Abstracts. 6, 2010 year
Nemirov M.S., Lukmanov P.I. (e-mail: lpi@bk.ru)

Application of Coriolis mass flow meters for gas-liquid mixture flow measurement

In this article a method of testing flow meters using gas-liquid mixtures is described. There are results of coriolis mass flowmeter testing in the article. A method of using calibrating curve based on volume content of gas in a fluid is suggested, as well as the results of this method realisation are described. The article contains a measurement method which uses both mass and density measurement possibilities of the mass flowmeter. This method allows to optimise metrological characteristics of the device, improves its reliability and provides self-diagnostic possibilities.

Keywords: flow meter, mass flowmeter, multyphase flow, crude oil, free gas.

Zaslavsky L.S., Ryzhik V.Y., Vitkovsky O.S., Savvin A.V., Slabnov A.A. (e-mail: vladislaf@mail.ru)
An automatic device for saturated vapor pressure measurement

An automatic device for saturated vapor pressure measurement is presented. The device is meant to be used as a part of an automated oil-product quality measurement system.

Keywords: saturated vapor system, oil-product quality, automated measurement system.

Nemirov M., Berezovskiy E., Loboda I., Akchurin A. (e-mail: gnmc-na@bk.ru)
Methods and devices for determining chloride concentration of salt content in oil

The analysis of standardized methods and tools for measuring the concentration of chlorides in crude oil, considered their advantages and disadvantages, are given the measurement error. Describes the authors' articles developed, run automated laboratory measurements of the concentration of chlorides in crude oil.

Keywords: concentration of chloride salts, laboratory apparatus, conductometry, register of measuring instruments.

Sizenev S.V. (e-mail: trei@trei-gmbh.ru)
New developments of TREI Holding for gas and oil industry

In this article discusses the new developments of TREI Holding for oil and gas industry enterprises automation. The basic technical information and features: of soft and technical system TREI, of the controller equipment, of crude and commercial oil and petroleum products metering equipment, of natural gas and associated oil gas metering equipment and fire detection and fire extinguish automatic control systems.

Keywords: soft and technical system, industrial controllers, petroleum products metering, vessel metering, gas metering, fire detection system, fire extinguish system.

Zotov M.G. (e-mail: zotova35@mail.ru)
Modification of the frequency-domain stability criteria in order to give them new useful properties

The modified frequency-domain stability criteria that have useful new properties are formulated. One of the basic properties of modified criteria is capability of finding through them the parameters of the stabilizing device. Examples of stabilization of unstable non-minimum-phase plants which are of the order of less than ten by the first-order controller are presented.

Keywords: stability criterion, control systems, modification of criteria, criterion of Najkvista, criterion of Mihajlova, indirect estimations, frequency criteria.

Filin V.A., Kuvshinova E.M. (e-mail: chertella@rambler.ru)

Independent wireless power plant of monitoring of inside apartment microclimate of airspace

The composition and the structure of the complex of technical means of automated microclimate control in living quarters were suggested. The technical characteristics of sets, including in the composition of the power plant, and the algorithm for conducting the monitoring and its results for one-room flat of living quarter were made.

Keywords: monitoring, microclimate, power plant, living quarter, airspace.

Eliseeva E.O., Sviridov V.N. (e-mail: Eliseeva.EO@azs.gazprom-neft.ru)
Diagnostics of leaks in main gas pipelines

In the article we analyse the structure of the existing main gas pipelines, various methods of diagnosing leaks, their main characteristics are given. The analysis of their strengths and weak-nesses is made. Also we suggest the method based on a combination of analysis of pressure and flow in the main gas pipeline.

Keywords: main gas pipelines, leak, detection, thermovision methods, shell-defectoscope, crawlers, remote methods, localization, model, math modeling, algorithm, automatic detection system.

Serdyukov S.N., Kondratenko V.S. (e-mail: vsk1950@mail.ru)

A second level of excitement in piezoelectric resonators

Work is devoted to the development of methods to improve reliability, testing and optimization modes of exploitation of piezoelectric Quartz resonators.

Keywords: effect of the second level of excitement, quartz resonator, dynamic resistance.

Ivanovskii V.A. (e-mail: iwanows@yandex.ru)
Diagnostics of the state of polymeric materials on the basis of their analysis electromagnetic fluctuations

The method of definition of physical performances of polymeric materials on the basis of meas-uring and the analysis of their electromagnetic fluctuations is viewed. Questions of reception of the measuring information are analysed, mathematical models, both the most polymeric system, and the primary measuring transformer with the explored material, working as a part of measur-ing installation are presented. Questions of adequacy of systems polymeric medium and polymeric medium the primary transformer are explored, preferential frequencies for carry-ing out of measuring of the dielectric, mechanical, thermal performances are revealed.

Keywords: polymeric materials, electromagnetic fluctuations, state diagnostics, the measuring information, physical performances of polymeric materials.

Shtennikov V. (e-mail: shtennikov@uemz.ru)

The materials free from lead in the military and space technics

Application free from lead of technology of installation of electronic devices has created many new problems.
It is necessary for the internal enterprises and the organisations to make active works on liquidation of negative consequences of introduction of free technologies from lead.

Keywords: the device, free technology from lead, soldering, a component, solder, the printed-circuit board.

G.A. Mustafaev, D.G. Mustafaeva, M.G. Mustafaev (e-mail: dzhamilya79@yandex.ru)

Problems in creating effective film thermoelectric converters and their solutions

In paper three basic questions related with metrological assurance of temperature sensors made of platinum and platinum-rhodium wire manufacturing are considered. The questions are: practical use of wire W100 parameter, estimation of wire unheterogenity in thermo-emf, current definition of nominal state characteristic for type S thermoelectric transducer. Authors describe current state of affairs in area under consideration and offer ways of elimination of inconsistency in wire manufacturers and consumers standards. The paper in many respects based on results of Siberian State Institute for Metrology (Novosibirsk) and JSC Krastsvetmet (Krasnoyarsk) joint researches. The characteristics of methods and instruments recently used by JSC Krastsvetmet to control platinum and platinum-rhodium wire parameters are given. Its shown that reached reliability of the control is sufficient. The attention to possible necessity of redefining of nominal state characteristic for type S thermoelectric transducer is paid.

Keywords: converter, efficiency, thin films, properties, parameter, control, mode.