Abstracts. No. 11, 2018 year
Zavyalova M.A., Zavyalov P.S., Elesin A.G. (e-mail: mzav@tdisie.nsc.ru)
Increasing resolution of fiber confocal surface sensor based on chromatic coding method

A method is proposed for increasing the resolution of a fiber confocal surface sensor based on chromatic coding, which is based on apodization of the central part of the hyperchromatic lens. Conducted computer simulation of the sensor. An analytical dependence of the spectral power of the signal at the output of the sensor on the wavelength is obtained. The experimental approbation of this method was performed.

Keywords: confocal sensor, hyperchromatic lens, chromatic coding method, laser material micromachining, positioning systems.

Getz A.Yu., Svinolupov Yu.G. (e-mail: sjg@manotom.com)
Electronic digital and analog devices of JSC Manotom

In article achievements of JSC Manotom in the field of the released electronic devices reveal: digital manometers, pressure sensors, arrow manometers with electronic blocks for creation to devices of new operational properties. The prime of a digital manometr at the enterprise is the digital manometer DM 5002M. In a modern look he has a number of differences from the device released from the beginning of the century. Existence of the programmed display with necessary information, high precision at the level of a working standard in the expanded range of measurement, two-wire connection, the analog interface 4...20 and RS-485 and HART-interfaces, the alarm system mode, an opportunity to perform measurements in the absence of food a long time, the ability to work fully as a part of systems, the explosion-proof and signaling versions do the device to the meeting all modern requirements.

The high quality of digital and analog sensors of pressure of DM 5007 is provided on the one hand with the operating quality management system and his continuous monitoring by means of the test center equipped with the necessary equipment and the competent technical personnel, and with another constantly carried out research works in the field of digital methods of correction of errors and improvement of designs of measuring converters.

Further development of arrow devices at the enterprise is connected with the prospects of equipping of manometers the system interfaces allowing not only to increase the accuracy of measurements, but also to give to the arrow device full-fledged qualities of a system element.

Keywords: manometer, sensor, error, digital interface, quality, microelectronics, sensor, converter, checking.

Bondarenko V.A., Bondarenko V.G., Markina I.S. (e-mail: bondval@imbp.ru)
Application of modular system in devices for monitoring radiations of environment on the basis of cells with water

In work the modular system on the basis of LTR-crate in devices for monitoring environment on the basis of cells with water is presented. Block diagrams of devices, schemes of blocks of the coordination of signals, data processing are described, a choice of base elements of devices are resulted. The amplitude resolution of the device is measured. and is drawn a conclusion that the device can register weak influence on environment.

Keywords: background, monitoring, , cells with water, interface Ethernet.

Dayev Zh.A., Nazarov M.R. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)
Neural network representation of automated flow measurement systems of natural gas

The paper proposes an approach related to the replacement of some characteristics of flow measurement systems with artificial neural networks. A neural network representation of the discharge coefficient of a Venturi tube by multilayer perceptron is shown. Several structural schemes for the implementation of neural networks are proposed. An estimate of such a replacement is performed in the form of an error calculation. The work is addressed to specialists involved in the development of automated measuring systems, workers who operate instruments and systems for control and measuring the flow rate of natural gas.

Keywords: neural network, flow meter, system, Venturi tube.

Vasyukov S.A., Murzin I.A. (e-mail: sa_vasyukov@mail.ru)
Electronic relays of car alarms, controlled by the power wiring of the car

The growing number of hijackings with the use of special technical equipment makes actual the development of new types of electronic relays that break an automobile circuit and prevent hijacking. It is promising to create relays that work using the Power Line Communication technology and receive control signals from the main module of car alarms by power wiring. Such relays are difficult to detect and deactivate. Famous publications on PLC technology are devoted to the creation of devices controlled from the main electronic unit of the car. They involve the use of blocking filters embedded in the power wiring of the car, which is unacceptable when installing anti-theft systems, which are optional equipment. In the presented article a method of digital signal transmission is proposed, an electrical model of wiring is developed and the results of its verification are presented.

Keywords: car alarm, pulse noise, modulation, digital signal.

Yuldashev Z.M., Anisimov A.A. (e-mail: yuld@mail.ru)
System of remote intellectual monitoring of people's health

The structure of the system of remote monitoring of people's health, including the levels of a wearable monitor, a mobile device, a server of a medical institution and a wearable computer of a family doctor, is considered. An algorithm for remote intelligent patient monitoring is proposed, which allows changing the operation modes and characteristics of the channels for recording biomedical signals, algorithms for processing and analyzing diagnostic information when the current physiological state of the patient deviates from the individual norm state.

Keywords: telemedicine, health diagnostics, remote monitoring, system structure, algorithm, system intellectualization.

Bakhadyrkhanov M.K., Zikrillaev N.F., Ayupov K.S. (e-mail: bahazeb@yandex.com)
Optimal alloying conditions for obtaining silicon with intrinsic conductivity

In the work, optimal conditions for diffusion were determined, i.e. temperature and time of diffusion, allowing to obtain strongly compensated samples with conductivity at = 300 °, ρ ≥ 2 ⋅ 10 5 Ohm⋅cm. It is shown strongly compensated silicon doped with nickel is a promising material for creating more thermal and radiation-resistant sensors.

Keywords: low-temperature diffusion, silicon, nanostructure.

Sandulyak A.A., Sandulyak A.V., Kiselev D.O., Sandulyak D.A., Polismakova M.N., Ershova V.A. (e-mail: d.sandulyak@mail.ru)
About the method of obtaining data of magnetic susceptibility of disperse phase ferroparticles of powder on concentration and field dependences of its susceptibility

Based on analysis of concentration and field dependences of magnetic susceptibility some powder samples (with disperse phase of magnetite, ferroparticles of sugar, cream of wheat, return condensate of CHP, drain condensate of nuclear energy station, ammonia of hydrogen nitrate producing, gas-liquor, recycling water of rolling machine and etc.) an approach is proved for determining a magnetic susceptibility of particles of disperse phase. It is pointed on presence limited linear parts of concentration dependences, which are acceptable for such determination (demonstrating sufficient mutual dissociation of particles), the value of a volume fraction of a disperse phase, extreme for them, is established. The inverse power dependence of susceptibility of powder samples and particles with intensity of the applied magnetic field (in area, post-extreme for susceptibility) allowing finding its corresponding field dependence on control value of susceptibility is shown.

Keywords: magnetic susceptibility, powder sample and its particles, concentration and intensity dependences.

Kadirova Sh.A., Jabbor H.Sh. (e-mail: tgtu_mss@rambler.ru)
Point estimates of the distribution parameters of random variables

In metrology, the assessment of measurement accuracy and the assessment of the true value of the measured quantity are important. Often, when estimating the distribution of random variables and determining the distribution parameters on the basis of a sample, i.e., a limited number of measured value values obtained in n independent experiments, a point estimate of the distribution parameters of random variables is used.

The article discusses the issues of determining and evaluating the numerical characteristics of the distribution parameters of random variables. Based on the obtained estimates and Sx it was revealed that the number of measurements indicates the reliability of the determination of Sx and the proximity to the true value of Q.

Keywords: numerical characteristics, positional measures, dispersion measures, mathematical expectation, variance, standard deviation, point estimate, unbiased point estimate, consistent point estimate, effective point estimate of dispersion, empirical dispersion.

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