Abstracts. 10, 2016 year
Azimov R.K., Rahmanov A.T., Masharipov Sh.M. (e-mail: mss2014@rambler.ru)

Multi-probe converter for control of irrigation and drainage parameters of objects

A multifunction probe transducer to control the parameters of irrigation and drainage facilities, consisting of a capacitor and a thermistor element. We get it static characteristics for different values of the frequency of the pulse voltage and optimized sensitivity and frequency parameters. The equation describing the distribution of the heat flow along the temperature axis of the transducer on the basis of the developed physical model of the thermal system with distributed parameters and found that the average dry environment overheating RTD is (0,2-0,3) C, and for normal wet medium (0,1-0,15) C. Gross margin of error is 0.82 %.

Keywords: parametric probe transducer, dispersion medium, pulse width, sensitivity, pulse power, multifunctional, heating system.

Gavrilkin S.M., Borovkov V.M., Temnitskiy I.N., Aslanyan E.G., Schipunov A.N. (e-mail: gavrilkin@vniiftri.ru)

The Experimental Equipment of the FSUE VNIIFTRI for the Metrological Research Sensors High Pulse Pressure

The article describes the methodological bases and apparatus for metrological, the study of measuring the pulse pressure up to 1000 MPa. On the basis of the experimental data shows the possibility of the establishment of the state primary standard of the unit of pulsed pressure.

Keywords: pulse pressure, shock tube, fast-acting valve, pressure drop, uncertainty of measurement results.

Gavrilkin S.M., Temnitskiy I.N., Aslanyan E.G., Avdeenko O.V., Sorokina P.V. (e-mail: gavrilkin@vniiftri.ru)

The Use of Shock Tube for Reproducing the Unit Pulse Pressure Range up to 10 MPa

In the influence of the work of the air valve on the formation of a step pulse pressure in the pressure range 1...10 MPa. The possibility of application of the pressure pulse generator based on the shock tube with quick-release air valve to create the working standard.

Keywords: pulse pressure, shock tube, quick-acting valve.

Dobrovolskiy V.I., Balakhanov M.V., Balakhanov D.M., Lesnikov E.V. (e-mail: vid@vniiftri.ru)

Metrological support of measuring dispersed parameters of aerosols, suspensions and powder materials

The methods which is used measurements, structure of the equipment and the results of comparison of advanced State primary standard of the units of the disperse parameters of aerosols, suspensions and powdered materials 163 2010 have been described. Standard is designed and developed by VNIIFTRI. Primary standard designed to reproduce, storing and transfer units of the particle size of aerosols, suspensions and powdered materials in the range 0,03...1000 microns and counting concentration of particles in the range 105...1012 m3.

Keywords: state primary standard, disperse parameters, particle size, counting concentration of particles, aerosols, suspensions, powdered materials, nanoparticles, natural and technological environment, dynamic light scattering.

Potapov B.G., Kytin V.G. (e-mail: potapov@vniiftri.ru)

Thermal method of pressure stabilization for the equipment of Boltzmann constant determination

The method of precise gas pressure stabilization was developed based of controlled variation of the temperature of the elements of gas system such as pneumatic throttles and cryogenic traps. The equipment for the gas pressure stabilization based on developed method does not contain mechanical moving elements and does not produces acoustic noise. This is important in equipment designed for acoustic measurement in gases. In particular, presented method of gas pressure stabilization was utilized in experimental setup for the determination of Boltzmann constant.

Keywords: pressure stabilization, pneumatic systems.

Krivov A.S. (e-mail: mapip@bk.ru)

The analysis of the measurement standards system by the expert review based on the results of enterprises and organizations survey.

The enterprises and organizations use a lot of own measurement standards and other standards to the verification and calibration of measuring instruments. The survey was done to analyze the hierarchy structure of measurement standards and problems of their practice. Systematic study was guaranteed by analysis of all relevant information on measurement standards, including technical characteristics of standards, organization and methodological support of the standards application. The results of the analysis can be useful to justify development priorities of the Applied Metrology.

Keywords: measurement standard, metrological traceability, calibration and verification of measuring instrument.

Kiselev M. (e-mail: VIP-U@yandex.ru)

Phasechronometry problems and prospects

Results and prospects of application of phasechronometric approach of the predicting measuring and computing predicting control of cyclic machines technical condition, in power industry and machine-tool branch are considered.

Keywords: device, machine, phase, time, measuring control, life cycle, forecast.