Abstracts. No. 10, 2018 year
Sadovnikova Ya.E., Kondratenko V.S. (e-mail: yanasadovnikova@gmail.com)
Er-fiber pulsed laser with instrument design

Er-fiber pulsed laser with instrument design was created. For pulse generation used Q-switching method using a shutter on the saturable absorber. As a result, it was selected the optimal length of the absorber, in which the best characteristics of the output radiation has been achieved: the maximum average output power was 1 W at a maximum repetition rate 4.5 kHz. The pulse energy of 35 ns can be estimated, as 0.3 mJ and the peak power 6 kW.

Keywords: fiber laser, pulses characteristics, Q-switch modulation, saturable absorbers.

Selyanko I.N., Medvedeva E.V. (e-mail: e.medvedeva@elins.ru)
Effluent line sensor in devices for autotransfusion of blood

This article presents a description of original multi-channel effluent line sensor in the device for autotransfusion TRANSFEL. Effluent line sensor in the device TRANSFEL is based on digital processing of several channels CRGB. A position of the sensor in the device TRANSFEL, principle of its work and its structure are shown. Experimental results demonstrate the advantage of use of this sensor in comparison with its analogues because this sensor determines more precisely the composition of liquid flowing into the waste line.

Keywords: sensors, multi-channel effluent line sensor, the device for autotransfusion TRANSFEL.

Mayorov E.E., Prokopenko V.T., Udakhina S.V., Tsygankova G.A., Chernyak T.A. (e-mail: majorov_ee@mail.ru)
Opto-electronic computer system for the detection of external agents in the subsurface layers of the skin

The possibility of using an optical-electronic computer system as an optical tomograph is shown. Measurements were made of the subsurface layers of the human skin in vivo at different depths of penetration of light radiation. The results of the detection of a foreign body (metal shavings) in the subsurface layers of the skin of the human elbow joint were obtained.

Keywords: computer system, optical tomography, reflection coefficient, coherence length.

Scherbakov G.N., Rusin P.V., Veryovkin A.S., Protsenko O.. (e-mail: scherbakovgn@mail.ru)
The use of nonlinear phenomena to assess the quality of electromagnetic screens

The article deals with a new method of assessing the quality of electromagnetic screens using nonlinear effects. The description of experimental studies confirming the theoretical background is given.

Keywords: nonlinear radar, electromagnetic shielding, screening quality assessment.

Gurevich M.L. (e-mail: gurevitch@inbox.ru)
The use of a two-channel precision detection device as a video detector for amplitude modulation signal

The parameters of detector for amplitude-modulated signal in the carrier frequency range from 10 kHz to 1500 MHz, based on the use of the precision electrical circuit (TCPDD) of the remote probe universal high-frequency voltmeter V7-83, are estimated.

Keywords: voltage, current, diode detector, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Koshuro V.A., Fomina M.A., Rodionov I.V., Fomin A.A. (e-mail: dimirion@mail.ru)
Nanoporous structure of the coatings produced by gas-thermal spraying of alundum and subsequent microarc oxidation on the implants fabricated from titanium alloy VT6

The coatings from alundum, rutile, and anatase formed on the implants from titanium alloy VT6 are described in the article. The values of porosity in the micro- and nanoranges, chemical composition, and biological compatibility of the coatings produced by gas-thermal spraying of alumina and the subsequent microarc oxidation are defined.

Keywords: implants, the coatings on the implants, chemical composition of the coatings on the implants, biological compatibility of the coatings on the implants.

Rodionov I.V., Perinskaya I.V., Kuts L.., Fomin A.A., Egorov I.S. (e-mail: afominalex@rambler.ru)
Development of structural-heterogeneous oxide coating for titanium medical implants through the application of processes of ion-beam modification and thermal oxidation

A new promising method for pretreatment surface of titanium implants by ion-beam implantation high-energy He+ ions has been investigated and proposed for obtaining high open porosity for the purpose of subsequent formation thin-layer biocompatible coatings by gas-thermal oxidation in air. The mechanism of pore formation the initial surface and effect resulting structurally heterogeneous oxide coatings on the osseointegration core implants are presented.

Keywords: implants, ion-beam implantation, thin-layer biocompatible coatings, gas-thermal oxidation in air, structurally heterogeneous oxide coatings, osseointegration core implants.

Bondarenko V.A., Bondarenko V.G., Markina I.S. (e-mail: vbmephi@inbox.ru)
Differential method of measurement of electrophysical properties of water

In work it is described differential method of measurement of electrophysical properties of water at a constant voltage on electrodes of a cell of water. The method allows to measure not only a difference of currents of investigated and control cells, but also absolute values of these currents. The scheme of installation for measurement of electrophysical characteristics of water is presented. Two ways of definition of a difference of currents of investigated channels are considered: program and hardware methods. Experimental test differential method of water measurement is lead. Check has shown an opportunity of use differential method in a mode of real time for multidaily monitoring.

Keywords: electrodes, cells with water, a difference of currents, monitoring of environment.

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