Abstracts. № 10, 2009 год
Bishard E.G.
Scientific researches in the field of applied magnetism on the department of information measuring technics

In the article the major stages of magnetic subject’s development at the department of Information Measuring Systems and Technologies of St.-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI) are considered. It is devoted to anniversary of the department.

Avdeev B.J., Semenov Е.I.
Adaptive information measuring systems (with adaptive commutation)

The class of the adaptive information measuring systems based on adaptive commutation is allocated, their classification is offered. Methods of adaptive commutated analysis are considered and their basic characteristics are resulted.

Tsvetkov E.I.
Algorithmic methods of accuracy increase and properties of suppressed errors

Algorithmic methods of accuracy increase are considered and formally defined: smoothing, correction and algorithmic adaptation. The characteristic of errors properties suppressed by algorithmic methods is given. With reference to algorithmic adaptation the approach to formation a choice rule of measurements algorithm in the possible situations, different by properties of entrance influence, external conditions and shown requirements is offered.

Alekseyev V.V., Korolev P.G., Kurakina N.I., Orlova N.V.

Information measuring and controlling systems play the important role for the estimation of the condition of industrial productions and natural ecosystems. At reception of estimations their reliability is important. In the article the basic attention is given to the metrological analysis of algorithms of the control results reception, questions of objects estimations definition reliability, identification worst-case and alert condition, as the bases of prevention emergency situations.

Alekseyev V.V., Korolev P.G., Konovalova V.S., Marchenkov R.J.
Information measuring control and management of technological process system

In the article principles of construction of information measuring control and management of technological process system are considered. The special attention is given a problem of application of heterogeneous measuring instrumentation with different interfaces. Questions of algorithmic maintenance of identification preemergency and emergencies problems are considered.

Kurakina N.I., Minina A.A., Kurakin А.М.
System of the impurity distribution modelling in water area of black sea with the use of geoinformation technology

The question of creation information system of the impurity distribution modelling arriving in the marine environment as a result of industrial activity of the industries is considered. The estimation of an approximation error is conducted at modelling of impurity distribution with use of a computed-imitating method of the metrological analysis. As an object of research the water area of Black sea is chosen. The received results are displayed on the map in the geoinformation system that facilitates perception of the information and ensures support of operating decisions acceptance on preservation of the environment and rational wildlife management.