Abstracts. 9, 2017 year
Velt I.D., Mikhaylova Yu.V., Sudarikov V.K., Terekhina N.V. (e-mail: agydel@gmail.com)

Magnetic flowmeter for sodium-cooled fast reactors

The magnetic flowmeter for liquid sodiumis described, in which inductor represents the electromagnet generating a pulse low-frequency magnetic field. The application of the pulsed magnetic field has allowed to separate the informative component of a signal from all hindrances of the electromagnetic origin, for which the frequencies of change in time are not multiple to the frequency of change of a magnetic field of excitation. Thanks to it accuracy of a flow measurement is essentially increased, and there is a possibility to lower in 10 times a magnetic field in the channel. The physical principles of the measurement method, the design features of the flowmeter IRMU-1, its specifications and test results are considered.

Keywords: ia magnetic flowmeter, inductor, liquid sodium, a pulse low-frequency magnetic field, Reynolds's magnetic number.

Glybin Yu.N., Guly V.G., Kartsev I.S., Shevchenko A.P., Shurshakov V.A., Chigarin I.Y. (e-mail: Kartsev@centro.ru)

odern ion-implanted silicon detectors and PIPS-detector-based instrument

The paper deals with characteristics of modern ion-implanted silicon detectors. The main technical characteristics of the detectors serially produced by SNIIP-Plus Join-Stock Company (Moscow) are presented. The review of devices and equipment based on the domestic ion-implanted silicon detectors for measurement of radiation characteristics when solving the tasks of nuclear power industry, science, space researches, and special equipment is presented.

Keywords: radiation, ionizing radiation, ion-implanted silicon detector, dosimetry, radiometry.

Kartsev I.S., Glybin Yu.N., Guly V.G., Chigarin I.Y., Shevchenko A.P. (e-mail: Kartsev@centro.ru)

Detecting block for precision spectrometry of ionizing radiation

In this paper presented the main technical characteristics, description and technique of application of ionizing radiation detecting block BDES-02P for low-background precision α-, β-spectrometry. The device is intended for application in scientific research, environmental control, radiobiological experiments, technological processes of radiation control in atomic industry and special objects.

Keywords: radiation, ionizing radiation, ionizing radiation detection unit -02.

Kartsev I.S., Glybin Yu.N., Guly V.G., Chigarin I.Y., Shevchenko A.P. (e-mail: Kartsev@centro.ru)

Low-background multipurpose radiometer for measurement of alpha-, beta- radiating nuclides

Active development of the atomic industry is connected with the risk of emergence radioactive pollution on industrial objects and environment. The alpha- and beta- radionuclides capable to penetration in a human body together with the inhaled air, water, food and can represent serious danger to ecology, life and health of the population.
SNIIP-Plus Join-Stock Company (Moscow) is created multipurpose radiometric device low-background radiometer RKS-18R for the solution of problems of technological radiation control and control of radioactive pollution in the environment, atomic industry and other nuclear energy objects.

Keywords: radiation, radiation contamination, low-background radiometer -18.

Mel'nikov V.E., Hein Tay Zar Tin (e-mail: ve_melnik@mail.ru)

Fundamentals of weighing systems using an effect of inclined plane

Represents substantiation of the physical processes accompanying the creation of weighing systems, alternative to the usual platform variants, comparable to them on accuracy. Considers the laws of friction of sliding and rolling, the rational use of which allows to minimize their negative impact on accuracy measures, and to create the competitive weighing systems, not having analogs in relevant technical annex.

Keywords: weighing system, inclined plane, friction coefficient, tractive effort, skating force (climbing resistance), friction force, measuring process, measurement fault.

Schepetov A.G., Tsukerman M.., Inkin A.I. (e-mail: a-shchepetov@mail.ru)

Synthesis of instruments and systems minimum duration criterion transition process

Point and integral estimates of the duration of the transition process for test signals of various shapes are considered: stepped, linearly expanding, pulsed and harmonic. Recommendations are given on the calculation of optimal values of the parameters of the transfer function of the dynamic system by the criterion of the minimum duration of the transient process.

Keywords: duration of the transient process, measuring device, synthesis.

Vlasov E.V. (e-mail: vlasov@tdisie.nsc.ru)

Improving the contrast of combined images in three-dimensional multifocal displays

The contrast of a combination of two image plans that are spaced along the visual axis of the eye to stimulate accommodation in 3D-displays is studied. A method for normalizing combinations of images with a given resolution for different diameter of the pupil of the eye is proposed.

Keywords:3D-image, image plans, accommodation, combined images, contrast.

Nezhikhovskiy G.R.. (e-mail: grn@b10.vniim.ru)

About three volumes of Metrology and measurement techniques

The contents of the book is analyzed from the perspective of fullness of concepts disclosure and achievements of modern metrology. Edition of the book in the Russian language is considered as an important step towards the harmonization of national and international approaches to quality assurance of measurement information.

Keywords: metrology, measurement techniques, quality of measurements, metrological traceability, measurement uncertainty, calibration.