Abstracts. № 11, 2009 год
Varfolomeev A.V. (e-mail: varf2004a@mail.ru)

Network data collection systems: quality improving methods in critical conditions

Information systems that are intended for day-to-day management, analysis or prognostication are usually based on data collection systems (or subsystems). Data collection system implements gathering and processing of data from different data sources. This data can be used later for decision making or can be sent to external systems – data consumers.
Most of modern data collection systems are based on message-oriented middleware (MOM). This type of middleware includes message queuing systems that are used to communicate applications with each other. Applications communication through message queuing systems is usually asynchronous. Message queue is an intermediate storage for information on its way from data sources to destination server. Today, there are many different standard message queue systems, such as IBM WebSphere MQ, MSMQ and so on.
In this article, we are considering problems of estimating quality of data collection systems and are providing methods of improving quality of data collection systems based on message queue transport in critical conditions.

Keywords: data collection technology, data collection systems, message queueing systems, quality of information model, critical behaviour of data collection, data identity, message queue organization.

Shuvalihin A.V. (e-mail: shuval@dipaul.ru)
New series of calibrators for checking electrical measuring instrument

There is reviewed alternative approach to verification means of electrical measuring instrument as an example by set of calibration instrument produced by «МЕАТЕСТ» company (Czechia). Primary virtue of such calibration instrument is rational value for money.

Keywords: calibration instrument, automated check.