroleum metering system, measurement instrumentation, verification, verification methodology, accuracy check, correction ratio (meter-factor), transition ratio, calibration factor, calibration curve.

Alekseev V.V., Orlova N.V., Minina А.А., Zhdanova E.N. (e-mail: vvalekseev@etu.ru)
Information-measuring systems. assessment of potential risk from flooding of the railway track

The necessity of development of the system of monitoring of the railway track and the adjacent territory with the use of geographic information systems is substantiated. Estimates for the formation of an integrated assessment of the state of the railway track and the surrounding area are given. The assessment of risk of flooding of the territory adjacent to the railway at the stage of design of the railway track is proved. There are four zones of possible flooding with different functional purposes. Calculations of the risk of flooding of the territory are made on the example of Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region.

Keywords: geographic information systems, risk, emergency, flooding, linear section, geotaxon, area analysis, estimation, traffic safety, railway track.

Bondarenko V.G., Bondarenko V.A., Gurjanova N.D., Markina I.S. (e-mail: vbmephi@inbox.ru)
Method of selection of the anode wire for gas straw-cambers in terms of five-component mixture

The article describes method of choice of the anode wire for gas straw-chambers in conditions of five-component mixture, prepared for operation of extreme long-term experiments. The scheme of the experimental setup for the researches of straw with different types of anodes on radiating stability is resulted. The results of tests of some modifications of gold-plated tungstic wire using the developed method is presented. On the basis of the obtained results the choice of type of the anode wire, capable to keep performance data of the detector in conditions of high radiation doses is made.

Keywords: radiation aging, straw-chamber, transition radiation, radiation resistance, anode wire.

Pautkin V.E. (e-mail: inercial@niifi.ru)
The method of controlling the profile of the formed silicon MEMS structures

In the technology of manufacturing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), it remains difficult to accurately control the etching time required to obtain a given profile of structures due to the impossibility of its visual evaluation during the formation, as well as the impossibility of measuring the resulting profile with measuring devices such as dial gauges and profilometers. In this regard, the issue of controlling the geometry of the formed structures is an important task in the technology of silicon MEMS devices.

Keywords: anisotropic silicon etching, complex-shaped profile, silicon microstructure, etching control.

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