Abstracts. 6, 2017 year
Pepelyaev S.G., Yashin Ya.I., Vedenin A.N., Yashin A.Ya. (e-mail: yashin@interlab.ru)

New domestic liquid chromatograph Maestro HPLC

Technical characteristics of a new domestic liquid chromatograph Maestro HPLC, developed in 2015-2016 with use of world achievements in this area are resulted. The basic emphasis is made on the description and characteristics of the detecting systems developed in company Interlab: photometric LED, fluorimetric LED and amperometric detectors.

Keywords: liquid chromatographs, detectors, injectors, pumps, columns, applications, medicine, food, ecology, petrochemistry, validation.

Lyubimov V.V. (e-mail: lyutik13@mail.ru)

Controlled thermostat for digital quartz magnetic variation stations

Created non-magnetic design of thermostat for quartz sensors of IZMIRAN digital magnetic variation stations, which allows no electromagnetic interferences to measure components of the magnetic induction vector field of the Earth both in stationary conditions of magnetic observatories, and the nonperforming and rarely accepted points of measurement. Created by the device can be used when conducting expeditionary works in field conditions. As the heating element in the thermostat construction used self-regulating heating cable. Thermostat allows to use it as a self-regulating heating mode and in maintenance mode required precise temperatures using control computer.

Keywords: magnetic observatory, magnetic variation station, quartz magnetic field sensors, magnetic measurements, thermostat, self-regulating heating cable.

Bakhadirkhanov M.K., Zikrillayev N.F., Isamov S.B., Kamalov H.U., Koveshnikov S.V. (e-mail: sobir-i@rambler.ru)

Photodetectors for the spectral region of 3...10 μm with frequency output based on silicon nanoclusters of manganese atoms

In silicon samples with nanoclusters of manganese atoms ultra-low frequency self-oscillations of current, with stable parameters and sufficiently high amplitude
(I ~ 25 ... 30 mA) stimulated by infrared light in the region λ = 3...10 μm are detected. The possibility of controlling the oscillation frequency by changing the wavelength of the infrared light is shown.

Keywords: nanocluster, quantum dots, multi-charged centers, infrared photodetector, self-oscillations of the current.

Sysoev E.V., Vykhristyuk I.A., Kulikov R.V., Shirokov V.V. (e-mail: evsml@mail.ru)

Optoelectronic system for noncontact control of surface defects

A high-performance technique for detecting of the defects on the fuel shell surface with a threshold depth control is proposed. The technique proposed is based on photogrammetric and interference methods. The results of experiments to control the relief of the surface of fuel shells with defects of various depths are presented. The probability of detecting of the defects with the depth of more than 30 μm is 95 %.

Keywords: white light interferometry, depth control, defect detection.

Ivannikov D.A., Polyakova A.G. (e-mail: ccs5000@mail.ru)

Modern compact complexes of radio monitoring and electromagnetic radiations measuring instruments for the land spatial distributed systems and unmanned aerial vehicles

The questions of creation of the spatial distributed measuring systems of electromagnetic radiations are presented in work. Advantages of such systems and examples of realization of the complexes making their basis and measuring devices are given. The principles of action and technical characteristics of a compact complex of radio monitoring and the measuring instrument of electromagnetic radiations are considered. Special attention is paid to the description of their block diagrams and features of realization. The opportunities provided thanks to placement of a complex of radio monitoring and the measuring instrument of electromagnetic radiations on mobile land- or air-based carriers are presented.

Keywords: measurement of electromagnetic radiations, radio monitoring, compact complex of radio monitoring, compact measuring instrument of electromagnetic radiations, the spatial distributed network of measurement of electromagnetic radiations, complexes for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Maiorov E.E., Dagaev A.V., Ponomarev S.E. (e-mail: majorov_ee@mail.ru)

Development of optical device for processing of holographic interferogram with respect to the local gradient of the diffuse reflective objects

The article the relevance of the work, as optical industries under the control of the optical elements of the measurement process assumes the presence of large values of displacements of points on the surface of the object is noted. The method of payment of local gradient of the diffuse reflecting surfaces in the method of holographic interferometry is considered. The method is based on using interferometry a custom shift to offset the Fourier-images of the restored interfering waves. The device for measuring the gradient of the diffuse reflecting surfaces in the method of holographic interferometry and his work are proposed.

Keywords: topogram, interferogram, hologram, interferometer, diaphragm, lens.

Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Features of using of ring diffuser with internal narrowing device as a flow transducer of liquid and gas

The article describes the problem of the application of a ring diffuser with internal narrowing device as the primary transducer of flow and quantity of liquids and gases. As a result were obtained basic characteristics of the flowmeter and also was described diffuser parameters influence on flow rate and quantity of substance. The article contains the analysis of flow measurement uncertainties.

Keywords: flow meters, measuring system, accuracy, quantity, flow rate.

Bolshev K.N., Alexeev A.A., Ivanov V.A., Andreev A.S. (e-mail: asandreev92@mail.ru)

Method of measuring crack speed at crack branching in PMMA

One of the little-studied problems of modern mechanics and the physics of fracture is the branching of the crack, which is observed in materials of a different nature. For his research, a technique for measuring the speed of crack. Experimental work on the study of crack branching in brittle plastic, crack velocity measurement by method of breaking of current-carrying strips with rectilinear propagation and branching of a crack. A measuring device based on a precision converter of signals of resistance thermometers and thermocouples TERCON, connected to a computer was created, data processing is performed in the Mathcad software environment.

Keywords: crack, branching, speed, polymer, steel.

Samokhvalov S. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)

Emitters in the form of models absolutely blackbody

The article describes the models of blackbodies, produced by JSC NPP Etalon, and describes new developments in this direction.

Keywords: reference emitter, a black body, calibration of the pyrometers.

Savinykh M.A. (e-mail: bigmax.sav@gmail.com)

Automated testing of a converter board of vacuum switch

Important component of control block of vacuum switch is converter, which provides supplying a driver of commutation mechanism. All converters have to be carefully tested in conditions close to real. This is difficult to perform manually. So automated testing stand, which uses the digital input-output module, was developed for solving this problem.

Keywords: vacuum switch, converter, automated testing, digital input-output.

Shepetov A.G. (e-mail: a-shchepetov@mail.ru)

The estimation of uncertainty of measurement results under the design of the measuring device

A method of calculating the uncertainty of measurement results on a hundred-DII design of the measuring instrument. The technique allows to define different types of errors the measuring device, to evaluate their contribution to the total error of the measurements, and find effective ways of its decrease. Feature of the technique is the versatility of application for measuring devices having different physical principle of operation, purpose and design. Examines the equation of the error of the measurement result are of the four mules to calculate systematic and random, additive and multiplicative, static and dynamic errors of the measurements.

Keywords: methods of calculation, the error of the instrument, the measurement result.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

The ExpoElectronica-2017 and ElectronTechExpo-2017 International Exhibitions

The article gives a brief description of instruments and equipment presented at two related exhibitions: ExpoElectronica (20th International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules and Components) and ElectronTechExpo (15th International Exhibition of Technologies, Equipment and Materials for the Manufacture of Electronic and Electrotechnical Products), Which were held simultaneously on April 2527, 2017 in Moscow in the exhibition center Crocus Expo. The organizers of the exhibitions provided an opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers from Russia and other countries to demonstrate their developments. At the exhibitions were presented: assembly technological equipment and technologies for the production of microelectronics products, electro-radio components, testing laboratories, control and measuring equipment and consumables.

Keywords: Non-destructive testing, assembly technological equipment, production of microelectronics, electro-radio components, testing laboratories, control and measuring equipment.