Abstracts. 9, 2010 year
Kirpichev A.A., Novoselov M.Y., Simchuk .., Smirnov A.Y. (e-mail: mail@globaltest.ru)

High frequency vibration transducer 12

In the article is considered high frequency vibration transducers as a measuring device of shock accelerations (shock accelerometers). Here is also made an example of metrological examination of high frequency vibration transducer on reference shock installations.

Keywords: high frequency vibration, shock acceleration, shock accelerometer, vibration transducer.

Ageev A.S, Voronov D.A., Cipachev D.V. (e-mail: meradat@mail.ru)
Digitalthermal-ionisation vacuumgauge controller

New vacuum gaugers Meradat-VIT are developed. These gaugers can work with two kinds of vacuum tubes ionization tubes and thermocouple and Pirani tubes.

Keywords: vacuum gauger, gauge head.

Tsilitsky A.V. (e-mail: anton.tsilitskiy@priborplant.ru)
Vacuum calibration rig

The general assessment of the situation in the field of vacuum measurements. We present the development of the vacuum calibration rig, described the structure, characteristics, the principle of operation and control with software.

Keywords: vacuum measurement, vacuum calibration rig, checking working means of measurement.

Rozanov S.L. (e-mail: info@invac.ru)
Vacuum measurements, the control and management (Active gauges of vacuum, displays, controllers)

In clause the wide assortment of means of measurement and the control of vacuum of manufacture of company Edwards is considered: from simple converters/vacuum gauges up to controllers with microprocessors.

Keywords: Edwards, vacuum gauges, controller, sensor.

Odintsev I.N., Razumovsky I.A. (e-mail: ino54@mail.ru)
Methods of coherent-optical vibration analysis in practice of mechanical testing

Some methodological features of practical application of coherent-optical methods for re-search in vibration behavior of structure elements are considered. The opportunities for studying dissipative properties of mechanical systems under the conditions of steady-state oscillations are shown. The basic directions of introducing digital technologies in coherent-optical vibration analy-sis are formulated.

Keywords: coherent-optical methods, holographic interferometry, electronic digital speckle interferometry, natural frequencies, vibrational modes, decrement of oscillations.

Smirnov V.Ya. (e-mail: smirnov.2520@mail.ru)

Particularity of the new ND on methods and instruments of vibration transducers verification

The basic differences and particularities of the new normative document on methods and instruments of vibration transducers verification are submitted. The document is designed in exchange MI 1873-88.

Keywords: normative document, technique of verification, vibration transducer, piezoelectric, induction, eddy current, vibrometer, measuring instrument, error of a measuring instruments, filter, sensitivity, mounted resonance frequency, phase-frequency response.

Vopilkin A.H., Romashkin S.V., Tihonov D.S. (e-mail: romashkin@echoplus.ru)
Experience of AUGUR-T system application on oil and gas industry objects

In this article ultrasonic inspection modes of the pipelines base metal and welded tee with overlays internal welded joints nozzle-shell are presented. The base of these modes is the ultra-sound waveguide propagation effect and coherent data processing methods. The results received by the automated ultrasonic inspection on gas and oil transport objects are presented. Efficiency of con-sidered inspection modes is shown.

Keywords: ultrasonic inspection, welded tee, internal welded joints nozzle-shell, coherent data processing, waveguide propagation effect.

Mikushina V.N. (e-mail: MikushinaVN@gmail.com)

Informational-measuring system of the ecological control of water objects with usage of a geoinformation technology

Search a zone of the maximum pollution by mobile transport with the information about morfometric, hydrological properties of water objects and features of transport of the ecological control. Technique of carrying out of measuring experiment and the program system with usage of a geoinformation technology.

Keywords: planning of measuring experiment, the simplex-method, informational-measuring system, geoinformation system.

Zayarnyi V.P. (e-mail: zvp2000@mail.ru)
Metrological analysis of combined ADC with extended conversion band

The conducted metrological analysis of specified ADC revealed basic ADC conversion inaccuracies and their numerical values.

Keywords: ADC, sampler, quantizer, models, inaccuracies, conversion accuracy.

Rubtsov Yu., Bogdanov V., Rubtsov D., Vlasov A. (e-mail: niiumc@permlink.ru)

Metrological assurance of automated testing of traction engine 133

The paper considers some features of metrological assurance of testing of traction engine 133. It describes four types of measuring channels for determination of test parameters included in a measuring system.

Keywords: measuring channels, inaccuracy, parameters, methods, automated workstation, system.