Abstracts. 8, 2017 year
Ivanov V.E., Chye En Un (e-mail: chye@ais.khstu.ru)

Amplificationpath for the registration and research system of flickernoise

The article describes the concept of constructing an amplifier channel with a low level of intrinsic noise, the possibility of working on a direct current, designed for systems for measuring the recording and investigation of noise of various electronic devices, including redundant low-frequency noises 1 / f.

Keywords: information-measuring systems, preprocessing, filtering, measuring channel, amplification path, flicker noise, low noise preamplifier.

Pirog V., Kuznetsov B., Nosenko L., Kondratyev I. (e-mail: kuznetsovbf@gmail.com)

Applying of wet gas generators for control coulometric hygrometers

In the article methods of preparation of a gas mixture with use of diffusive, capillary and throttle humid gas generators are examined to test the efficiency of coulometric hygrometers, the results of the conducted studies.

Keywords: diffusion of moisture in polymeric materials, capillary, diffusion and throttle wet gas generator, coulometric hygrometer.

Yanushkevich V.F. (e-mail: yanushkevich-09@mail.ru)

Devices for hydrocarbon deposits detecting on the basis of impulse signals application

The article analyzes the interaction of electromagnetic waves in the mode of radio-impulse signals with the medium over hydrocarbon deposits. A quasi-hydrodynamic approach based on many-particle electron-ion currents is used. The tensor of the permittivity of an anisotropic medium above the deposit in the mode of radio-impulse signals has been derived. The components of the dielectric constant of the medium over hydrocarbons are studied. The characteristics of the medium over the deposit under the propagation of electromagnetic waves with right and left-hand circular polarizations had been determined, on the basis of which the method and the scheme of the device for delineating and isolating hydrocarbon deposits were proposed. It has been established that the identification of oil and gas deposits is possible by the nature and magnitude of the total and difference components of the dielectric constant of an anisotropic layer over hydrocarbons.

Keywords: radio-impulse signal, anisotropic medium, hydrocarbon deposit.

Skvortsov O.B. (e-mail: skv@balansmash.ru)

Management of vector sensitivity of multicomponent sensors in the spatial variables

Improving the performance embedded in the measurement hardware digital media digital signal processing, and dissemination of multi-component sensors allows for increased accuracy by compensation of mutual influence of channels of measurement. Reduction of measurement errors can be achieved using a matrix transformation of the digitized signal both in temporal and in frequency domain. Algorithms for error compensation, providing significantly, in some cases more than an order of magnitude, the accuracy of the measurements. It is shown that the use of digital methods for data processing allows to greatly simplify not only the measurement and provide high accuracy, but to simplify the procedure of calibration of measuring systems orthonormalised signals in channels using the methods of orthogonalization of Gram-Schmidt.

Keywords: spatial dimensions, multi-component sensors, orthonormalization, digital signal processing, a triaxial piezoelectric sensor, transverse sensitivity, vibration, measurement error, measuring axis, the vectors of sensitivity, working frequency range.

Zatsepin A.A., Tatarov A.V., Kalugin E.Y., Lelyukhin A.S. (e-mail: aleksandr-zzz@inbox.ru)

Use of information about forms of reradiated fields in determining of the operating modes of X-ray machines

The scheme of contactless determination of anode voltage and total filtration of radiation beams of X-ray diagnostic devices is considered in this work.
As an additional measurement criterion, it is proposed to use the balance factor of the recorded spatial distributions of the secondary radiation excited along the lateral surface of the scattering phantom. The use of information about the form of spatial distributions of secondary radiation made it possible to switch to the measurement mode in one exposure without the use of spectroscopic filters.

Keywords: X-ray radiation, anode voltage, total filtration.

Usmanova H.A., Turgunbaev A. (e-mail: hulkar-usmanova@rambler.ru)

Theoretical foundations of the dielectric metric methodhumidity measurement

The theoretical bases of the dielectric measurement method for moisture content of cotton materials are considered in the article. To construct an adequate model of electric moisture meter, a structural scheme of a moisture meter based on a physical method of measurement is applied. In an alternating electric field, the main process that determines the properties of a real dielectric is polarization. Almost all known types of polarization are observed in cotton and cotton materials. A replacement scheme containing all kinds of polarization is made up. As a base for mathematical models of moisture-containing materials, dielectric formulas of mixtures are considered.

Keywords: moisture, dielectric method, dielectric properties, raw cotton, dielectric permittivity, polarization, mathematical model.

Serenkov P.S., Hurevich V.L., Feldshtein E.E. (e-mail: pavelserenkov@bntu.by)

Universality justification of the combined approach to estimation of measurement results uncertainty

Based on an analysis of the model and empirical approaches to estimating the uncertainty of the measurement results, a conclusion is made about their equivalence. The possibility of their combination in the framework of one measurement method is justified. The theoretical substantiation of the combined approach is given. The key idea of the combined approach is formulated, that the measurement process can be conditionally divided into segments, each of which can be considered as an independent child subprocess. To determine the total uncertainty of the result of each subprocess, a model or empirical approach can be used. The estimation of the total uncertainty of the final measurement result is made by combining the estimates of the total uncertainties of the results of the subprocesses (segments) by the GUM method. The universality of the combined approach is demonstrated for two main applications: direct measurements and indirect measurements.

Keywords:uncertainty of measurement result, model approach, empirical approach, combined approach.

Gruzdev R. (e-mail: vniir14@mail.ru)

On the necessity of testing for type approval of the single prototypes of systems for the measurement for oil (oil product) quantity and quality characteristics

The article considers the necessity of testing single prototypes of systems designed for the measurement of oil (oil product) quantity and quality characteristics, and the primary aspects of this activity on the metrological support of systems for the measurement of oil (oil product) quantity and quality characteristics.

Keywords: system for the measurement of oil (oil product) quantity and quality characteristics, measuring instrument, metrological support, testing for type approval, single prototype, type specification, verification, verification method.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Klemens Herschel the man who created the Venturi pipe

This article contains information about Clemens Herschel in connection with the execution of 175 years since his birth in 2017. The main stages in the formation of the scientist as a hydrotechnical engineer are mentioned, the period of his life is mentioned when he proposed the design of the first differential pressure flowmeter, his merits to the US industry and his contribution to flow measurement. The article is addressed to students, university professors and historians of science.

Keywords: biography, scientist, Herschel, flowmeter, the Venturi tube.