Abstracts. № 8, 2010 year
Markova L.V., Zozulia A.P., Makarenko V.M., Semenyuk (e-mail: lvmark@mail.ru)

On-line control of liquid media viscosity

The work presents the analysis of characteristics of liquid viscosity control in conditions of automated production. A review is presented of the methods and means of the on-line control of liquid viscosity enabling to conduct a continuous condition monitoring of both technological processes and equipment. It is shown that the on-line viscosity measurement instruments created on the base of laboratory methods can satisfy neither modern requirements of miniaturization of diagnostic devices nor their reliability. This has lead to the intensive development of the vibration methods of control based on the usage of tuning forks and microcantilevers. The acoustic instruments turned to be most promising among the devices built-into the liquid circulation lines.

Keywords: viscosity, liquid medium, viscosimeter, on-line control, technology process.