Abstracts. 5, 2017 year
Dayev Zh.A. (e-mail: zhand@yandex.ru)

Methods of flow measurement and quantity of substances: comparative analysis of recent years

The article provides an overview of the flow measurement technology over the last decade. The article describes a distribution of measurement techniques and methods of the flow and quantity of substances in terms of their division into the new and the traditional. This article contains static data that may be useful for companies involved in the design, implementation and Operation of the flow units and systems in the industry.

Keywords: flow meters, measuring system, accuracy, quantity, flow rate.

Jabbarov X.SH., Boboyev G.G., Nasimkhanov L.N. (e-mail: mr.nasimxonov@mail.ru)

Design of capacitor cylindrical converters of humidity of bulks by criterion of sensitivity and reliability of elements

Temporary characteristics decrease in reliability of cylindrical converters of humidity of bulks that is characterized by gradual aging of elements of the cylindrical converter, testifying essential result of influence of thermal and electric effects are developed. It is established that reliability of cylindrical converters of humidity makes 0,985. The equation of sensitivity of the cylindrical converter which testifies that sensitivity generally of envy from good quality of materials and efficiency factor, characterizing the design features of the capacitor cylindrical converter of humidity of bulks significantly wagging on parameters design and have to be considered at design of cylindrical converters of humidity of bulks is received.

Keywords: capacity, capacitor converter, humidity, bulk, reliability, sensitivity, good quality, electric effects.

Pugach V.N., Voronin E.L. (e-mail: fgup@omsketalon.ru)

The converter intellectual with the radio modem (I RM)

In the article describes a converter, which works with temperature sensors of various types, and also from a sensor of other physical quantities, having an output signal in the form of current or voltage, with the subsequent transfer of measurements from the converter on the computer on a radio channel.

Keywords: radio channel, converter, wireless network, sensor, signal, measuring channel.

Mordasov M.M., Mordasov D.M. (e-mail: mmm-tmb@rambler.ru)

Pneumatic generator of rectangular pulses

The basic pneumatic generator of rectangular pulses circuit is considered, which difference consists in change of duty cycle from 1 to ∞ in case of independent adjustment of duration of pulses and pauses in the generated sequence. Theoretically and experimentally proved efficiency of the offered device.

Keywords: generator pneumatic, duty cycle, rectangular pulses, duration of pulses and pauses, independent adjustment.

Gaysin A.A., Kondakov A.V., Maksimov L.I. (e-mail: prog.art.116@yandex.ru)

Effect of buoyant force on weight of oil in railway tanks

This work includes calculation weight of oil in railway tanks with considering buoyant force and without considering buoyant force.

Keywords: tank, buoyant force, weight.

Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.M., Savenkov A.P. (e-mail: savencow@yandex.ru)

A pneumometric compressional testing of apparent density and solid phase volume of chemisorbents on the base of alkali metal superoxides

A pneumometric method for measuring apparent density and solid phase volume of heterogeneous materials consist of gas and solid phases is presented. The design and the operational principal of the device for implementation of the method are described. The theoretical background of the processes occurring during performing measurements is given. The aspects of compensation of influence of the atmospheric pressure on the measurement results are considered. The proposed device realizes the measurements of the mass and volume, as well as compensation of the atmospheric pressure on measurement results in single process. Obtained results may be utilized during testing of porosity of the chemisorbents on the base of potassium and sodium superoxides applied in respiratory protective apparatuses to determine thermophysical properties of solid phase using effective characteristics of bulk volume and to monitor operational suitability.

Keywords: heterogeneous, granular, material, solid phase, testing, measurements, density, porosity, volume, chemisorbent.

Zhukov A.A., Grebeniuk E.I., Sagitov G.M. (e-mail: georgmc@yandex.ru)

Control of through-microholes in products of precision instrument engineering by diffraction method

We discuss the possibilities of using the diffraction method for the automated quality control of the manufacture of precision micro-holes with a diameter of 50-300 microns with a ratio of length to diameter holes l / D ≥ 1. We found out the informative parameters of the diffraction distribution, which are related to the surface geometry of the micro-holes and defects caused by technological factors. We reveal the empirical relations between these characteristic parameters and the quality parameters of micro-holes. We develop the technical proposal to create the equipment for the diffraction control of the micro-holes.

Keywords: diffraction, micro-holes, quality control, defect, printed circuit board.

Trofimov A.A. (e-mail: aa-trofimov@yandex.ru)

Safety order of nitride monolithic microwave integrated circuit on a wafer for lapping, polishing and cutting

The bonding order of sapphire and silicon carbide wafers with monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) is determinated to protect MMIC through lapping, polishing and cutting wafer on a crystals.

Keywords: monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), protection mask, bonding.

Shulga V.M., Nazarov V.N. (e-mail: nazarov@vniims.ru)

Methodical and experimental validation of the methodology of metrological characterization of weight measuring systems from among of fulfilment system

There is considered ability of two-operation conditions introduction of standard and special for the weight measuring systems operating in the fuel tanks fulfilment systems of fuel components of space shuttles.
Calibration and collimation of weight measuring systems performed once a year in the standard condition. In the special condition collimation performing directly before fulfilment. Passport accuracy of weight measuring systems in special condition is settling twice less then accuracy in standard condition.
Accuracy research of 14 weight measuring systems with Max 500 kg, 1000 kg, 2500 kg and 5000 kg approved that experimental value of systems accuracy in special condition less then passport data of standard condition in 3-20 times.

Keywords: weight-measuring system, fulfilment system, accuracy.

Klyuev V.V., Artemiev B.V., Matveev V.I. (e-mail: boris@artemiev.su)

Securika 2017

The article gives a brief description of the equipment presented at the exhibition Securika 2017 held on March 21-24, 2017 in the territory of the exhibition center EXPOCENT in Moscow. The exhibition was attended by more than 400 world manufacturers producing equipment and devices from 23 countries of the world including: Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan and Russia. Within the framework of the exhibition a number of open seminars and four specialized conferences were held.

Keywords: video surveillance, access control, complex systems, video control technologies, devices.