Abstracts. № 8, 2016 year
Taybinsky A.S., Iosif Izrailovich Fishman I.I., Khomyakov G.D. (e-mail: vniir-ast@yandex.ru)

In the service of metrology. place and role of FGUP VNIIR in ensuring the uniformity of measurements of liquids and gases

The article presents the history of the establishment and development of FGUP VNIIR scientific, research and production facilities, the institute’s contribution to the development of a system for the metrological support of the measurements of liquid and gas flow rate and amount, and perspective fields of research in the current development condition of measurement techniques.
The featured material describes the adaptation of the primary fields of FGUP VNIIR scientific activities in the period of the reformation of social relations aimed at the satisfaction of the specific requirements of the business community, and the means of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the conditions of market economy.

Keywords: measurements, metrological support, flow rate, liquid, gases, mass and volume, deposits, hydrocarbons, State primary and special standards, calibration rigs, theoretical and experimental research, Rosstandart, accreditation, metrological evaluation, energy resources.

Alekseyev V.V., Korolev P.G., Konovalova V.S., Sedunova E.N. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Information measuring system for compressor installations defects diagnostics

Questions of creation of information and measuring systems for early diagnostics of defects of compressor installation of automobile gas-filling compressor stations are considered. Informative parameters, their basic values are determined. The structure of local measuring system of diagnostics of defects, algorithms of the early and specifying diagnostics of defects of compressor installation is considered. The metrological analysis of algorithms of identification for the purpose of ensuring the set reliability of detection of defects is carried out.

Keywords: information and measuring system, diagnostics of defects, informative parameter, vibration portrait, current portrait, basic characteristic, control measurements, reliability of detection.

Kabyshev A., Kabyshev O. (e-mail: al.kab.56@yandex.ru)

The use of photodielectric effect electroluminescent panels

In the article noted that there the photo dielectric effect in electroluminescent panels. Had been received dependences of change of magnitude of capacitance of electroluminescent panel when you change the level of ambient light. It was stated a possible use of electroluminescent panels as sensors of optical radiation. The article shows the waveforms of the pulse generator, in which the role of the capacitor, which specifies the time performs electroluminescent panel. Developed a functional diagram of a system in which electroluminescent panel performs the function of the sensor and the source of optical radiation.

Keywords: electroluminescent panel, photo electric effect, electrical capacitance, optical radiation sensor, a generator of rectangular pulses, dielectric constant, barium titanate, illumination.

Savinykh M.A. (e-mail: bigmax.sav@gmail.com)

Technological USB-hub

A problem of USB-devices failures in radioelectronics manufacturing is considered in the article. Methods of solving this problem are reviewed too. The designed technological USB-hub, which significantly increases immunity to impulse interferences of an USB bus and stability of working USB-devices connected, is described in the article.

Keywords: impulse interferences, ESD, USB-hub.

Pirog V., Nosenko L., Kondratyev I., Sukhov A. (e-mail: mail@okba.ru)

Comparative analysis of gas feeding methods in coulometric electrolytic cell

This article is about 2 ways experimental using of coulometric cell in hygrometers. In the first case gas feeding was realized by active electrode, in the second way it was realized by check electrode. Also in the second case range of volume fraction was broaden till 3000 ppm.

Keywords: coulometric electrolytic cell, check and active electrode, damp volume fraction.

Skripka V.L., Bushmakova J.A. (e-mail: JulyaGurenkova@yandex.ru)

Providing a noise immunity of the devices used in severe working conditions

The complex criterion (invariant) which is based on basic provisions of the information theory of measuring devices is offered. This criterion allows to estimate potential opportunities of devices with measuring functions at their operation in the conditions of intensively disturbing influences. The interrelation of a noise immunity of devices with their physical-power and design data is considered. The example of formation of an invariant at dynamic weighing of mass of friable material is given.

Keywords: noise immunity, measuring device, operating conditions, complementary error, weighing of moving mass.