Abstracts. No. 12, 2017 year
Suminov V.M., Baranov P.N. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Laser rotor balancing systems of TPPISULA

The combined systems of laser rotor balancing designed of TPPISULA are considered in this article.

Keywords: rotor, laser balancing.

Kulabukhov V.S., Bulgakov V.V. (e-mail: nit@mnpk.ru)

Comparative studies of some algebraic methods of formalized synthesis of regulators for tracking systems

Compares the known algebraic method for formal synthesis of regulators for tracking systems and a new simple method of formal synthesis based on the use of isomorphic regulators. Both methods in the applied mathematical apparatus are algebraic, but differ by initial assumptions and procedures for the synthesis of regulators. A comparative study of methods is performed on the example of the development of a regulator for controlling helicopter flight altitude.

Keywords: : isomorphic regulator, algebraic method, desired transfer function, tracking system.

Lyudin V.B., Apelfeld A.V., Krit B.L., Chudinov D.B., Fedichkin I.D., Melikhov V.V., Kondratskiy I.O. (e-mail: tompve-2005@yandex.ru)

Automation of microarc oxidation technological process at group treatment of workpieces

In the article features of microarc oxidation (MAO) technology at group treatment of are considered. It is shown that in the course of MAO process the nature of the functioning of surface microplasma discharges can lead to uneven formation of the oxide layer on parallel treated workpieces and to considerable data spread of the thicknesses of coatings formed on them. The algorithms of automatic correction of electrical technological parameters of the MAO process are considered, which allow to significantly reduce such data spread. To implement the mode correction algorithms, the electronic device is proposed and the results of its experimental approbation are represented.

Keywords: automation of technological process, microarc oxidation, group treatment, microcontroller, interface.

Galkin V.I., Kuzin E.V., Akilin V.I., Krivoshlykov A.A. (e-mail: otd444@mail.ru)

Experimental research of dynamic parameters for micromechanical gyro devices

This paper describes methods of research of dynamic parameters for micromechanical gyro devices. Considered problems of automation of measurement and data processing using computer program developed for this case.

Keywords: smicromechanical gyro device, dynamic parameters, program data processing.

Kozlova E.S., Sharapov I.A., Kruse S.V., Akilin V.I. (e-mail: Katya-Kozlova15@yandex.ru)

Investigation of methods for evaluation of the ring laser gyroscope accuracy

A brief description is given of the principle of operation of the ring laser gyroscope, which is used as a sensor in strapdown inertial navigation system. Basic methods for evaluation of the ring laser gyroscope accuracy are examined. The results of processing of experimental data using Allan variance are presented.

Keywords: ring laser gyroscope, INS, error, standard deviation, spectral power density, Allan variance.

Suminov I.V., Grebenyuk E.I., Vasiliev A.M. (e-mail: ist3@mail.ru)

An automated instrument system for detection and prediction of quality parameters of coatings obtained by microarc oxidation

In the article automated laser instrument complex, which the diagnosis and prediction of quality parameters of coatings obtained by microarc oxidation, by assessing changes in the optical density of the electrolyte directly to the plating bath.

Keywords: microarc oxidation, diagnostics, forecasting, transmittance of the electrolyte.

Krit B.L., Belkin V.S., Silkin S.A., Gubin G.T. (e-mail: bkrit@mail.ru)

Increasing of wear resistance of threaded fastening pairs by boron-and-nitrogen saturation

The paper deals with research of a possibility of the operational properties increasing by treatment of plasma-electrolytic boron-and-nitrogen saturation for threaded fastening used in instruments and hardware of a modern oil and gas industry. Tribological and working properties of samples are defined. It is shown that this kind of modifying could to increase by 5 times the wear resistance and by 45 times the resource of work for threaded fastening pair «nut bolt» type made of steel 20.

Keywords: threaded fastening pair, plasma-electrolytic modifying, boron-and-nitrogen saturation, operational properties.

Anikin V.A., Borisov А.М., Makunin A.V., Mashkova Е.S., Ovchinnikov М.А. (e-mail: anatoly_borisov@mail.ru)

Morphological changes on a polyacrilonitrile carbon fiber surface under nanosized ion-beam modification

SEM and laser goniophotometry were used to analyse the ion-induced modification of the carbon PAN fiber shell of a KUP-VM composite using 30 keV Ar+ ion irradiation at normal incidence and temperatures from 200 to 600 °С. It has been found that the formation of corrugated submicron structures at elevated temperatures of composite irradiation (> 200°C for argon) shows the feature at temperatures near 400...500 °С. The angles of the inclination of the corrugated faces and fraction of the corrugated structure on the fiber surface at these temperatures become minimal. The obtained regularities make it possible to relate the phenomenon of ion-induced corrugation with anisotropic radiation-induced plastic processes of dimensional changes in carbon materials taking into account ion sputtering.

Keywords: carbon fiber, carbon-carbon composite material, ion-induced corrugation, sputtering, plastic deformation.

Agureev L.E., Anikin K.A., Ashmarin A.A., Panasova G.V., Savushkina S.V., Apelfeld A.V. (e-mail: trynano@gmail.com)

Surface modification of aluminium composite by microarc oxidation method

Ceramic-like coatings were formed in silicate-alkaline electrolyte by microarc oxidation (MAO) method on aluminum composites without additives (Al) and with copper-alloyed (Al + 1 % Cu) and (Al + 4.5 % Cu). The methods of scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, X-ray photoelectron spectrometry and X-ray phase analysis were used for investigations of the coatings. MAO coatings have morphological structure typical for the coatings on compact aluminum alloys but with excessive content of aluminum. MAO treatment of composites allowed to increase the microhardness of their surfaces by more than an order of magnitude.

Keywords: aluminum composites, microarc oxidation, ceramic-like MAO coatings, aluminum oxide, coating structure, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, X-ray photoelectron spectrometry, X-ray phase analysis.

Molodnitsky V.I., Malin R.G., Tartachnaya D.S. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Ways of increasing the operating reliability of adhesive seals at the assembly of instruments

The paper studies experimental methods of bubbles detection in adhesive compositions and the technology of bubbles removal for provision of high-quality glue joint in precision instruments. All stages of technological process are presented including activation methods of surfaces processing and adhesion composition preparation.

Keywords: aadhesive composition, activation methods of surface preparation and composition formation.

Savushkina S.V. (e-mail: tompve-2005@yandex.ru)

Formation methods of thermal barrier coatings based on zirconia and hafnia

Formation methods and various approaches to improving thermal insulation, thermocycling properties and resistance to high-temperature sintering of TBC based on zirconia and hafnia are considered. It is shown that the plasma electrolytic oxidation method makes it possible to form yttria stabilized zirconia coatings. The results of the formation of a gradient nanostructured coating with the thermal barrier layer including layers of yttria stabilized zirconia and hafnia are presented.

Keywords: thermal barrier coating, zirconia, hafnia, plasma spraying, plasma electrolytic oxidation.