Abstracts. 12, 2009
Golubjatnikov I.V., Kondratenko V.S., Zhymalov A.B.(e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

Development of the theory and practice of a method laser controlled thermocracking

The work is devoted to development of the theory of a method laser controlled thermocracking (LCT), received recently wide circulation and recognition all over the world. Some most significant applications of a method LCT in Russia and are described abroad at processing materials and details in mechanical engineering, instrument making, microelectronics and optoelectronics.

Keywords:laser controlled thermocracking; sapphire; silicon.

Zheleznov .., Seniaynsky .V., Favorsky D.V., Hanov U.. (e-mail: tenso@tenso-m.ru)
New weight measurement sensors -̻ for production sector

In this article are given characteristics of sensors, produced by weight measuring company -̻.

Keywords: sensor, weight measuring equipment.

Kiriakov V.Kh., Lyubimov V.V. (e-mail: lvv_store@mail.ru)
Digital magnetic observatory

Digital magnetic observatory (DMO) it is a complex of devices consisting from magnetic variation station, proton recording magnetometer,data logger, GPS-receiver and computer, intended for realization relative and absolute measurements of components of the Earth magnetic field induction vector and its module on magnetic observatories and on observation points. With the help of computer the control of work of all components of a DMO-complex, registration and visualization of the received data in real time, and also automatic organization of a database is carried out. The construction and realization of high characteristics of separate devices which are included in a DMO-complex, allows it easily to be integrated in work of the international digital systems of the data processing.

Keywords: magnetic observatory, stationary recording magnetometer, proton magnetometer, magnetic metering.

Rozentcev V.S., Novikov A.V., Marachovsky V.I., Shamanin A.V., Fishilenko A.A. (e-mail: skbim@mail.ru)
Bench, designed for carrying out railway transport fall-scale structure endurance tests

This article is reviewing arrangement and technical characteristics of electrohydraulic bench, designed for carrying out railway transport fall-scale structure endurance tests. Bench controlling system is build on base of industrial computer and provides carrying out side frame castings and freight wagon bogie bolster tests in frequency range up to 10 Hz.

Keywords: Frames endurance test, fall-scale structures test, railway transport fall-scale structures, fall-scale structures durability, freight bogies side frame, freight wagon bogie bolster, railway transport wagons.

Volkov V.S., Barinov I.N. (e-mail: mzungu@inbox.ru)
Automatization of diagnostic assurance of intellectual pressure semiconductor sensors developing

The article describes using MS Excel software for developing the diagnosability provision of semiconductor smart pressure sensors.

Keywords: pressure sensor.

Shotin A.B. (e-mail: ashotin@yandex.ru)
Development of creation technique for the scientific researches automated system research laboratories

The main stages of a technique of creation of the automated system of scientific researches (LIMS) are considered. Variant of solution on the basis of a sheaf of DBMS Oracle 10g Express and the application developed in the environment of Borland Dephi (Developer Studio 6) are offered.

Keywords:automation, a DBMS, the periodic process, the automated system of scientific researches, a technique.

Chubarov D.V. (e-mail: chubarovd@gmail.com)
Design rules of high-sensitive microwave sections

This article adresses questions related to development and tuning the high-sensitive microwave sections. These questions are missed in some other researches as not relevant, but only taking these questions into account allows to achieve the best performance.

Keywords: microwave section, noise factor, signal to noise ratio, performance.

Kalenova N.V. (e-mail: natusha_78@mail.ru)
Analysis of the impact on the motion resonator of the wave solid-state gyroscope in the case of the angular vibration of resonator mass defects of its surface

We consider the hemispherical resonator wave solid-state gyroscope with mass defect of the shell. Making analysis of the behavior of the resonator in this case angular displacement of the base of the resonator occured. It turns out that the mass defect of the surface leads to the sensitivity of the orientation of the wave pattern to external vibrations. Parameters of mass defect of the surface of the cavity (imbalance) are determined by the reaction of the waves on the angular vibration of the base of the resonator.

Keywords: navigation, hemispherical resonator gyro, rezonator.

Esaulenko N.V., Esaulenko V.N., Perov V.N. (e-mail: atp@astu.org)
Design procedure of drilling agent bottomhole tuning-fork pressure sensor

There is shown design procedure of drilling agent bottomhole tuning-fork pressure sensor. Also there is given analytic dependence with a view to calculate geometrical dimension of drilling agent pressure sensing device. With regard to bottomhole measuring equipment running in deep holes there is given calculation of measuring container.

Keywords:drilling, working face, collar, pressure, sensing device.

Pavin A.M. (e-mail: pavin@bk.ru)
Underwater Extended Objects Identification on a Side Scan Sonar Images

Questions of side scan sonar (SSS) application for underwater extended objects (cables and pipelines) inspection are considered in this paper. The autonomous underwater vehicle as SSS-carrier is applied. The problem of SSS-echogram processing for extended object detection on a sea-bottom and its position determination is solved. Results of real SSS-images processing received by autonomous underwater vehicle during inspection of an underwater cable are discussed.

Keywords: side scan sonar (SSS), autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), underwater cables and pipelines inspection, pattern recognition.

Burobin V.A., Enushkina E.N., Konovalov A.M., Kuznecov A.L., Matveev Y.A., Pavlov A.Y., Romanko V.A. (e-mail: YAM194699@yandex.ru)
Development of the technology of manufacturing of led matrixes on the basis of heterostructures InGaN/GaN/AlGaN

The technology of manufacturing of LED chips designed on the basis of heterostructures InGaN/GaN/AlGaN, being the basis for LED matrixes. Samples of chips, and also matrixes on their basis are obtained. The action mock-up energysafe of a bulb in a standard pedestal with an AC/DC by transformation is generated.

Keywords: led chip, led matrixes, heterostructure.

Danilovich A.S., Koltishev C.M. (phone: 8 (499) 196-75-22)
The plant for radiometric separation of contaminated soil

The plant for separation of contaminated coil, which is intended for work on mechanical division of soil into fraction depending on its specific activity, is described. The design of plant, the scheme of the detecting block and opportunity for use of various detectors is considered. Results of tests of the plant on area of temporary storage of radioactive waste RRC Kurchatov institute are presented.

Keywords:plant, separation of contaminated coil, mechanical division of soil.

Krestovsky V.V., Telitchenko G.P., Shevtsov V.I. (e-mail: V.I.Schevtsov@vniim.ru)
State Special Primary Standard of the Electrical Voltage Unite Volt for frequency range 302000 MHz GET 27-2009

The structure of construction is examined, the main metrology characteristics of the New State Primary Special Standard are given.

Keywords: structure of construction, metrology characteristics, standard.