Abstracts. 7, 2010 year
Sokolov N.A., Sokolov A.N. (e-mail: N.A.Sokolov@vniim.ru)

Creation of new means and system of metrological maintenance of measurements of thermal conductivity of effective thermal insulators

The new concept of reproduction of unit of the thermal conductivity, based on application of new measuring apparatuses multiple-valued measure and teplostat is described. The concept is introduced in GOST 8.1402009. Comparisons on thermal conductivity of 2007-2010 CENAM, LNE, NIM, NIST, NPL, PTB and VNIIM, in the part, concerning estimation of VNIIM measurement results are summarized. Those who took part in the comparison consistently measured thermal conductivity of expanded polystyrene and SRM type IRMM-440 at temperatures from 10 to 40 . Deviations of VNIIM measurement results from average data obtained by other countries did not exceed 0,8 % expanded uncertainty value for -1 teplostat, which is a part of state primary standard and which was used in the comparison. Measurement results of LNE, NIST, NPL and VNIIM have converged within 1,5 %. The list of thermal conductivity measuring devices admitted to operation in Russia is presented.

Keywords: metrological maintenance, measurement, thermal conductivity, multiple-valued measure, teplostat, international comparison.

Nikonenko V.A., Sheludkov V.A. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)
Domestic device in power audit

The main issue of the article is meeting the needs of energy audit for home-produced equipment. The author gives a list of Russian equipment intended for these purposes, as well as basic technical characteristics. The article suggests to use special equipment for measurement of heat flows and thermal conductivity.

Keywords: energy audit, equipment, methods.

Florin V.A. (e-mail: marketing@omsketalon.ru)
Requirements of Russian Federal Law 261- to Energy Audit of Buildings and Structures

The article considers the requirements of Russian Federal law on Energy Saving to energy efficiency of buildings and structures and energy surveying procedures, examines current situation in energy audit of buildings and structures, and suggests solutions from specialists of JSC Research-and-Industrial Enterprise Etalon.

Keywords: Federal Law on Energy Saving, energy surveying, energy audit.

Polyanskiy M.A. (e-mail: omsketalon@list.ru)
Equipment produced by JSC Research-and-Industrial Enterprise Etalon for thermophysical measurements

The present article describes application and technical characteristics of equipment produced by JSC Research-and-Industrial Enterprise Etalon for thermophysical measurements and energy audit, as well as methods used in equipment production and some design requirements.

Keywords: DTP 0924, energy audit, thermophysical measurements, thermal conductivity, technical characteristics.

Malyshev Y.O. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)
Metrological equipment for calibration of contact temperature sensors

In the article considered metrological equipment manufactured by meant for calibration of contact temperature sensors.

Keywords: metrology, calibration, temperature, furnace, thermostat, calibrator.

Nedelko A.Y. (e-mail: auned@yandex.ru)

The new technique of measurements of physical quantities in industrial process conditions

The present article concerns the new methods of measurement temperature, humidity, pressure, flux of radiation, and data transfer. Represent a digitizer sensors operated devices.

Keywords: digitizer sensor, pyrometer, fiberglass, pressure, humidity, temperature.

Rubanov V.V. (e-mail: rubanoff@yandex.ru)
Installation thermal measuring ITM-1

Area of heat-flow converter application theoretically is not limited, because heat flow is one of the global parameters of all thermal processes and effects. Therefore measurements and control of heat flows are of interest for many branches of science, technology and industry, and, first of all, for solution of problems of rational use of energy resources.

Keywords: heat flow, calibration of heat-flow meters.

Eryomin I.I. (e-mail: omsketalon@list.ru)

SAW-filters, gauges on their basis, and also about measures micron range

In article the basic technical characteristics of filters on is surface-acoustic waves and the reference optical measures of a micron range which are let out by specialised laboratory of microelectronics of OAO , Omsk.

Keywords: SAW-filters, reference optical measures of a micron range.

Malykhin V.M., Malychina G.F. (e-mail: v_m_malykhin@mail.ru)
Intelligent elements in control and momitoring

A method is given for obtaining the reliability indexes (RI) of control, which is based on the control target criterion (CTC). CTC reflects the probability of the object belonging to the working state (to the state adequate to the control task), and is analogous to the fuzzy logic membership function. RI takes into account the probability density of the controlled parameter (CP), the choice of which provides the agreement of CTC with the estimate of CTC determined by experts. In RI, methodological and instrumental components are distinguished, which together form the total RI (probabilities of false diagnosis and under-diagnosis). The methodological component gives the attainable limit of RI for precise measurement of CP. Using the given CTC and RI, inverse problem solution allows to estimate the acceptable control levels and measurement precision. Examples illustrate the CTC for medico-technical control of heart and breathing rates of operators in imitator conditions, and CTC for radiation control using the scheme radiation dose biological damage.

Keywords: reliability indexes, control target criterion, methodological and instrumental components, inverse problem.

Taburov D.Y. (e-mail: vsleptsov@gmail.com)

The decision of problems of optimization of computing process in local networks of information-measuring and operating systems with use of the method of branches and borders

In article questions of optimisation of computing process in local networks of information-measuring and operating systems are considered. The analysis of the basic methods is carried out, use of a method of branches and borders is in detail presented. It is defined that efficiency of the algorithms realising a method of branches and borders, is defined by accuracy of a way of definition of an estimation of border of the decision and procedure of branching of variables of a problem, and low accuracy can lead to search of a considerable quantity of tops and sharp increase in time of the decision. It is shown that the offered algorithm of discrete optimisation is rather simple and provides enough split-hair accuracy of the decision.

Keywords: optimisation, computing process, local networks, information-measuring and operating systems, discrete programming, cutting off, method of branches and borders, gradient, algorithm.

Alekseyev V.V., Grubo H.O., Korolev P.G. (e-mail: VVAlekseyev@mail.ru)

Design concepts of measuring devices with automatic measurement-and-compensation of total instrument error components

The issues of measuring devices and measurement systems with predictable metrological resources design on auxiliary measurements and registration of parameters of measuring tools base are addressed.

Keywords: measuring device, compact measuring system, metrological resources, under-control operation, metrological parameters recorder.