Abstracts. No. 11, 2019 year
Ostroverkhov V.V., Belenky I.Ya., Belykh A.A., Timirgaliev R.A.
Experimental evaluation of the spectral composition of the current of induction motors in the event of typical defects and faults

The article presents the results of experimental studies of the frequency spectrum of the current consumed by an asynchronous electric motor in the presence of defects and faults. The obtained amplitudes of the spectral components of the current at diagnostic frequencies of the main defects of the motor. Based on these data, the composition and the number of diagnostic frequencies of typical defects are recommended, at which, by the magnitude of the amplitudes of the spectral components exceeding the detection threshold, one can determine the occurrence of a defect.

Keywords: signature analysis, spectral amplitude component, diagnostic frequency, defect, spectrogram, detection threshold.

Tsatsin ..
Synthetic pseudo-random sequence for position sensors

The article discusses the results of research on the synthesis pseudo-random sequences with an extended observation window for single-track digital position sensors.

Keywords: the single-track digital sensor, the de Bruijn graphs, the pseudorandom sequence, the extended observation window, the synthetic pseudo-random sequence, the aliquot sequence.

Ilyuschenko A.V., Kuksevich V.F., Smelkov D.V.
Research of the microwave method for measuring humidity of natural and synthetic fibers

The article presents the theoretical information and the research results of the microwave method for measuring humidity, based on a change in the parameters of an electromagnetic wave in the microwave range, either transmitted through or reflected from a moist material; A number of reasons affecting the accuracy of measurements are established.

Keywords: moisture, moisture content, yarn, fibers, microwave moisture measurement.

Zackharenko Y.G., Kononova N.A., Fedorin V.L., Fomkina Z.V., Chekirda K.V.
Investigations of metrological characteristics of iodine-stabilized He-Ne laser model 100

The general results of investigations of metrological characteristics of iodine-stabilized He-Ne laser are described.

Keywords: iodine-stabilized He-Ne laser, state primary standard of the length unit the metre GET 2-2010, software Laser-Laser, difference frequency, Allan deviation.

Zamyatin A.V., Privalov I.A.
Methodology for measuring the effectiveness of cleaning ventilation air with aerosol filters for ventilation systems of nuclear plants

The work is devoted to methods for determining the dispersion of non-radioactive aerosols. A DAS 2702 diffusion aerosol spectrometer is presented. A technique is presented for measuring the effectiveness of ventilation air cleaning with aerosol filters for the ventilation systems of nuclear plants.

Keywords: nuclides, aerosols, atoms, methods.

Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I.
19th International Exhibition of Non-Destructive Testing Equipment NDT Russia 2019

The article gives a brief description of the equipment presented at the 19th International Exhibition of Instruments and Equipment for Non-Destructive Testing. The exhibition was attended by about 200 exhibitors, Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers, who demonstrated a wide range of equipment that provides quality control of products for the aviation and rocket and space industries, the military-industrial complex, engineering, metallurgy, construction, electronics, oil and gas, energy and other industries. Among the participating countries are Russia, China, the USA, Turkey, Belgium, France, Germany and Japan. Equipment and technological solutions were presented in the following areas: testing equipment, measuring and metrological equipment, equipment for production control, machine vision, equipment for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, equipment for laboratory control, diagnostic and monitoring systems. The exhibition was especially interesting for metrologists, technologists, specialists of quality control departments, testing centers and production laboratories. The key business event of the exhibition was the All-Russian Scientific Conference Measurements. Tests. ontrol.

Keywords: exhibition, participants, vibrodiagnostics, metrology, integrated systems, NDT technologies, measurements, test equipment.

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