Abstracts. 10, 2017 year
Sandulyak A.A., Kiselev D.O., Sandulyak A.V., Polismakova M.N., Sandulyak D.A. (e-mail: d.sandulyak@mail.ru)

Faraday magnetometer with sheric pole pieces: 3D analysis of operating zones

The diagnostics of zones with a stable values of gradient gradB and magnetic forceful factor BgradB was made by step-by-step measuring values of the induction B between half-spheric pole pieces. It was made at the characteristic directions: longitudinal x-coordinate corresponding or parallel to the action line of the ponderomotive force and transverse y- and z-coordinates for values of x in the neighborhood of extremum values of gradB and BgradB. The possibility of simplifying the analysis of diagnostic results is also justified, namely, taking into account the fact that ∂B / ∂y and ∂B / ∂z can be neglected within the stability zones (with respect to x), assuming ∂B / ∂x = dB / dx = gradB.

Keywords: magnetic susceptibility, Faraday magnetometer, half-spheric pole pieces, gradient, magnetic forceful factor, stable zones.

Velichko A.P., Reznik K.N., Shishkov P.O. (e-mail: mgupipr5@mail.ru)

Pilot studies optical properties of water

The laboratory stand for determination of coefficient of radiation of liquid environments is presented in article. The methods of carrying out experiments with preliminary calibration of measuring devices is developed. Experimental dependences of coefficient of radiation of water on her temperature are received in two independent ways. The analysis of the obtained data is presented.

Keywords: the distilled water, radiation coefficient, the mercury thermometer, a pyrometer, the thermal imager.

Kiselev V.A. (e-mail: v-a-kis@yandex.ru)

Hot-wire techniques measure the velocity of fluid flow

Considers pulsed hot-wire techniques measure the velocity of fluid flow. Given the rationale for the choice of method is optimal according to given criteria. The block diagram of the device that implements the method chosen.

Keywords: flow, speed, anemometer.

Sorokovikov V., Zhuravlev S., Trubienko O., Titov M., Kunichkina A., Metalnikova J. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

The security software. Basic principles and prospects of development

The article considers and analyses main principles of safety software used in the operation of information systems. The proposed requirement to develop a verification system (monitoring) security (software), allowing at the required level to organize the use of information systems and its support after commissioning to ensure control and to identify potential latent bugs, and detecting software bugs.

Keywords: security software, system security checks ON potential hidden software errors, detecting program bugs.

Akhonin A.S., Mirsaitov S.F., Snedkov A.B. (e-mail: Ahonin_AS@mgupi.ru)

Features of the structure and security of p2p-systems for remote monitoring of industrial facilities

In the article methods of organization of digital measuring networks of information transmission are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of using peer-to-peer networks are determined, cases of data loss and the possibility of their recovery are considered.

Keywords: digital measuring networks, information transmission, methods of organization of digital measuring networks, peer-to-peer network, advantages of using peer-to-peer networks, disadvantages of using peer-to-peer networks, data loss, cases of data loss, possibility of recovery of lost data, system monitoring and control.

Sleptsov V.V., Ablaeva A.E., Rokachevsky O.A. (e-mail: Anna_Ablaeva@mail.ru)

Development of high effective electric drive with ventilated engine

The article deals with the problem of developing a highly effective electric drive with a valve motor. The analysis of products of leading world manufacturers of electric drives and published scientific researches is presented, the basic tendencies of development of the electric drive are revealed. A functional diagram and a mathematical model of the developed electric drive are presented. The technical characteristics of the electric drive without taking into account and taking into account the nonlinearity of friction are obtained.

Keywords: adjustable electric drive, valve motor, efficiency.

Khazanov M.L. (e-mail: muxaul_x@mail.ru)

Computer measuring system for testing and monitoring of building structures

In 2006 an article devoted to the computer measuring system KIS-IMIDIS was published in the magazine. Over the past 11 years, the system has been significantly updated. The nomenclature of the sensors used has expanded, along with the radio channel, data transmission via the Internet has appeared. This allowed us to use the system for remote monitoring of the technical condition of bridges, buildings and industrial facilities. There were blocks of high-speed synchronous interrogation of sensors for dynamic measurements, a new software was developed.

Keywords: the computer measuring system, system KIS-IMIDIS, remote monitoring of the technical condition of objects, block of high-speed synchronous interrogation of sensors, sensor, software.

Lyubimtsev V.A., Kholodkevich S.V., Druzhinin I.I., Kurakin A.S. (e-mail: lyubimcev55@mail.ru)

Bioelectronic system with metrological self-check intended for diagnostics of acute water toxicity

Features of applying crayfish as biosensors that are used for warning in the case of sudden water pollution, are considered. Principles of organization of bioelectronic systems, in which laser fiber optic transducers measure crayfish cardiac activity, are given. Problems of error setting and metrological maintenance of these systems are considered. The possibility is shown to provide a metrological self-check of measuring channels by monitoring the standard deviation of time intervals between crayfish heart pulses.

Keywords: bioelectronic system, biosensor, crayfish cardiac activity, metrological traceability, metrological self-check.

Taymanov R., Sapozhnikova K. (e-mail: taymanov@vniim.ru)

Measurements of multidimensional non-physical quantities

It is noted that the spectrum of metrology tasks in the 21st century has been expanded significantly. The topicality of developing methods of metrological self-check of measuring instruments and methods of creating models intended for measuring multidimensional quantities, including non-physical ones, is shown. Examples are given, in which phenomenological and synthetic approaches are applied to the development of non-physical quantity measurement models. Advantages of synthetic approach are shown.

Keywords: multidimensional quantities, non-physical quantities, measurement model, metrological self-check.

Krivov A.S. (e-mail: mapip@bk.ru)

Development of the production metrological assurance with the policy on the traceability of measurement results

The modern view on the development of the production metrological assurance through analysis of new requirements of the basic international standards in the field of quality and measurements products. The basic development directions of the enterprises metrological activities are stated under joint consideration of current legislation on the unity of measurements and requirements on the measurement traceability of quality management standards.

Keywords: metrological assurance, quality management, unity of measurements, traceability of measurement results.