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Abstracts. No. 10, 2020 year
Senyansky M.V. (e-mail:
I believe that working together, we will restore russian production!

The Tenzo-M company began its start from scratch in 1990 in the basement of a bomb shelter. In November 1990, Tenzo-M produced the first load cell type 1190 and the first platform scales VP-5 for the USSR Gossnab. Load cells are commercially available. In the late 90s, early 2000s, new buildings were being actively built on their own production site in the village of Kraskovo. New departments are being formed, personnel are being recruited. By August 2008, the number of employees was 524! In May 2008, the Tenzo-M company passed the certification of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001-2008 standard. In the midst of the global crisis in 2008, the VA-20P wireless portable truck scales were put into mass production, which are now used by almost all weight control services in our country Rostransnadzor, TsODD, GIBDD. In October 2010, the first revolutionary automatic weight control system SVK was certified and installed. As a result the growth of sales of truck scales and a gap from competitors for several years! Then there were: scales Rubezh, the VGKA complex, the APVGK complex and many other developments. On July 9, 2018 the company Tenzo-M received a certificate on assignment of the status of System-forming enterprise of the urban district of Lyubertsy. Once at the top, we continue to develop.

Keywords: Tenzo-M, load cell, membrane type M70 load cell, MV150, weighing terminal, weighing transducer, platform scales, VP-5, VPN-500-1010, truck scales, VA-P, VA-20P, VA Sakhalin , crane scales, batchers, ABSU, automatic weight control system SVK , scales Rubezh , complex VGKA, complex APVGK.

Zheleznov A.A., Sitnikov K.N. (e-mail:
Loader the heart of the scales. Development and production

By the end of the 90s, the Tenzo-M company began to mass-produce load cells. At that time, the company had no competitors in this market segment, except for foreign manufacturers. Gradually, the demand for these products of the plant began to appear. In the 2000s, high-precision weighing and auxiliary equipment was developed on the basis of Tenzo-M: comparators and standard mass measures, which have no analogues in any of the domestic competitors. Development continues...

Keywords: load cell, platform scales, extensometer, high-precision weighing equipment, high-precision scales, mass comparator, reference mass measures.

Solntsev K.E., Ryabtsev A.N. (e-mail:
Dispensers and hopper scales

In the 90s, there was practically no demand for automated weighing and dosing equipment therefore, the first orders on this topic were orders for the modernization of various mechanical scales and dosing devices. At the end of the 90s, the Tenzo-M weighing and dosing equipment was divided into three groups: Potok total metering hopper scales; Gamma net discrete dispensers and Delta gross discrete dispensers. In 1998, the first Potok hopper scales were installed at the Yaroslavl flour mill. In the early 2000s, Tenzo-M began to approach the work in a complex manner and to carry out large projects on a turnkey basis. Since 2000, one of the most important areas of work has been weighing batchers for filling bulk products in large soft containers, called BIG-BEG. Packing complexes were named in honor of ancient heroes: TITAN, ATLANT, HERACL, HERMES.

Keywords: Tenzo-M, scales Potok, scales Sigma, dispenser Gamma, dispenser Delta, weighing and dosing complex, AVIDO, automated weighing and dosing equipment, TITANIUM, ATLANT, HERCULES, HERMES, weighing batcher in BIG-BEG bags.

Afanasyev V.A., Frimer N.A. (e-mail:
Hard, soft and result

All 30 years the company Tenzo-M not only produces, but also develops. Weighing electronics or, in modern terms, hard, is the brain" of our weighing and dosing systems. Gradually, a whole range of weighing terminals, amplifiers and matching devices were developed to meet the needs of any customer. These are low-cost weighing terminals, analog devices with a set of the most necessary functions, as well as fully digital, based on industrial computers, with a touch screen, in a moisture- and explosion-proof design. Soft" is also being developed, without which complex dosing systems and APCS cannot do without. Over the past 20 years, we have received more than 100 patents for inventions and utility models.

Keywords: Tenzo-M, weighing converter, weighing terminal, TV-003 / 05N, TV-003P, ABSU, TV-015N, TV-020, TV-24, TV-34, PN-012, VA-P, VA-D, AVION, VGKA Rubezh-M, SVK, scales VSPM.

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