No. 11

Abstracts. No. 11, 2022 year
Krechetova E.V. (e-mail:
Study of the influence geometric characteristics of the surface on electrical parameters (capacity) in non-destructive testing of adhesive joints

A study was carried out to determine the relationship between the geometric characteristics of the surface (altitude roughness parameter Ra) and the value per measured electrical parameter (capacitance). For the study, samples with different roughness values were used to identify the correlation dependence and establish the value of the correlation coefficient in this compound. As a basis, samples were taken that corresponded to the geometric dimensions of the samples of adhesive joints according to GOST 14759. The correlation dependence was determined at certain roughness values, and the dependence function was compiled in the first approximation between the measured value of the capacitance and the roughness of the connected elements.

Keywords: non-destructive testing, electrocapacitive method, capacitance, roughness, adhesives.

Leun E.V., Shakhanov A.E., Samoilov S.Yu., Sokolova Yu.V., Chalov S.A., Kolobov A.Yu. (e-mail:
Features of the construction of jet-drop optical systems for measuring the electric field strength

The article discusses the issues of construction, device, principles of operation and improvement of jet-drop optical measuring systems (JDOMS) to control the electric field strength (EFS). It is shown that such systems are based on the use of a stream of flying charged drops (balls, hollow granules) used as micro-objects sensitive to the EFS and deviating from a given rectilinear trajectory. The features of optical meters of two different principles of operation are described, which make it possible to determine the desired value of the EFS based on high-precision stroboscopic measurements of the displacement of such drops. The physical and metrological parameters of the JDOMS EFS are analyzed when using various liquid substances: water, melts of polyethylene, alkali, alkaline earth metals, their two- and three-component alloys. Estimates of the sensitivity threshold of the JDOMS EFS are presented and the possibilities of their improvement are considered. The features of improving the JDOMS EFS due to the possibilities of three-coordinate measurements of Ex, Ey and Ez and the introduction of a reference channel are discussed.

Keywords: electrodroplet technologies, droplet flow, droplet, microsphere, granule, drop trajectory, reflectometric measurement method, electrostatic charge, charge/mass ratio, electric field strength.

Sinitsa M.O., Osipov T.A., Komshin A.S. (e-mail:
Development of technical means of geometry control of general heavy machinery products

The work is devoted to the development of technical means for controlling the geometry of heavy engineering products using two methods: contact and non-contact. An experiment was carried out to determine a sufficient number of points to determine the shape deformation when an object was fixed in a three-jaw chuck, and a number of experiments were carried out using a laser micrometer to determine the critical position of an object during measurement. The paper also describes a new improved approach (technology) to the measurement (control) of heavy and general engineering objects using measuring instruments based on laser / optical technologies.

Keywords: control, geometry, general engineering, heavy engineering.

Novikov D.A., Lysenko V.G. (e-mail:
Features of metrological support for measurements of shape deviation parameters of optical flat and spherical surfaces

The problems of metrological support of measurements of parameters of shape deviations of optical surfaces are considered. The results of improvement of the state primary standard GET 183 in terms of measurements of parameters of shape deviation of optical flat and spherical surfaces are presented.

Keywords: State primary standard, deviation of the optical surfaces form.

Rylov S.A., Kholopov V.A., Blagoveshchensky I.G., Nazoykin E.A. (e-mail:
Digital twins of automation systems based on the industrial internet of things using virtualization technologies

The article proposes an architectural approach to the development of digital counterparts of automation systems based on the industrial internet of things using modern digital technologies. The article also proposes the concept of information transfer between the software components of digital twins based on modern protocols and data transmission standards of the industrial internet of things.

Keywords: Industrial Internet of Things, digital twins, IIoT, virtualization.

Shchepetov A.G., Shimereva L.V. (e-mail:
On the application of the Vyshnegradsky method to the analysis of the dynamic accuracy of measuring instruments

Diagrams are proposed that, like the Vyshnegradsky diagram, make it possible to demonstrate and investigate the dependence of the indicators of the dynamic accuracy of quasi-static measuring devices of the third order on the physical parameters of these devices.

Keywords: Vyshnegradsky diagram, dynamic accuracy indicators.

Mannanov M.I. (e-mail:
Electrophysical properties of silicon doped with nickel by the diffusion method

The determination of the conductivity and lifetime of nonequilibrium charge carriers of nickel impurity in single-crystal silicon is given. The optimum mode of diffusion is established. It has been shown that the generation of thermal donors is suppressed by the interaction of nickel and oxygen impurities introduced at 500 C, and it has been proven that it does not affect the formation of high-temperature thermal donors formed at 700 C.

Keywords: silicon, chemical deposition, nickel diffusion, resistivity, lifetime, heat treatment, defect, magnetron sputtering method.

Eremin E.V. (e-mail:
Criteria for effective estimates of the results of indirect measurements of certain quantities

Criteria are proposed for fulfilling the conditions for finding an effective (unbiased and having the smallest dispersion) estimate of the result of indirect measurements as a function of the quotient of two arguments direct measurements of two quantities. Forms of presenting estimates of the measured value and indicators of the accuracy of such indirect measurements that meet the requirements of regulatory documents are given.

Keywords: indirect measurement, estimate, systematic error.

Kartsev I.S., Chigarin I.Y. (e-mail:
Critical aspects and optimization of the activities of scientific and industrial microenterprises in the field of nuclear instrumentation

The article discusses the critical aspects and problems of organizing the activities of a microenterprise in the scientific and industrial sphere, including in the field of nuclear instrumentation. Using the example of the activities of the microenterprise LLC SNIP-Plus (Moscow), the analysis of the features of work in the conditions of a special military operation and methods of crisis optimization of the activities of scientific and industrial microbusiness is carried out.

Keywords: nuclear instrumentation, micro-company, dosimetry, semiconductor detector, SNIIP-Plus Co., Ltd.

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