Abstracts. No. 2, 2018 year
Savin I.S. (e-mail: Igorkoff@inbox.ru)
The study of frequency characteristics of eddy current melt level sensor

Today in steel and iron industry mold level eddy current sensors are widely distributed. They have many competitive advantages. Sensors are installed in front copper mold wall. Sensors measure level by the temperature of a copper wall. However, indirect measurement principle is a source of the signal time delay, because the temperature of the copper wall changes with inertia. Because of the signal time delay the accuracy of maintaining the level and steel quality deteriorates.

One of the main factors influencing the signal delay is the excitation frequency, because it affects on the electromagnetic field depth of penetration into the copper wall. Therefore, the aim of the study is to assess the influence of excitation frequency on the dynamic response of the sensor to reduce signal time delay.

The study was conducted using an interdisciplinary electromagnetic-thermal modeling by finite element method. An industrial experiment was carried out with real mold and multi-frequency excitation of the sensor to check the adequacy of the modeling results and to supplement them.

During the course of research it was established that the sensors signal delay is independent of excitation frequency, because all signal is due to eddy currents flowing on the copper wall surface.

Keywords: eddy-current sensor, field penetration depth, multifrequency excitation, continuous casting mould, mould level, finite element method, interdisciplinary design, delay, thermal lag.

Matyakubova P.M., Kuluev R.R. (e-mail: ruslan.kuluev@mail.ru)
Ensuring the reliability of the results when calibrating moisture meters

This paper describes a calibration method moisture meters. To ensure the competitiveness of domestic products necessary objective, high reliability and accuracy of the measurement results humidity. This requires careful analysis of metrological provision of measurement used to determine this indicator.

Keywords: measuring instrument, measured value, device, humidity, error.

Akhobadze G.N. (e-mail: ahogur@yandex.ru)
Measuring Pipe Dimensions with Metrological Assurance

A technique for round-pipe welding control is proposed. The technique consists in development of surface electromagnetic waves between the surface of the round metal pipe and a dielectric enveloping the pipe. Analytic dependences of weld height and width on speed of surface wave propagation along and across the pipe are given. Theoretical estimation of errors in indirect measurements of weld height and width is demonstrated.

Keywords: weld, surface wave, dielectric, wave propagation speed, wave slowing-down rate, defect, waveguide.

Ataulin F.R., Jasaveev V.K., Korovin V.M. (e-mail: fanzil@inbox.ru)
Information-measuring system for remote diagnostics of devices electric, acoustic, and nuclear logging

Presents the results of the thesis on the development of information and measuring system for remote diagnostics of devices electric, acoustic and radioactive logging, the purpose of which is to increase the efficiency of downhole geophysical instruments in the field, through remote diagnostics of the sensors and electron devices geophysical devices of electric, acoustic and radioactive logging, and improvements simulators standard samples as much as possible mimic the conditions under which the remote diagnostics of these devices.

Keywords: information-measuring system diagnostics, the simulators of standard samples, electrical resistivity and ultrasound.

Alekseev V.V., Gavrilenko S.I., Ramkulov O.R. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)
Technique of creation of an information measuring system for control and management of the linear part of the main gas pipeline on the example of the Magistral complex

Article is devoted to consideration of questions of implementation of a technique creation of the information and measuring and managing systems intended for control and management of technology hosts of the line section of main gas pipelines taking into account risk analysis. Results of application of a technique on the example of creation of a complex of telemechanics of the Magistral family are considered.

Keywords: information and measuring and managing systems, telemechanics, main gas pipelines, risk.

Kashirkina I.M., Lukashov Y.E. (e-mail: kashirkina@vniims.ru)
The issues of assessing the reliability of measuring systems and their connection with the organization of metrological support

Examine the differences in the definitions of the term measuring system, basic issues of reliability of measurement systems and its relationship with the methods of Metrology support.

Keywords: measuring system, metrological reliability, metrological assurance.

Brodnikov .F., Cherepanov V.Ya. (e-mail: cherepanov73@mail.ru)
Reproduction of sodium freezing temperature in a miniature ampoule

The questions of optimization of a thermal mode at reproduction of a unit of temperature in miniature ampoules of fixed reference points are considered. Results of experimental researches of metrological characteristics of secondary reference point of sodium freezing at its realization in liquid thermostats.

Keywords: temperature, temperature scale, realization scale, fixed-point, measurement unit, secondary reference, miniature ampoules, sodium freezing, liquid thermostats.

Nasyrov R.Sh., Lunin B.S., Lopatin V.M. (e-mail: heljkma@mineralogy.ru)

The basic principles of designing a high-temperature electric furnace designed for melting silicate materials in laboratory conditions are described, as well as a sequence of technological operations for vacuum high-temperature processing of quartz raw materials.The results of verification of design and technological solutions in an experimental fusion of samples of high-purity quartz glass.

Keywords: high-temperature processing of silicate materials, vacuum-compression electric furnace, fused quartz.

Khaydarov A.R., Gaynullin I.K., Sladovskiy A.G. (e-mail: alfar98001@mail.ru)
Investigation of metrological characteristics of in-line density converters

The results of repeated metrological studies of Sarasota densitometers, model FD 950, are presented in various temperature and pressure ranges after being in cold reserve mode.

Keywords: measurement, density, density meter, research, the metrological characteristics.

Sapozhnikova K., Taymanov R., Baksheeva Iu. (e-mail: k.v.s@vniim.ru)
Measurement of development process parameters

In the Industry 4.0 era. a topical metrological task is the development of measurement methods enabling measuring the parameters of development process, manifestation of which can become noticeable in some months or years. Specific examples illustrate the efficiency of the methods considered in the paper. In smart manufacturing and energetic systems, they make it possible to enhance significantly verification and calibration intervals based on the metrological self-check. As applied to smart healthcare, an acoustic method aimed at diagnosing deviations in the emotional development of infants at an early stage, has been proposed.

Keywords: parameters of development process, verification interval, calibration interval, metrological self-check, emotional development of infants, acoustic method of diagnostics.

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