Abstracts. 10, 2010 year
Kaminsky Y.D., Martynova V.I., Proskurnyov S.V., Rogov P.V., Tyurin Y.A. (e-mail: kaminjd@mail.ru)

Two-point laser doppler gas and fluid flowmeters

The technique of fluid and gas flow measurement in the large diameter pipelines based on Laser Doppler Anemometry was inspected. To reduce errors caused by deformation of the velocity profile, we suggested measuring the velocity at two points of cross section of pipeline. The errors in flow measurement were estimated as well as the possibility of its reduction was considered. We suggested the optical circuit of two-channel Laser Doppler Sensor and Doppler signal processing.

Keywords: Flow, fluid, gas, profile, error, laser.

Poroshin V.V., Bogomolov D.Y., Kostyuk A.G. (e-mail: bogom-ov@mail.ru)
Complex automation of the high precision profilometer Talystep for verification and analysis of the roughness and roundness etalons in nanoscale

Paper describes the developement of automated measurement system for analysis and control of the roughness and roundness etalons. Measurement system is based on high precision analogue profilometer Talystep. It allows to apply complex analysis of step height and mark depth in nanoscale.

Keywords: mechatronics, automation, measurement, surface roughness, etalon.

Belokonova N.A., Antropova O.A. (e-mail: masianie@mail.ru)
Organization of control of block ion exchangers demineralization plant thermal power

A method for rapid assessment of contamination of condensate products of degradation of ion exchangers is proposed. The method is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of condensate, using common devices conductometers.

Keywords: ion exchangers, block demineralization plant, control of electrical conductivity.

Beljaev J.I., Goltsev A.J., Kotelnikov A.A. (e-mail: teplofon@bk.ru)
The visual control of acoustic signals of moving parts of mechanisms

This article provides an method of visual control of acoustic signals by the step filters, car-rying out is frequency time decomposition of an acoustic sig-cash. The program BARS can will be applied to diagnostics of deterioration and malfunction of various types of engines.

Keywords: engine diagnostics, the visual control of acoustic signals.

Volkovoy M.S., Hyzhnyakov U.N., Uzhakov A.A. (e-mail: inna@at.pstu.ru)
Fuzzy Control of parallel operation of synchronous generators using the algorithm of Sugeno-Takagi

We consider the fuzzy control of parallel operation synchronous generators in the networks with limited capacity using the algorithm of Sugeno-Takagi. The device contains a fuzzy voltage controller and fuzzy controllers of equalizing current.

Keywords: synchronous generator, linguistic variable, term-set, the membership function, phazification, the algorithm of Sugeno-Takagi, defuzzification.

Kondratenko V.S., Sleptsov M.A. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

Using OTDR for DWDM system

For the first time in land communication lines the method of measurement of distribution of losses in a telecommunication optical fibre without interruption of the operating traffic which transfer is offered carried out on the most widespread at present technologies DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing). On the basis of the offered method the fiber-optical device which allows to spend a reflectometr of an investigated site of the fiber-optical communication line without interruption of the operating traffic is developed.

Keywords: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, fiber-optical communications, telecommunication optical fibre.

Avanesyan H.R. (e-mail: tetrod@rambler.ru)
An evaluation of non-linear distortions of random signals of a soft-ware is hardware to the calculated gain of a circuit

In the article the new approach to definition of non-linear distortions of signals is circum-scribed, which feature consists in detection of changes of a differential factor of amplification of a circuit introducing distortions. The offered methods and criterions, in difference from well-known, allow to determine non-linear distortions of actual random signals with any spectrum have the use-ful information.

Keywords: dispersion, measuring instrument, gain of a circuit, non-linear distortions, ran-dom signal.

Ivliev S.N., Mikaeva S.A., Shibaikin S.D. (e-mail: ivliev_sn@mail.ru)

Quality molds reflector on digital curve model light distribution

The article discusses the technological process of manufacturing elements of lighting devices most critical to the stability and repeatability of the form. We describe an algorithm for constructing the automated control surface quality extruded reflector, which allows for regular monitoring of the stability of shape of the mold without the use of motor patterns.

Keywords: control repetition of the forms, digital lighting devices, quality control, finite element model of the reflector, curve distribution, stability moulds, zone propose moulds.

G.A. Mustafaev, M.G. Mustafaev (e-mail: mshadow@inbox.ru)
Quality assurance and reliability film device structures

Considered some approaches and technological techniques that can help improve quality and ensure the reliability of thin-film device structures.

Keywords: quality, reliability, stability, adhesion, film mode, heat treatment.

Fuksov V.M. (e-mail: V.M.Fuksov@vniim.ru)

The main directions and methods to improve the accuracy of the primary state standard of temperature in the range above the freezing point of silver

Temperature measurement is one of the most claimed measurements in science and industry. Primary state standard of unit temperature was revalidated in 2007, but all the growing demands of industry lead to the necessity of preventive arrangements to improve the accuracy of temperature measurements on the highest level. Construction of comparator performing reproduction and transmission units in the range above the silver freezing point has many opportunities for research and step-by-step improvements. In this work the directions and methods of reducing the individual components of uncertainties of radiators and the comparator are described.

Keywords: primary state standard, spectrocomparator, tungsten ribbon lamps.

Fuksov V.M., Svirkov V.A. (e-mail: V.M.Fuksov@vniim.ru)

Investigation of temperature influences of spectrocomparators optical system of primary standard of temperature

During the research of the primary state standard of temperature was revealed a significant effect of temperature change in a room to the measurement results. The reason is the instability of the optical system due heating the supporting elements. The results of the effect of local heating by optical channel comparator and a description of the means used to reduce this influence are shown in this paper.

Keywords: specrtocomparator, optical system, monochromator, thermostabilization.