Abstracts. № 8, 2009 год

The structure of construction is examined, the main metrology charac-teristics of the New State Special Primary Standard are given.

Malinovski V.N., Muborakshoev J.T.
The transformer current to voltage converter of industrial frequency on the basis of active elements

In the given work there are, presented precision transformer converter of alternating current to alternating voltage of commercial frequency and recommendations on reduction of the error of conversion efficiency such converters with the description of methods of their realization.

Svetushkov N.N., Tretyakova O.N.
Laser heat treatment of material surfaces processes modeling

The article is devoted to a problem of modeling laser treatment processes and the new software product, based on the original numerical approaches of solving partial differential equations. This software can be used for simulation of heat transfer in the process of surface treatment by high intensive energy source, which helps to avoid oscillations in numerical solutions and get realistic results.