Abstracts. № 12, 2010 year
Belenkiy A.M., Bursin A.N., Chibizova S.I. (e-mail: energomet@misis.ru)

Metallurgical temperature measurement

Measuring temperature problem in metallurgy and tasks, which must be solved of device-maker and industrial employments take up in the article. This will guarantee good quality of finished produce.

Keywords: metallurgy, furnace unit, temperature, quality, energy-saving technology, measuring device.

Karzhavin A.V., Karzhavin V.A. (e-mail: kip@tesey.com)
Means of improving reliability and accuracy temperature measurements perfomed by thermocouples

This article describes actual state of contact thermometry, about advantages of cable thermocouples, new materials and construction used in cable thermocouple production. Article contains typical measuring circuits used for thermocouples and describes uncertainty budget for it. In article one can find result of expanded uncertainty calculations taking into account such important components as inhomogeniety and drift. Means of unceratinty decreasing by in-situ calibration described together with construction of special thermocouple for realizing such calibration.

Keywords: contact thermometry, cable thermocouples.

Gnezdov E.N., Gnezdov N.E., Kosenok V.A., Panov A.V., Tumanova A.V. (e-mail: gnezdov@tvp.ispu.ru)
Systematic application of miniature temperature recorders TL-01 for the temperature field monitoring in the dryer of ceramic products

A method for systemic use of autonomous miniature temperature recorders TL-01 for the temperature field monitoring in the dryer of ceramic products.

Keywords: the temperature field of monitoring, ceramic products, drying bricks, autonomous temperature recorders.

Akhmetov R., Sharikov A. (e-mail: eneft@mail.ru)
Application of InfraRed devices at control of temperature parameters of technological process and equipment diagnostics in metallurgy and the industry

In article criteria of a choice of InfraRed devices are considered at temperature control at hire of armature and welding of pipes on camps for welding of pipes. Examples of successful introduction of contactless measurement of temperature in technological processes and diagnostics the heat-mechanical equipment are resulted.

Keywords: metal temperature, temperature of a welded seam, thermohardening, contactless measurement of temperature, pyrometer, InfraRed thermal imaging system.

Balashov A.A., Maynikova N.F., Zhukov N.P. (e-mail: balashov_alex_76@mail.ru)
Information-measuring system for non-destructive testing temperature characteristics of structural transitions in polymer materials

The article deals with information-measuring system for nondestructive testing of structural transitions in polymeric materials. As the probe is a round flat heater that works in an information-measuring system.

Keywords: information-measuring system, the probe operates, the structural transitions, polymer materials.

Anchutin S.A., Morozova E.S., Golovan A.S., Shilov V.F. (e-mail: step305@mail.ru)

System of object angular position initial alignment based on micromechanical accelerometers

The article shows results of designing and making of a system of object angular position initial alignment based on micromechanical accelerometers. Description and principle of operation of the system of initial alignment are shown, test results are given.

Keywords: micromechanical accelerometer, angular position, initial alignment.

Suminov I.V., Apelfeld A.V., Ludin V.B., Vladimirov B.V., Zheltukhin A.V., Vinogradov A.V. (e-mail: tompve-2005@yandex.ru)
Effect of electrolytes temperature on characteristics of MAO-coatings applied in device-making

The effect of electrolyte temperature on characteristics of MAO-coatings on aluminum alloy 2024 was studied. The samples were treated in silicate-alkaline, molibdate and aluminate electrolytes; the temperature was varied in a range from 15 up to 40 °С with an interval 5 °С. It was shown that the electrolyte temperature effect substantially on thickness, microhardness, through porosity and electric strength of the formed MAO-coatings.

Keywords: microarc oxidation, temperature of electrolyte, thickness, microhardness, through porosity, electric strength.