Abstracts. № 7, 2017 year
Gurevich M., Gorshkov A., Ruseikin P., Cheremokhin A. (e-mail: gurevitch@inbox.ru)

The new transfer standard ПНТЭ-37 for compare AC and DC voltages

This article dedicates technical characteristics, scheme, construction and application's peculiarity of new VHF AC-DC standard ПНТЭ-37, which contains of electronic measurement units, thermal converters, and employs under calibrators and voltmeters verification, as thermal comparators of second standard for measurement true rms voltage from 300 mV to 33 V in frequency range to 30 MHz with errors from 0,0015 to 0,05 %.

Keywords: standard, voltage, DC voltage standard, AC voltage standard, transfer standard, second standard, measurement transducer, thermal converter, thermal comparator, instrument, voltmeter, verification, metrology characteristic, frequency range.

Alekseev V.V., Ivanova N.E., Korolev P.G. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

The implementation of micro-mechanical sensors for control of the parameters of the kinematic portrait of the human

The possibility of using micromechanical sensors for assessing the state of a person for various clinical areas on the basis of simple measurements, construction of reference models, and the formation of conclusions system are considered. The measuring capabilities of compact measuring systems, the possible structure of a measuring system with placement of intelligent sensors on informative points of the human body are analyzed.

Keywords: micromechanical sensor, kinematic portrait, informative point, controlled parameter, compact measuring system.

Egamberdiev B.E., Rakhmanov A.T., Rashidov A.A. (e-mail: bahrom_prof@.mail.ru)

Humidity sensors based on composite material with nano-dimensional structures

A moisture sensor based on a composite material nanoscale structures andit is developed and the main static characteristics widi studied depending on the relative humidity of the air, and also used to measure the humidity of agricultural products. The efficiency of the proposed method for measuring the temperature and humidity of agricultural products was shown. The results experimental studies show that with the increase the sgnares of the areas (contact) crystal shunts producing nanoparticles with simultaneous decrease the total porosity of the sensor material with an increase in the duration of heat treatment, which leads to an increase the volume of the sensor while decreasing its passive volume. This proves the efficiency of the application in sensors to assess the moisture content of silicon crystals.

Keywords: silicon, nanosize, composite material, temperature dependence, properties, stability, sensitivity, speed, technology, nanostructure, humidity.

Balabanov P.V., Muravyeva M.G (e-mail: pav-balabanov@yandex.ru)

Increase the efficiency of agricultural products thermal control method

The paper considers an automated system for the thermal control of potato quality. Solved the problem of increasing its efficiency by choosing rational parameters of thermal effects on the test object. At the decision of tasks used the method of simulation of temperature fields in potato tubers, as well as a method of experimental determination of thermophysical properties of vegetable tissue of the tuber.

Keywords: thermal control, method, thermophysical properties, defect, simulation, temperature field, heat flux.

Baranov P.N. (e-mail: baranovpn@mati.ru)

Research and development of methods and devices for removal of erosion products in the laser rotor balancing

In this article are considered designed by author the combined systems of removal erosion products in laser balancing of rotors.

Keywords: balancing, erosion.

Alekseev V.V., Zakemovskaya E.Y. (e-mail: vvalekseyev@mail.ru)

Comparative analysis of discrete corner and discrete wavelet-transformation filtration results

The basic degrees of freedom in the problems of searching for an optimum between effective noise cancellation and allocation of an informative signal component with minimal distortions with the help of space-adaptive transformations in conditions of a priori uncertainty of the analyzed information are determined in the article. The universal character of discrete wavelet transformation in noise reduction problems is emphasized, with the transformation results being less dependent on the initial duration of the basis.

Keywords: wavelet basis, cosine basis, filter error, decomposition depth.

Krupskaya A.V. (e-mail: anjutka_stud@mail.ru)

Forecasting of metrological failure of the measurement instrument with the function of metrological self-checking

The algorithm of forecasting the onset of metrological failure of the measuring instrument with the function of metrological self-control is developed. The algorithm is based on the processing of the results accumulated in memory of MI in the process of operation when performing calibration measurements, and verification results. Application of the developed algorithms allows to exclude the using of an unusable measuring instrument.

Keywords: metrological serviceability, metrological failure, metrological self-check, calibration interval, calibration, prediction, the measuring instrument.

Pautkin V.E. (e-mail: inercial@niifi.ru)

Two-stage etching of silicon during the formation of elastic elements of micromechanical devices

Structural and technological features of the formation of elastic elements of micromechanical devices by two-stage anisotropic etching of silicon are described. Two-stage etching is aimed at rounding the sharp edges of the formed micromechanical structures. The method is based on the difference in the etching rates of silicon in different crystallographic directions in a solution of potassium hydroxide KOH. In this way, it is possible to create transitions without internal mechanical stresses and as a consequence, increase the strength of micromechanical devices.

Keywords: anisotropic etching, elastic element, smooth transition, step profile, crystallographic planes, manufacturability.

Marinko S.V. (e-mail: marinko66@mail.ru)

About features and opportunities of complex measurements of temperature

Complex temperature measurements as set of methods of the temperature measurements and a difference of temperature integrated by the general methodology and having the general target focus on application in the providing thermometric systems are considered.

Keywords: temperature, difference of temperature, measurement, intensive value, thermometric system.