Abstracts. 11, 2010 year
Shepetov A.G. (e-mail: av108410@comtv.ru)

One of the best dynamic characteristics of measuring instruments

The optimal dynamic characteristics of measuring instruments is been considered in article. The condition for a minimum duration of the transition process and the condition of the maximum bandwidth of frequencies assume as optimality criterion. In article are given the recommendations and practical information on the calculation of the optimal values of parameters of devices that satisfy these conditions.

Keywords: measuring device, dynamic performance optimization.

Sergeev A., Zakharov V. (e-mail: aistkot@mail.ru)
Giga ohmmeter

Is given the simplified schematic diagram of giga ohmmeter, the algorithm of its work are described. Limits of the measurement of resistances are from 10 K to tens of G. The distinctive special feature of device is low test voltage on the measuring probes (is not more than 2,0 V). The acting mock-up of device was tested, an error of measurement of the resistances is not more than 0,2 % with a measurement range from 10 kohm to 2,5 giga ohm.

Keywords: the measuring device, measurement of electroresistance, electric measurements.

Gorobey V.N., Izrailov E.K. (e-mail: E.K.Izrailov@vniim.ru)
Investigation of the possibility of expanding the measurement range of standard membrane-capacitance vacuum gauges

The object of work is investigation the hypothesis of expending the range standard of membrane-capacitive vacuum gauges with one a membrane-capacitive pressure gauge with electrostatic compensation (MCG) and gas compression device in one of his cameras.
A distinctive feature of the studied standard is a wide range of measurements of absolute pressures (104104) Pa with high accuracy and lack of regular pumping comparative chamber MCG.

Keywords: standard, range, membrane-capacitive vacuum gauge.

Kozlov A., Rumyantsev V. (e-mail: info@teplovodokhran.ru)
Automatic meter reading (AMR) systems

The paragraph describes advantages of. Description of AMR system Pulsar are given: structure, organization, features. Different types of connection between meters and server are described (twisted pair, radio, GSM, Ethernet).

Keywords: AMR, energy meter, pulse counter, data base, GSM-modem, RTU.

Kovalev I.V., Tsarev R.Ju., Zavyolova O.I. (e-mail: kovalev.fsu@mail.ru)
Analysis of architectural reliability of the information control system software

In the paper the problem of the analysis of architectural reliability of the information control system software for technical diagnostics is considered. The example of architectural reliability evaluation of the information control system software for technical diagnostics of the train automatic electric devices is given.

Keywords: architectural reliability, software, the information control system, automated diagnostics system.

Yatsuk A.G. (e-mail: garvad@mail.ru)

Management improvement of quality by the automated complex regenerations of the air environment tightly isolated objects

The analysis of results of working out and application of various methods of clearing of the air environment from carbon dioxide is carried out. It is shown that characteristic feature of tightly isolated objects is absence of interaction with environment and application of the special means which are carrying out regeneration of necessary gas structure of the air environment the automated complexes of regeneration of the air environment (ACRE ) is necessary. The technical decision of system of automatic control for ACRE is presented, allowing essentially to raise quality of management of process of regeneration of the air environment.

Keywords: control, the automated complex, regeneration, the air environment, tightly isolated object, adsorber, steam and gas generator.

Filinov V.V., Arakelov P.G., Didin G.A. (e-mail: wargod_venom@mail.ru)
Information system for the magnetic noise control of mechanical pressure

System of magnetic noise control of mechanical pressure with use of the three-co-ordinate scanner. The block scheme of work of the device of the magnetic noise control and principles of its work.

Keywords: magnetic noise, Barkhausen jumps, digital signal processor, servomechanism.

Fuksov V.M. (e-mail: V.M.Fuksov@vniim.ru)

Investigation of temperature fields of standart radiators

This paper describes a study of blackbody radiators and the tungsten temperature lamps to detect uncertainties associated with the non-isothermal of the surfaces. For example, the results of numerical calculations of the temperature field of copper and gold cells realized by software Elcut 5 and Ansys 11, shows the influence of various factors on the uniformity of the temperature field. The main problem is the calculation of radiation heat transfer elements of crucible with the environment and the furnace cavity, as the dominant component of heat transfer. The results of the temperature field cavity of cell in the phase transitions of copper measured by spectrocomparator are shown. A good agreement between the results of calculated temperature field and the measured data at the optimum initial conditions are obtained. For the temperature lamps obtained values of uncertainties associated with positioning of the optical axis. The comparative results of the experiments are shown.

Keywords: blackbody model, fixed points, radiation heat transfer, temperature field, tungsten ribbon lamp, thermophysical modeling.

Bazaev N.A., Grinvald V.M. (e-mail: bazaev-na@yandex.ru)
Analytical model of roller pump delivery rate in hemodialysis machines

In the current work an analytical model of roller pump delivery rate in hemodialysis machines is presented. The model is based on calculation of volume of deformed pump segment of blood tubing system. Experimental data and empirical dependence of the influence of vacuumetric pressure on stroke volume of roller pump are also presented.

Keywords: roller pump delivery rate, hemodialysis machines, analytical model.

Nefedev A.I. (e-mail: nefediev@rambler.ru)

Method and mean for accuracy raise of high voltage assembled capacitance voltage dividers

The new method of calibration of high voltage assembled capacitance voltage dividers based on two independent methods well-known method of independent calibration (self-calibration), and new method with used transition capacitor, is considered. Error analysis of these methods is present.

Keywords: high voltage capacitance voltage divider, method of calibration, independent calibration, air capacitor, conversion ratio.

Poroshin V., Bogomolov D. (e-mail: vporoshin@mail.ru)

Profile assessment of surface parameters in national and international standards

The general analysis of international and national standards regulating surface roughness is proposed. Similarity and difference in terminology and methodology of parametrical assessment is analyzed.

Keywords: surface roughness, paramterical assesment, international standards, national standards.