Abstracts. No. 1, 2020 year
Tsvetkov Yu.B., Panfilov Yu.V. (e-mail: tsvetkov@bmstu.ru)
Modern contact photolithography: A key process of microelectronic device engineering

The analysis of possibilities and prospects of contact photolithography is carried out. The main types of contact between the photomask and the substrate are considered: rigid and conformal (flexible, membrane, elastomeric), the methods of clamping used in this case are soft, hard, vacuum, electrostatic. Modern methods of increasing the resolution of contact exposure are identified and considered: radiation input in localized areas with hard contact (Light Coupling Mask), image reduction due to the edge phase shift (Edge Phase Shift), image formation in the evanescent field (Evanescent Field), enhancement of the evanescent field by surface plasmon resonance (Plasmon Polaritron Resonans). Directions of development of systems of contact photolithography for achievement of subwavelength resolution are revealed.

Keywords: photolithography, exposure, contact, resolution, Light Coupling Mask, Edge Phase Shift, Evanescent Field, Plasmon Polaritron Resonans.

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