Abstracts. No. 12, 2019 year
Alekseev V.V., Antonyuk E.M., Korolev P.G.
Department of Information Measuring Systems and Technologies, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI) – 90 years!

The article is devoted to the anniversary of the Department of Information Measuring Systems and Technologies, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI). The main results of the department in educational activities: training of bachelors and masters, training of highly qualified personnel, the results of the research work.

Keywords: information-measuring system, educational activities, training of highly qualified personnel, the research work.

Khmelev V.N., Tsyganok S.N., Barsukov R.V., Khmelev M.V.
Ultrasonic devices for intensification of technological processes

The article presents ultrasound devices created by a team of developers, designed to increase the efficiency of various technological processes during laboratory research and the organization of new industries. It is shown that the determination of optimal modes and conditions of ultrasonic exposure allows the selection of devices according to operating frequencies and intensities of exposure, and the provision of the necessary conditions for scaling and implementation of optimal modes and conditions of exposure provides a simple transition from laboratory research to the implementation of processes on an industrial scale when organizing large-scale production.

Keywords: ultrasonic vibrations, ultrasonic devices, modes and conditions of ultrasonic exposure, industrial ultrasonic devices.

Skripka V.L., Minyazeva L.H., Pronyakin V.I.
Statistical diagnostics of drive systems based on the phase-chronometric method

At present, a phase chronometric method has been developed for cyclically operating machines and mechanisms. Most of the measurement problems solved by this method relate to assessing the actual technical condition of the diagnosed object based on the analysis of time series of periods between the phases of the working cycle of the plane rotational motion of solids (shafts, gears, bearings, etc.). The time series formed using PCM contain integral information about the multitude of parameters affecting the operation of mechanisms, which are reflected in variations of time intervals. The mathematical processing of the series of intervals makes it possible to identify trends associated with changes in design parameters (wear, aging of materials, changes in the nature of the interaction of parts, etc.).

Keywords: diagnostics, phase-chronometric method, statistical radio engineering, mathematical modeling, drive.

Ushakov O.K., Petrov P.V., Nikulin D.M., Pavlenko V.A.
Influence of curvature of auxiliary plane-parallel plate on error of collimator setting on infinity by autocollimation method

The article deals with the error that occurs when the collimator is set to infinity by the autocollimation method due to the curvature of the reflecting surface of the auxiliary plane-parallel plate.

Keywords: collimator, alignment, optical scheme, sensitivity of longitudinal guidance, auxiliary flat plate, curvature (deviation from flatness), Newton rings.

Belomyttsev V.D., Golygin N.H., Lysenko V.G., Chugreev I.G.
Method of calibration of coordinate measuring instruments in the spherical coordinate system

Topical issues related to metrological support of modern optoelectronic 3D-coordinate measuring instruments, including mobile wide-range laser measuring systems (trackers, ground scanners, electronic total stations, etc.) are considered. The description of the spatial 3D-comparator and the method of determining the main metrological characteristics on the example of a laser tracker is given. The results of studies of a linear optical-mechanical comparator with Invar rod on a reference laser tresser, linear and angular measurement systems, as well as measurements of the length of lines in space by a laser tracker are presented.

Keywords: metrological support of coordinate measuring instruments, calibration, measurement uncertainty.

Kabanov D.V.
Sustainability of enterprises of the production system of machine building complex as a basic criterion for the functioning of the industry

The indicators of the state of fixed assets of machine-building enterprises of Russia are considered. Also analyzed their innovative activity. The conclusion is made about the need to develop human resources to maintain the necessary state of domestic machine-building enterprises.

Keywords: fixed assets, innovations, personnel potential, scientific and technical societies.

G. Popov, S. Maksimenko.
The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation successfully held exhibition events in 2019 in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region-in China and Vietnam

This article consists of analysis and the results of the expositions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science at international exhibitions of high technologies in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region-in China and Vietnam. Where the demonstration of innovative developments and projects in priority areas of science and technology development in the Russian Federation, carried out by Russian research organizations and educational institutions of higher education, individual scientists and specialists, including young researchers, was provided.

Keywords: expositions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation, international exhibitions of high technologies, countries of the Asia-Pacific region, research organizations, educational organizations of higher education.

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