Abstracts. № 7, 2009 год
A.N. Shilin, M.V. Girkin
Algorithmic precision of digital meters

This article is devoted to errors of floating-point digital meters, which use the recursive algorithm of processing the measuring information. The results of research are designed to reasonably choose algorithms and digital devices for information processing.

Barinov I., Volkov V.
High temperature microoptomechanical pressure transducer

A construction and action of high temperature microoptomechanical pressure transducer are viewed. The trans-ducer is made with fiber optics elements and microsystem technology with silicon carbide as a diaphragm material. A pos-sibility to produce the transducer is argued.

Gladkikh V.A., Makienko A.E.
Digital Ultrasonic Weather Station

The METEO-2 automatized ultrasonic meteorological system has been developed and is successfully used in the Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS. This compact system serves for measurement of turbulent pulsations of the air temperature and three orthogonal components of wind velocity, mean temperature of air, wind speed and direction, as well as mean values of atmospheric pressure and relative humidity of air in the surface atmosphere. To measure the temperature and the wind speed and direction, METEO-2 employs the acoustic method, based on the dependence of the acoustic group velocity in the atmosphere on the temperature and the wind velocity. The application of the acoustic method allows almost non-delay measurements to be conducted and instantaneous values of atmospheric parameters to be obtained with a frequency of 10 Hz. The main advantages of this system are the small size, the developed software, and the round-the-clock unattended operation.

Kovalev I., Novoy A.
Reliability analysis of software architecture taking into account the simultaneous com-ponents failure

In article the N-version software architecture and effect of simultaneous components failures on software reliability is considered. The reasons of simultaneous failures are denoted and intensity of such failures for arbitrary components number is defined. On the basis of the Markov process theory the model of N-version software architecture taking into account a si-multaneous components failure is developed.

Nashekin A.S.
Research of threshold sensitivity of laser-based monitoring of heating tubes of steam generators

The PC-based laser system for geometry measuring of deffects of tubes of atomic power station. Measuring is performed by computer analysis of light section. The scheme of system is described. The method for analysis based on using MTF is described.

Chernichenko A.V.
Investigation of the layers film structures magnetic metal-semiconductor with magneto-optical technique

Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of the Ni–Ge bilayer films are studied with Faraday and Kerr effects. These properties study is necessary for functioning of magnetic transistors and diodes. Magnetic field dependences of magneto-optical properties are different for different orientations of an external magnetic field relatively films surface: parallel and perpendicular. Strong influence of the Ge layer on the Ni layer magnetic behavior is revealed. This influence is most pronounced for five-layer Ge-Ni-Ge-Ni-Ge films. The peculiarities found are ascribed to influence of the intermediate layer between Ni and Ge having complex magnetic structure.

Kondratenko V.S., Hsu Muchi, Hsu Tung Ming, Naumov A., Yue Guohan
Laser technological multi machine for processing of glass materials for FPD

For the first time in the world the new laser technological complex used in manufacture of flat display panels is developed, for the precision glass cutting and chamfering on the already cut out samples within the one technological cycle. The given developing is based on the advanced Russian technologies and joint Russian-Chinese researches and experimental design working out.

V.N. Shtennikov
Soldering cores in recommendations the international standards IPC

Now possibility of use of international standards IPC for manufacture of electronic equipment is widely discussed
Our researches allow to specify recommendations p. of international standard IPC-HDBK-001.
In article the substantiation of offered specifications and settlement formulas is resulted.